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  • Need suggestion on Hardware :

    Erillion said:

    If you want to test if it is your hardware or a server side effect, run SC offline solo. Instructions here:
    You will find other such instructions if you google it (maybe even newer ones for Alpha 3.0 or 3.1)

    Have fun

    As stated by CIG this is against the TOS and may result in a ban.

    Running cheat engines, or modifying the software outside it's intended use, conflicts with our Terms of Service and is prohibited. 

    While I appreciate why people turn to an offline mode to get better performance, it ultimately doesn't help us isolate the problems that we need to resolve. 

    As frustrating as it may seem, crashes, latency, and performance issues generate very useful metric data for the Dev team, which is used to fashion solutions that benefit everyone in the long term. 

    By going offline and modifying the client, it won't generate the metrics we need. 

    The purpose of the PTU is to find issues and fix them, not avoid them. 

    You can view our Terms of Service here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/tos

    Thank you for your continued support. 


    Lead Moderator | RSI Player Relations

    Cloud Imperium Games

  • Pirated/stolen Ships will NOT disappear when logging out

    An ID system is mandatory for every game where someone can spawn a ship and leave in order to have a kind of "ownership" this is easy just give the asset a Hash variable.

    Now you can set up a security system of users who may access the ship without beeing flagged as criminal for GTS (Grand Theft Ship). This is still the easy part.

    Now we need to have an eye on some situations.
    * You land on a Planet and die cause of non player interaction like getting eaten by a sandworm, death by falling meteor ...etc.
    In this case you need to respawn and claim insurance or get back to the planet by hiking, until you claim your ship has to stay where you left it and the only way to get rid of it is making it *poof* ... well you could set up a decay where it gets worn and old and will fall apart after x amount of time but spaceships are rough and it would take years and will fill distinct POI with spacetrash in no time.

    Now what if in the meantime someone enters your ship (from now on we call him Piratee) because you let the door open while getting eaten by sandworm - Unless Piratee is not touching anything his criminal record stays clean (neither cargo nor controls). If he sats down on the pilot chair or he is stealing cargo he will be flagged for the appropriate crime.
    Now Piratee flys away with your ship without you knowing it, flagged for GTS.
    If you claim your insurance, it will spawn a new ship with a new hash and your old ship is flagged as stolen (security measures have to be overwritten now by the pirate with i.e. hacking). Piratee can now leave the ship without it getting *poofed* because it is a stolen ship without specific ownership. He has now to fly to the next smugglers base to get the hash replaced by a generic one thats not on the stolen ship database. So he can fly it until it gets destroyed.

    We just have the possible frustration of full loot here because this is what happens the pirate not only drives your ship far far away, he takes it technical modifiers (weapons, shields, etc) and cargo with it. Furthermore Pirates can loiter at POIs and snipe you away and take your stuff. If you ever played TESO you know the fun of a char with a 50k gold bounty on you (this is not sarcastic :D ).
    But basically it is not like other sandbox games where the PKs can outlevel and grief you until the game dies (cause of grieving like in Darkfall).

    So yes, possible, yes it has a high frustration potential and yes exploitable (in terms of camper).
  • Squadron 42 Q&A [RTV]

    Erillion said:
    Thats why I doubt that the F8 won't be sellable to other players > no military clearance and/or UEE citizenship.
    Then go somewhere to buy where there is ***cough ** less paperwork. Fora maybe ?

    "Fora is, for lack of a better description, a known pirate system in UEE space – the only of its kind. Home to Hyperion, a dusty outpost planet, Fora has evolved into a safe zone in an area of space littered with Outsiders and Banu. Pirates, smugglers and worse frequently call the place their home and are largely ignored by the local police garrison. "

    Have fun

    Pirated ships unfortunately disappear when logging out.

    Stolen ships, no matter how well the theft, will not be a long-term thing. You get to enjoy them for the session, but those ships will not be returning when you log back in. Stealing ships should be a short-term goal. Joyriding, piracy or selling them for scrap, not for growing your own fleet.

    Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50259/thread/insurance-and-cheating-the-system/916092

    Pirating ships is not a thing in SC anymore ... bad bunny!

  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

  • Curiosity ..

    Rhime said:
    IceAge said:
    MaxBacon said:
    For the official stretch goals, there's one maintained with each known status here: 


    24 Complete
    35 In Progress
    39 Unknown
    23 In Concept
    3 On Hold / After Launch

    So! From a total of 121 ( +3 at launch ) , 24 are completed in .. 5 or so years? That's around ...20% ? 

    Well, I don't know how old are you , but I hope your hands will not shake ( to fast ) , when SC will be released ( I mean, when they will complete the goals which they promised if X amount of $ will be donated ) .

    That is the info new players needs to receive. Where exactly are they now with development. So, if this was the first time I was hearing about SC and would of think to support the game, well .. based on the above info, I would of say "..ok, i'll call you" .
    The game mechanics are very rough at the moment the game runs very unstable and only if you install on SSD, 16+GB RAM, and high end video card over 20fps. There are clipping and fall through world issues everywhere, the game logic is not running reliable (like spawning or accessing ships ... or landing ships ). The Economy is not implemented and there is no content. The flight mechanic is simply unfun (no real tactics possible) and unbalanced. The Enemy ship AI is very dull, there are no Enemy AI NPC. MultiplayerShips are not implemented yet (as in different stations like scanning, repairing etc).
    All this and they just sold land claim beacons and tanks.
    There is enough engineering dept on the vehicles and ships alone for the next 15 years.

    Meh...I'm not running the game on an SSD nor do I have a high end vid card (GTX 1050) and have been able to experience the ALPHA 3.0 as is. It certainly is rough in certain parts, but when you get in your ship, flip on the switches to get flight ready, push the throttles on your HOTAS, quantum travel to that planet over there, fly through the atmosphere down to the planet surface (no load screen at all), land ANYWHERE on the planet, get out of your ship for the first time and explore then get back in and launch back out to space the same way you came in and land back on a space station (manually), it sure is AWESOME!
    OK that's fine but I have to ask, did you quote the wrong post because I see no conjunction between your post and my quoted post.

    Here is a test of current FPS on a high end machine