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  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    Babuinix said:

    Hummm.... Wrong game? :D 
    So why posting it?
  • SC is now selling tanks ...

    $95 Warbond (fresh cash only) 

    World of Tanks here we go!
  • Star Citizen - Alpha 3.0 out to Evocati player testers

    Erillion said:
    Pretty cool little leak, not sure what is happening with the bike at the end though

    A glitch that sometimes happens when you enter different physics grids (e.g. coming from the outside into the inside of a ship). Game was not quite sure where the object is ... looks like "blinking" around ... or a sudden movement in an unexpected direction, when one frame of reference "snaps" into the other frame of reference. This snap effect should be minimal, during the entry into the ramp (from a roleplay perspective : "..when you start to feel the internal gravity field of the ship....")  ...... should not happen later and deeper into the ships bay like in this video.

    Known bug that is being worked on.

    The maneuvering jets firing in all directions is a follow up bug resulting from this bug. To my knowledge that is only a display bug, the jets are not really generating thrust.

    Have fun

    Where did you get your information from? Are you a game dev? because what you say here is not exactly what happens.

    The flickering you see is based on the parenting to the object container which just slow though the object disappears.
    It reappears at a fixed point because the translation from one to the other object didn't carry over the entry point.
    When the player leaves the bike, it no longer has a controller on it and becomes a world object though needs physics because it is a Rigidbody, the physics of the parent container are not applied properly so the bike bugs around in its own physics, ignoring the container physics (not ignoring the mesh of the container - bounces of the walls).

    So in conclusion
    - the flicker of the object has nothing to do with "physic grids" - (whatever they may are) 
    - There shouldn't be any "snap effect" this would be a bug not an effect
    - There are no "frame of reference" (Whatever this may be)
    - maneuvering jets are based on character controller this could be caused by broken physics (The controller does not know where its heading to)
  • 2018 Overall Production Roadmap (updated 19th January)

    Burn Down Sept. 21. 2017

    Yay they are down to 7 (in words SE7EN) gamebreaking bugs before release to Avo Evocati!
    But no Super Dev came in to fix the stuff, ...no... way better(!!!11oneone), 13 (in words Thirteen) Bugs have been handwaffled away to be not so gamebreaky as last Week!
    6 fixed, 13 gone with the wind for a total of 63 Gamebreaking bugs magically not so important ...

    I am soooo excited! This opens a new dimension of Youtube Videos!

    Edit: Either (a) they wanted to draw batman with this graph or (b) the graph is graphing its own credibility.
  • The Cost Of Producing A Video Game

    Well CIG/RSI published this infochart so what does your heart tell you?