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  • NCSoft Seeks to Crowdfund NA Regional Championship Pool - Blade & Soul - MMORPG.com

    Sure why not? We already pay people to try and make games, why not have us pay for the tournaments too? Hey, maybe next time you guys can bring out a "send our whole team to disney land" lotto box too so we can pay for your vacations as well.
  • Star Citizen Ships - What is the attraction?

    Erillion said:
    People are not buying ships.

    The backers give money so that the game they always wished for becomes reality.
    Oh really? So then why is there a giant list of ships with various prices on them? Why don't they just have a button on the site that says donate here to make your dreams come true? It would be so much easier wouldn't it? 

    I wish you guys the best of luck making that idiotic argument in court some day as if this is some charity people are donating too. You people really do live in a fantasy world if you think that is going to fly. 
  • CIG deal with Coutts & Co?

    Why does a company that raised 150mil need the services of a bank to get a loan for a tax rebate? Because they are broke. This isn't rocket science people. You don't go and pay a bank a fee to do this if you can just wait until the end of the year. Why would they just now be doing this? They didn't bother with it before probably because they had money in the bank and didn't need to. I swear the paid shills and fanboys on this site just suck up all the spin and repeat it like it is some kind of religious cult at this point. 
  • Summer Web Sale and some news that just went down

    It took them all of two weeks to back out of what they promised. That is quick even for a kickstarter MMORPG. Kickstarter exclusive, until next month when we do our own web store kickstarter. Now the excuse is that what they meant by exclusive was, exclusive price like with the lifetime sub. But wait there's more! For those that already kickstarted, they get to pay more money to get the new rewards! Great job at pushing back on the stereotype that crowdfunding is all about cash grabbing and not game development. The excuse for all of this is that a few people couldn't get into the kickstarter because of payment type issues. I guess we will see how many new pledges they get with this second "exclusive" offer. 
  • Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 & StarCraft Being Remastered - MMORPG.com News

    Hopefully this will lead to Warcraft 4. They flat out refuse to do vanilla wow servers, but then they do this? Yeah, I know it's not quite the same thing, but still. Blizzard trollin.