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  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset: The Affordable Onramp to VR (and More?) - MMORPG.com

    Tiller said:

    Viper482 said:

    Windows 10 is fine, stop being stupid.

    There is no reason not to move to 10, it's now stable and it was free.

    While W10 is generally a lot better now than it was at launch, there is still a fair bit to dislike about it, not the least of which is having Microsoft’s latest shovel-ware forcibly installed every year or so (you can delay it, but it WILL be installed eventually). Or having to check that certain 'updates' didn't just silently change your settings.

    There is also the trust issue; i.e. while MS may not be doing anything 'too evil' right now, they do have control over updating your system and licence to install and change pretty much anything they like whenever they like. What's that, you want to disable our AI spyware? Too bad, too many people disabled it in the past, so the best you can do now is hide it and pretend it doesn't exist. (i.e. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain).

    I also seriously dislike the design of the windows in W10, and how hard it is to tell at a glance which one is active; W10 = grey vs. black window name and barely visible border vs. W7/8 = full colour vs. grey title bar and clearly visible border. Settings is also a very mixed bag (and I generally still prefer Control Panel), and don't even get me started on how useless and cluttered the W10 'Start' menu is... # ClassicShellForLife
  • What are the most disappointing games from your favorite franchises?

    Deus Ex: Invisible War
    After the greatness (despite its flaws) that was Deus Ex, Invisible War was nothing but a travesty. The very definition of 'dumbed down for console'. Human Revolution was good though (if a little shallow), but Mankind Divided was another step backwards (though mostly because it felt so unfinished).

    Resident Evil 6
    While 4 was still a great game, and 5 was at least a good co-op action game, 6 just took it way too far. One of the few games I have ever returned. RE7 kind of made up for it (or is at least moving the franchise in the right direction), and I'm looking forward to the RE2 remake.

    Fallout 3 / 4
    They had the name, and kind of had the look, but the gameplay is at best bland, and the world (especially compared to Fallout 2) is just soulless. New Vegas had its moments.

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim
    Not bad games, and I still enjoyed them (with mods), but they lack the heart, soul and depth that made Morrowind so compelling (while seemingly keeping all the bugs and clunky gameplay).

    Final Fantasy XIII and XV
    While both arguably 'good' games, neither of them feel very much like Final Fantasy, which may have been OK if SE hadn't taken soo damn long to develop them. Thank Yoshida for FF:XIV ARR, because without it, FF would have died with the PS2.

    Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
    ... just, no.

    Almost anything made by EA, Ubisoft or Activision in the last 10 years...

    Edit: Dark Souls 2
    At face value Dark Souls 2 should have been a bigger, better, deeper Dark Souls, but the map design was just horrible... the best way I can describe it is un-intuitive, with the 'main' route often hidden from plain view, and enemies positioned to be (as best I can tell) simply annoying. The bosses were also largely forgettable (apart from being, again, annoying, and not in that good Orstein and Smough kind of way), which all sort of made it rather tedious to explore (not good for a Souls game).

    I'm not sure I would call Dark Souls 2 bad, but I enjoyed Demons Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3 far more, and it is definitely my low point on the Souls / Bloodborn / Nioh continuum.
  • Visionary Realms Wants to Know Where You Draw the Line on RMT, F2P & More - Pantheon: Rise of the Fa

    Depends on the game....

    For an MMO like Pantheon (i.e. where PvE progression is the main focus) then box price + monthly subscription is by far the prefered method*. The cost of the sub depends on the rate of meaningful additional content (e.g. FFXIV is, IMO, about the benchmark for $15 a month). A cash shop is acceptable, but only if it is a. cosmetic only, and b. contains less than 5% of the overall cosmetics available in the game (and preferable only containing ex-event items that have long since ceased to be earnable in-game).

    * While technically F2P or B2P would be possible, it would start ruining the gameplay, either by being Pay2Win/Skip (which would be against the whole point of the game), extending the grind (e.g. to sell XP boosters) which is never fun, or taking away content / elements that would otherwise be game-in (e.g. putting a large portion of the cosmetics in a cash shop, or making bag upgrades a paid service instead of an in-game milestone).
  • Xbox One X Official Review: The PC Gamer’s Console - MMORPG.com

    It sounds like a good machine at a decent price (for the performance), but I still see zero reason to get an XBox... I mean sure, if you squint hard enough it looks like a mid range gaming PC; but it's still limited in every way that makes consoles bad (can't upgrade, limited software, limited compatiability, limited games, etc.)... and as for the good, the PS4 and Switch make a much better argument if you just want to play some games from the couch (i.e. they at least have a few great games that you can't play on PC).
  • Why SBS is no longer using SpatialOS (simplified version)

    Nilden said:
    acidblood said:
    Right... so they're planning on running a real-time graphical MMO on a transactional DB and a JavaScript engine designed for web-services, and (I assume) are hoping that the Cloud will just magically take care of the performance issues that's going to have? ... that said, if they were only aiming for a MUD this could make some sort of sense.
    Oh really? How does that make sense for a MUD?
    Because using stuff like PostgreSQL, NodeJS and Docker is relatively quick and easy, as long as you don't care too much about performance (at least in the dynamic real-time sense that an MMO typically requires) ... And MUDs, generally, are a lot less demanding than a typical MMO...

    For example: The simple presentation of a (typical) MUD means you don't need high-precious 3D co-ordinates (among other data) for each player multiple times per-second... depending on your combat system you don't need as responsive or frequent input updates... if the UI is mostly text based / very simple it doesn't matter if things are a bit slow to update... if your 'world' is simply presented (e.g. text, or lots of small zones) then you don't need as complex spatial awareness (i.e. where players, mobs, etc. are relative to each other) on the server side...