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  • State of the Studio

    cjmarsh said:
    If anything this thread has exposed the disfunction in both the COE and MMORPG communities.
     Nothing wrong with this forum, they know we call developers on their bull. They may not appreciate that we often call it out before they have a chance to write a story about it, but in the end if they had a problem with it, they'd say so. 

     Not everyone who took it upon themselves to throw a bit of mud on COE in this thread does so for every game. In fact most of us support many games. The thing is lots of us have been around here for almost 17 years in one form or another, and not only this forum but many. 

     That's a lot of time to learn how to spot the bad eggs, and why they spoil.. Also, despite what others may have you believe, some of us do actually work in this industry for a living... 

  • State of the Studio

    Gdemami said:
    frostymug said:
    You like to use the we aren't qualified
    Because that is the point here. It is no more than people playing self-righteous, all-knowing armchair developers.

    People still make bold claims,  conjectures and even dare to question competence and tell others how they should run development and their company.

    Based on what? Uneducated eyes, false reasoning, lack of any required proficiency, data or just general clue about industry or projects of this size...right....

     That's funny because the way I recall it, you're usually the one who doesn't understand how a development cycle works. You've made that quite evident in the past. 
  • State of the Studio

    YashaX said:
    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:
    CU was called vaporware for a while as well, people claimed it would never happen, in fact you can find the same pessimism and hubris here on the forums regarding CU if you look, ye here it is, looking like it's coming to life after all.

    Funny how that works.

    Good thing these formites don't really affect the game, if they did, no game would get made.
    Could you please site your source where someone in this thread said that CU was vaporware?
    learn to read.

    I never said someone from this thread, I said on these forums. And here you go, a whole topic about it.
    Funny thing, I just checked that entire thread, not one mention if vaporware.

    I did see reference to the term evaporate, (as in, player interest) perhaps thats what you read?
    There were also no CU backers coming on the thread just to bully, insult, and badmouth the people who were frustrated with how long it was taking to develop the game (which is what happens in every CoE thread I have read). 

    Interestingly the thread in question appears to have been written by a CoE zealot in an effort to lift CoE's image by dissing another game in development.

  • State of the Studio

    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    CU was called vaporware for a while as well, people claimed it would never happen, in fact you can find the same pessimism and hubris here on the forums regarding CU if you look, ye here it is, looking like it's coming to life after all.

    Funny how that works.

    Good thing these formites don't really affect the game, if they did, no game would get made.
    Ugh, bad example, only game I ever crowd funded, promised in 2 years, coming up on 5 with no promised beta date, much less a release date.

    You know what they've been doing lately? Crash the server testing and making significant progress on "willow tree" mechanics. (True story, showcased the latter)

    I saw some one praise CU for sending weekly updates on what's been completed vs what work is outstanding. Same smokescreen Roberts Industries uses (might as well follow "the Master's" lead)

    What they don't say, and what really is the only that matters after 5 plus years is "WHEN" will the remaining work be finished?

    I'm not expecting COE to be able to meet the same standard, but in all fairness to Caspian, while he may not have been correct in the past, he's still got the nerve to publish new target dates, even if they too are likely aggrssive.  Can't say the same for MJ or Chris.
     Yeah the difference is CU actually provides daily streams of them doing actual work. No other kickstarter game is doing that. As well as experience in how to move forward without looking like failures. Walsh can keep giving out those "aggressive dates" that will never be met. Meanwhile CU will continue finishing the game, and soon enough have a playable beta out. The engine work is mostly complete, now they are fleshing out the game world, as you saw with the stream about the trees etc. Funny how you tried to push that as a bad thing.  Not that I'd expect otherwise..  

    Edit: Also at least Mark has the balls to come here to this forum and talk to us like actual people, instead of sending his little goons with 20 posts to do it for him. 
  • State of the Studio

    1. OMFG, I'm going to try to be as nice as possible with this.  Getting COstco stock might be okay, but getting private shares of a company before it begins selling their product, is even better.  Because again, when you're in a company as small as this, the work you put in will directly effect how much money you make.  You can work yourself to the bone at costco, and the value of that stock isn't going up.  So if you go to a startup company, and build a game, and it becomes a success, you will make a lot more money then the same job at a well known company.  I get it, you don't think it's a good idea (even though it's quite clear, you've done minimal research).

    2.  You have to understand that the developers of this game, aren't arm chair warriors, that think they can know everything about a project while doing 0 research.  They are actually you know... working for the company.  And yes people in the tech industry do this all the time.  Sometimes the company folds, and you end up just making your lower than average salary.  But sometimes the company ends up exploding, and you find yourself in early retirement.  Just because you (with again very little research) think the game is going to fail, doesn't mean the people who actually.... you know.. know what they're doing, and have decades of experience in the industry.  But I'm sure they should listen to you lol.  I mean they're obviously stupid, while your the expert on this LOLOL.  SPare me your bullshit.

    3.  OMFG.  So you have this strong ass opinion, but you haven't even read the state of Elyria?  Yes that's why they had to move away from SPatial OS.  It ended up not being the perfect fit they'd hope, and they had to build the back end stuff for things like load balancing themselves.  They explained all of this in the State of Elyria. Here I'll post it for you.


    It's amazing people like you.  You probably read a few click baity articles and now you think you know everything.  WHy do you even sit around in these forums if you aren't even going to do a minimal amount of research?  WHy do you have strong opinions on things you clearly don't know anything about, and are too intellectually lazy to do any sort of research?

    And BTW yes, CoE does weekly letters explaining what they have completed, what they're working on, and what problems they've ran into.  VOX Elyria is going to be opening to a limited amount of backers starting around April.  They also do Q&A's (there is one today actually), weekly public updates, and they constantly talk to players on the COE Dischord channel, and answer their questions.
     It's become apparent you don't understand investment. Let me break this down for you. The company isn't worth ANYTHING. They essentially owe a $3,000,000 game to the folks to gave them money. Of course there really isn't much people can do if they don't deliver. That aside any one accepting shares of this clown fiesta would need to weigh whether or not they think those shares will turn into something worth their time. 

     In the case of this game, that potential employee would say to themselves, (these guys are offering me shares of a game they can't finish unless I can do it for them.) Now this person needs to weigh whether or not they think they can be the turning point for this disaster of a project. What are the odds you think that person will end up coming to the conclusion that it's worth their time? I'd wager pretty fucking low...

     Now onto the meat of this subject.. What the hell have they accomplished? You say I've done no research? Well there's literally been no information on what they've actually been doing regarding the construction of this game engine or it's modification. Have they released any successful functions of their SpacialOS copy? No? Oh that's odd I thought they were a good hard working team as you seem to insinuate. 

     I'm glad you're satisfied with their lack of information blame game playing bs. Because so far all they have said is what they NEED to do, not what they have DONE. I mean there's a neat Jousting demo, but that would probably sell better on mobile let's be honest. All in all, I see no technical information regarding what they actually did, just problems and potential fixes, that still don't seem to sound like they are confident with. 

     It's good you're passionate, but you need some common sense to go with it.