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  • Input Club Wants to Redefine the Gaming Keyboard - MMORPG.com

     Honestly these are enthusiast boards, not gaming boards. I'm not surprised to see Input Club go after the gaming market, but this is over the average gamers budget I'd assume. 

     Most people will look at this and the price and say it's crazy.. See posts above. However, these are are pieced together using parts from the best manufacturers in the business all chosen/designed by input club.  Fully programmable with multi-layers endless ability to swap and customize, not to mention arguably the best key switches you can get depending on your choice.
  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Realizer said:
     It seems you CoE fans need to be constantly reminded, this isn't about being behind schedule. It's about having nothing to show for the time they've had. When other projects mentioned in this thread were behind schedule (or still are) they were constantly trying to show everyone they were still doing work.. 

     On the other hand CoE seems to doing everything they can to avoid showing their work, while hoping for funding. The thing is no one is going to invest if there's currently no fruits from the 2+ years of labor.  

     Are you guys going to continue to play strawman bullshit? Or are you going to hold Walsh's feet to the fire and start demanding something get done? 
    I guess we will just have to disagree on the definition of "nothing

    As the last time I went to his site, I saw all kinds of 'in-game" footage videos, and Screenshots showing all kinds of features.. not what I would call nothing, but YMMV.
     Screenshots are all well and good but, I'd much rather have some actual technical details on what they are doing with this supposed SpacialOS copy. Or just anything involving the "backend" they like to mention so much.  Screenshots tell us nothing about performance, if all we needed were screenshots Daybreak would still be "developing" EQ:Next. 
  • Prediction : Beta imminent

    Bestinna said:
    this game will never launch, it will simply hyper speed to infinity and beyond
     I'd love to see some facts that corroborate this theory of yours.  This is probably 1 of maybe 4 crowdfunded projects that will actually come out with some form of finished product remotely in line with the original pitch.  Whether it's fun/successful will be a different story entirely though. 
  • REZZED: The Most Important MMOs Of The First Modern Decade - The List - MMORPG.com

    UO, EQ, DAoC, Shadowbane, SWG, WoW

    Those were the big ones for me, in that chronological order. As far as impact, all of those titles have/had features that WoW incorporated, SWG could be up for debate though. So by that measure WoW copied them, and everyone since has copied WoW imo.
  • State of the Studio

    cjmarsh said:
    Realizer said:
    cjmarsh said:
    If anything this thread has exposed the disfunction in both the COE and MMORPG communities.
     Nothing wrong with this forum, they know we call developers on their bull. They may not appreciate that we often call it out before they have a chance to write a story about it, but in the end if they had a problem with it, they'd say so. 

     Not everyone who took it upon themselves to throw a bit of mud on COE in this thread does so for every game. In fact most of us support many games. The thing is lots of us have been around here for almost 17 years in one form or another, and not only this forum but many. 

     That's a lot of time to learn how to spot the bad eggs, and why they spoil.. Also, despite what others may have you believe, some of us do actually work in this industry for a living... 

    I don't mean that the people who frequent these forums don't understand what they're talking about, far from it. Having exposure to this content for so long will make you more of an expert than most who do it for a living if they don't also have the same amount of experience taking in other viewpoints and other games. The problem is that it often leads to a certain close-mindedness and unwillingness to accept valid points or acknowledge nuances if it might mean agreeing with the "opposition". It's the same phenomenon found everywhere really, it's just a shame that people can't learn to accept that even people you disagree with can have good points and there's no need to personally attack people to try to get your own point across.
     I think I've agreed with @Kyleran in this thread more times than in the last 3 or more years. So there's gotta be a bright side there somewhere.

     Jokes aside, I agree with what you're saying; it makes it difficult though when you have people who post negative things on projects they don't even care about simply because it's similar.  Especially when those troublemakers basically accuse us of myopia, all while not understanding the full picture themselves.It tends to set up a us vs them dynamic. 

     Overall it's a shame some developers see other games as hostile competition instead of a reason to be better themselves.