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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Since we're posting pictures: 

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    Horusra said:
    What makes people think Net Neutrality means more providers and better speeds.  Everyone always paints the rosiest future for Net Neutrality and the worst for the other side.  Maybe Net Neutrality means slow speeds because there is no incentive to make it faster and less providers because there is no cash for providing something better.
    Because net neutrality has literally nothing to do with investment and predictions. Improving the networks requires the same money whether net neutrality is present or not. Investment incentive is also non-existent in the US. These giants are only out to make money, not spend it giving neighborhoods better connection services. 

    The telecomms would just love net neutrality to go away, they can maximize profit without spending a dime on infrastructure investment. And that's all this garbage is that the chairman is pushing through. With net neutrality in place, the telecomms have been trying to skate by wireless investment -- which is still an unstable technology -- where they can do this practice of throttling and service funneling that should also be regulated. In most of the US, cell service still sucks, they still do the unethical service charges, and have barely spent anything other than signal boosting existing towers.

    This doesn't benefit the people, and severely harms small business and startups. In a digital age, there is no Main St. The only street is the internet, and if an ISP can block or slow your storefront it's the equivalent of throwing a brick through a window of a downtown store. No one will shop there until the money is spent repairing the window and clearing dangers. 

    It's purely corporate controlled fascism. Where stockholders and CEO's are the dictators. 

    Net neutrality needs to remain, and broaden to include wireless.

    But, the internet as we know it is out for the count. Remember all those free wifi hotspots everywhere? Gone next year under the proposed and likely pushed agenda. 

    Local libraries can even be devastated -- having to pay huge amounts to maintain services with local ISP's-- and only one example. That's your tax dollars. So this will cost us in another way. Municipality expense to these hacks. 

    Yes because socialist countries are hot beds of innovation.
    I don't know, why don't you ask one of the hundreds of users on MMORPG.com here from socialist countries and find out? Average speeds in the US availability is 100-200mb/s where they are looking at 100gb/s fiber. 

    But I have to ask... At what point did I mention anything about socialism or anything related to it? Market regulation is just as much part of capitalism. Do you like reimbursement and pain and suffering for when you get ripped off? That's a regulation. Do you like protection of assets? That's a regulation. And also written in the constitution. 

    You are bad at this. 
  • Characters will need to poop in Star Citizen....

    I'm all out of poop puns.
  • What's your favorite E3 reveal?

    God of War ofc...

    That new beard Kratos has, ooh dat thing is soo hot. *no homo*
    I agree purely on the grounds of Kratos is voiced by Christopher Judge. 
  • The truth that BPG/Rise of Agon doesn't want you to hear

    I'm not sure of everyone else but I'm far from convinced or even concerned about someone buying a .com just to spread something that's over a year old, resolved even. You wasted your money on hosting time and domain registration. 

    What's with the latest bash a few guys that are volunteering to host and develop a Darkfall iteration anyway? A little lag, people are mad (holy shit this happens to every game in existence.), A security loophole was found, exposed, and then corrected (No body cared then, no body cares now.)

    Sorry you're butt hurt about a video game. Not sorry you're butt hurt because you expect 5 star treatment and performance out of a company made of volunteers. Take what you got, if you don't like it, don't pay for it.