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  • Level Scaling Borefest...

    This is just one more reason to ignore WoW as a serious gamer until they come out with the vanilla server.  The only way this game can be more kid inclusive is to remove chat and just have an emoticon reply system like most games made exclusively for children.  
  • What is your most hated feature or paradigm in an MMO?

    Morpayne said:
    Talonsin said:
    Dailies - I dont need a second job

    Lack of customization - all warriors should not look alike or have the same skills
    Pretty sure in professional fighting both fighters have the same set of skills, its just whoever uses them best that comes out on top. 

    Within the confines of that specific sport to a higher degree than in non-fighting professions, but different fighters always have different strengths and weaknesses and strategies.  What made early UFC fun was seeing all the crazy mixed styles go against each other.  I remember one of the fights was this huge sumo guy versus this little teeny teacher who got in a lucky punch to the nose right off the bat and won as the sumo guy picked him up and was about to annihilate him because his nose was poring out blood.  

    In the military this also isn't true.  The US has a professional army while a lot of 1st world countries have conscripts.  Also, even within the US military infantrymen have vastly different skill sets.  Even within the same subMOS, like 11b.  You have the line squads with different systems including grenade launcher and SAW.  The team leader has a completely different focus than the two or three men under him, same with the squad leader.  Then you have weapons squad with a gun team of gunner, assistant gunner, and ammo bearer (usually just gunner and ag though).  Firing a belt fed weapon like the 60 or 240 (especially the 60 with tightening the gas piston and all the jams) is an art form.  Someone with no experience can't just jump on a gun and fire it effectively.  It takes a lot of practice to get good at plunging fire and beaten zones, nevermind fire that specific gun without jamming every other burst.  

    That isn't even considering the differences between the people.  Some are strong, some can hump a ton of weight all day and not get tired, some people go without sleep and function better than others, etc.

    Any mmorpg that homogenizes everything isn't an rpg.  Real life is diverse, even within the same profession.  Any game that shirks diversity (meaning no character development, especially no choice character development) is a game for console people and children.
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    The first MMORPG I bought was EQ when it was new.  It took a while for me to get it working.  I had to get the internet, and then had to get a graphics card after that, all in all it was a hassle to get it to work.  The whole time the idea in my head of what it was going to be like versus what it actually was like was very disappointing.  I wasn't a fan of that game. 

    The idea in my head was pretty neat.  My character coming upon someone overwhelmed by monsters in the wood and helping them and the meeting having significance, like in stories etc.  

    Unlike most people who seem to only like to be forced into grouping to do generic nonsense and consider that to be the pinnacle of MMO social interaction, I find that to just give truth to the lie there is any worth while social interaction in mmorpgs.  Its meaningless interaction and I avoid it as much as possible.  I have to deal with people all day at work, and if my interaction with them in games can't be of any significance (and trying to rp for no reason isn't significant either) I'd rather not do it.

    There is this false dichotomy of people believing the two choices are these single player MMOs or their preferred forced chatroom MMO.  In both there is no interaction of any meaning, and if I can't have that I'd rather be left alone and churn through the solo content by myself.

    For my likes, since I don't bemoan the loss of games that are still around and you can still play (which has always confused me), I can play all the games that have came out that I liked...from AO to Wildstar.  I am playing DDO now and loving all the character development options.

    But, in a perfect world, I would love to enter a game that tries to emulate what the core of the P&P experience wanted to give...to enter a blank book with my character and fill it with his story.  P&P can't give it because of scale and scope.  Crpgs can't and are going in the opposite direction by having a highly narrated story dictated to you as you passively watch like a book or movie.  But MMOrpgs could possibly if they went back to the drawing board and just did everything different, and then built upon that released game after released game until some decades later I can enter a game as a character I created and make my own story, and not just churn through scripted content on my own or with a small chatroom of meaningless nothing.  
  • Will classic servers be a long time succes?

    I honestly don't see how people can view the classic server with modern glasses.  The classic server isn't supposed to be the next WoW, or ESO, or Kotor, or FF whatever.  It isn't supposed to make kids and the modern lovers of current mmorpgs or mmos do an about face and get all giddy.  

    It seems these people keep asking, "Where do I fit in to this?"  The answer is - you don't.  Every modern game out there is for you guys to talk about.  This is for the people who want what we think is better...what we once had in the case of wow, and then that just got shit on by kids and people with extremely poor taste in mechanics.  The people who have kept all the older games alive and profitable, and want a new one to add to our rotation of good, or just a place to park we know we will like.  

    You guys are vegetarians talking about how the new meat lover's restaurant is going to stay open when they serve meat.  Guess what?  Not because of you guys.  We know, all sane people know, and you guys seem to be the only ones that don't know.  We want our meat back, and you guys don't like meat.  It really is that simple.
  • Will classic servers be a long time succes?

    I think the people who enjoyed the games more back then for specific reasons, such as talent trees and making hybrid builds and actually having character progression of note outside of equipment, or having more brutal and unforgiving content, or the slower pace and less kid-inclusivity of the games will be the ones to make them popular long term.

    I think the people that are more of a today gamer, that dislikes thinking or actively playing, and who just want to check it out to see what all the fuss is about will be the tourists.  

    I doubt many people who like wow today will like the classic servers.  WoW today is for them and their ilk.  WoW classic will be for people like me who used to love wow but find today's popular games tedious and dumb and so completely devoid of complexity as to barely warrant the label of "game."  

    It makes sense that the modern wow lovers will not like classic wow and vice versa if you look at this from a mechanical perspective.