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  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    MaxBacon said:
    In one Alpha 3.1'ish Leak, is reported the new tech for walking showcased last citcon is going to be on the build, this mostly is the character animation adapting to obstacles, slopes and all sorts of terrain correctly.

    Well they discovered IK ... 2018 ... Sorry but this is not new tech, its 20 years old ...
  • All 3.0 Fan Footage here

    Babuinix said:
    There's criticism and there's nitpicking for the sake of hating on the game.
    Come on guys ... Shadow Physics ... I mean ...

    Oh and while we at posting our favorite SciFi Image, here is mine :D

  • All 3.0 Fan Footage here

    Babuinix said:

    Hitting the slopes on Yela

    Hmmm Shadow Physics badly need improvement
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    Tiamat64 said:
    Yea, several programmer guys looked into the network traffic Star Citizen was generating on the something awful forums (as well as a separate group of people looking into it on the frontier forums) and apparently the networking routing code is... well, something awful.  It's apparently not the type of thing that's really fixable without tearing almost everything down and starting from scratch.

    Something to do with how the farthest person away gets the server updates first and then second farthest, along with other inefficiencies like how every time a multi-object entity is called into existence (such as any spaceship where all the doors, innards, hangers, etc, are all separate objects), they conflict with each other.

    Or something like that.  I'm not a programmer myself (I'm an accountant), although I at least know a bit about how the process is supposed to work from my own job experience at a certain company.

    At any rate, they all agreed that it's the sort of thing that, while you can program some minor tricks to optimize it a little, generally can't be improved on without rebuilding it from scratch, which would require scrapping all the code on top of it.

    Such is the life of network sphaghetti code, I guess.

    Whatever phase of development Star Citizen is in, it apparently skipped the part where you make sure you have a solid foundation first according to those guys.  Which I guess was to be expected.  CiG kinda had to skip to this in order to keep the hype machine going, but it clearly shows that something is just WRONG underneath and allegedly it's not something that's truly fixable anymore.

    The game structure has pretty much reached the limit of what it can support, and considering all the stuff that CiG is now legally obligated to add to the game on top of the stuff that's already there (which, as any rational person can tell, is already pushing the engine and the network to the limits and beyond) like the other big ships and tanks and land and persistence and content and more planets/stars/moons/cities/stations, that's not a good thing.

    Although you shouldn't really need a programmer looking into the network routing traffic to tell you that.  If you just actually think about it, you can consider how the game runs now and how buggy it is, and then begin to imagine how bad it'll get once they start adding in actual STUFF to the game (like land, tanks, content, etc) beyond simple fetch quests.  Sure, you can say "It's only alpha now!  Give them time!", but time for WHAT?  Bug fixing and optimizing what they have now?  Adding the stuff that was promised?  You think it's so easy for CiG to do BOTH of those without the server exploding?  Just how far detached from reality is THAT?  If the game is like this BEFORE adding land, tanks, more ships, more systems, more players, more content, and more EVERYTHING, how much time do you think they'll need before they can add all of that AND get it running at a decent frame rate? (although the servers will probably explode first).  But again, the worse part is that time won't help.  It's not time that's causing the game to be a framerate-blotched mess right now.  It's the very infrastructure of it.

    That's kinda what I meant when I said that at best, you can call this a tech demo.  Because thanks to having a faulty foundation in the first place, unless CiG tears it all down and rebuilds it with something able to support more than what you're looking at, it's not going to advance much more beyond this, unlike how an alpha is supposed to be able to advance into a beta.

    Really, compare it to the Alphas for other crowdfunded games we've seen like Ashes, etc.  Those alphas might not have as much content but they actually RUN SMOOTHLY, and do you know why?  BECAUSE MAKING SURE THE GAME CAN RUN SMOOTHLY IS SUPPOSED TO COME BEFORE ALPHA.  Once you start slapping together the "alpha" like CiG did, your ability to program the foundation of the game to make sure it runs smoothly becomes a LOT more restricted and downright impossible in parts.
    If you want to create a disproof of concept release SC pre-Alpha (or whatever its called) 3.0.

    Have this overview on how it runs on high end machines here:

    I am just wondering when it'll break the camels back ... what if the framerates don't improof until lets say anniversary sale 2018 ...
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    Noone would argue that SC is in Alpha if it is handled like one.
    It seems to me that they either don't care or don't know how to adress the game breaking bugs that are in the game since the first iteration of 2.0.
    CIG itself is hyping their releases up with video demos of features in a closed dev environment and tend to release them to public either buggy or not existant (wan't the sand worm demo supposed to be 3.0?).
    They are showing of features in their own environment without any idea how to integrate them into the main branch just to hype their game up and sell more assets.
    Alpha means get the game mechanic stable and playable then test if its working out - if done integrate the next feature. CIG is integrating half baked stuff on half baked other stuff - the depth of the bugs has reached a critical mass a long time ago, fixing underlying systems will break other stuff above it.
    The only remedy would be start over with a new codebase and get your work streamlined.

    At the moment it is not a sapling that will grow into an oak with many interesting branches to explore.
    Star Citizen is the cancer that has been topped with glitter.