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  • Naoki Yoshida Named to the Square Enix Board of Directors - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.com

    Scot said:
    He does seem to have done an amazing job. But I would say in todays gaming climate how many franchises other than FF would have had the money to reinvent their MMO and have such a strong fan base that they could do so and players would not have written them off after such a failure? 

    While there is no doubt the FF name has a lot of draw, the quality would have spoken for itself over time... I think the real question is, would anyone other than SE have enough pride in their IP that they are willing to invest so much in correcting their mistakes?

    And grats to Yoshi P, very much deserved (and appreciated for creating a modern FF game worthy of the name).

  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    First of all I'm going to set a few things straight seeing that I have read a lot of the forums here.

    Play to win does not exist in SOTA.  ...
    Freudian slip?

  • I am not paying $50,either F2P with shop or the Risk is to high that i become a Beta tester ...

    Goromhir said:
    Its damn risky to buy games these days, in the past we have been BETA Testers over years after buying games.

    Make it F2P with a shop like the most others and i might try it.

    No way i pay $50 in advance for a online game i have not tested by myself before buying in 2018 !
    So wait till after launch, read some reviews, watch some streams, see what others are saying about it...
  • BioWare's Success with Anthem is Key to Its Future as Release Slips to 2019 - Anthem - MMORPG.com

    gervaise1 said:

    Albatroes said:

    Just say "Anthem will not have loot boxes" and its already a success.

    Serious question: how much should the game cost to buy?

    With no loot boxes and no subscription (think Wildstar, ESO, SWTOR etc.) the box price will need to cover all the development costs, marketing costs, running costs and provide a profit. 

    Will you expect follow on content? As DLC? If so how much should the DLC cost? How frequent?

    It depends on what the final product offers, but as a standard I would say 60 USD box price... and no doubt there will be 70-80 USD 'special' editions.

    As for on-going content, running costs, etc. that is covered by additional content releases (and on-going sales). Again, the cost depends on the content, but 15-25 USD every 3-6 months would be reasonable for significant content. An expansion could also be offered every 18-24 months for 40-60 USD.

    And before we get onto 'too expensive'; remember, this is software, only the first copy actually costs X millions to make; making additional copies costs next to nothing; i.e. more copies sold past the breakeven point = vastly more profit (which also applies to additional content).

    And that is not even mentioning the free marketing from word of mouth, positive reviews, twitch, etc. ... Or how much easier it is to sell a game (and continue to sell it, including extra content) if you have a good rep and people enjoy your game(s). ... Or all the costs saved in having an established IP, game-engine, etc. (as opposed to having to start from scratch).

    Or at least that's my way of thinking...

    TLDR; I'm happy to spend money on games that I enjoy (as I did with WoW through TBC, continue to do with FFXIV, and have done with numerous single players games that offered reasonable DLC, expansions and / or collectors editions) ... but all these mediocre games asking for $$ for a small chance at a fancy hat (and calling that a 'service') can get f***ed.
  • Bungie's Mea Culpa & a Promise to Keep Communication Lines Open - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    "confusing variations in displayed XP values"... as opposed to the perfect clarity that is displaying blatantly incorrect values?

    And I suppose it never occurred to them to display +2500XP (50%) to let the player know that they had only earned 50% of the 'normal' XP for the activity.... Or to advertise in-game that certain activities currently had an XP bonus?

    No, no, far better that players get burnt out on the grind (that they think they are earning reasonable XP from) and remain ignorant of the ways they could maximise their XP / Hour, driving them to the cash shop instead.

    As for the improvements, I guess time will tell, but at this point it is very much 'wait for the D2:TTK edition'... assuming it ever happens.