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  • MMORPG.com : General : Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Character Creation Trailer

    So I bought the game and while downloaded asked a question on the steam forums. An earnest question about game mechanics. I got banned for trolling. It seems they are super ban happy. People seem to be saying it is only targeting people who mentioned politics. My question was about the kingdom system, not politics.

    Anyone know if there is some way I can have steam review my ban as it was grossly unfair and makes no sense at all and that guy needs to lose his mod powers if he is using it to silence people asking game specific questions. I refunded the game, of course, as that is the only obvious solution. But I'm figuring steam has to have some rule or review process to curb forum moderators on their site abusing their powers?
  • Bard’s Tale 4 Review - An Epic Timeless Tale - The RPG Files - MMORPG.com

    If anyone cares I figured out the elven tree things.  They open some of the elven weapons third slot riddle bonuses.  Some others want you to kill a specific mob.  In my case both wanted the wielder to kill an archer.
  • MMORPG.com : General : Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Character Creation Trailer

    DMKano said:

    SBFord said:

    DMKano said:

    Already 10 times better than Bards Tale 4 - InExile - seriously wtf were you guys thinking when you decided to eliminate character creation and force everyone with a preset party???

    RPG character creation is one of the crucial parts for many players - glad to see Pathfinder didn't F that up

    I couldn't agree more. I play cRPGs to both make my own character and to form my own party to play the way I like to play. 

    Ditto.  The magic of making your own party - that's  the hook I need to fall in love with a RPG and start playing.

    Throwing a preset party at me - emm.. big NOPE

    The only reason why I am still trudging through the mess that is BT4 is out of respect of Brian Fargo - but lets get real, it's a cluster fudge

    But seriously excited for Pathfinder Kingmaker - I am not expecting perfection - heck at this point "just a decent RPG" would be more than enough for me.

    Just FYI - both games have recrtuitable companions. Kingmaker has tons of content tied to them, romances, etc. Both games allow you to create all party members after the fact. The only difference is BT4 had you start and play a little snippet of the game with a pre-generated character before being able to make your own.

    But, in general, I strongly agree. I hate pre-generated and recrtuitable characters in all games, single or party based. I just wanted to point out that Kingmaker is a more egregious example of having a party forced on you since the game is centered around the recrtuitables, whereas you lose out on nothing by replacing the pre-generated characters in BT4.

    I am currently enjoying BT4 for what it does well. I am looking forward to Pathfinder too and I hope I pleasantly surprised by it, but the combat looks like it is horrible and lacking all challenge. That's one of my core complaints about games centered around recruitable-talking heads. The combat suffers because they usually want you to focus on what companions you like over combat synergy and efficiency, and story/talking with combat as a filler.
  • PAX 2018: Encased Preview

  • Esports & the Olympics Unlikely - 'So-Called Killer Games Are Contrary to Olympic Values'

    I don't think video games have a place in the Olympics, but I disagree with their reasoning being that games are violent and racism. That is nonsense. Olympics has boxing, fencing, martial arts, etc. One of the great fights of all time was the 36 Olympics and Joe Louis versus the NAZIs (Schmeling). 12 rounds, he lost. But that motivated him and two years later pure magic with a first round KO against Schmeling. How could anyone be against real life making stories better than Hollywood ever could?