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  • Old EQ1 players, trace the decline of MMOs as you see it

    TLDR version of why MMO's suck today- Too much reliance on instances, F2P, Pay to win, cash shops, no innovation. RIP genre. 
  • Camelot Unchained - Loud Footfalls On Deaf Ears - MMORPG.com

    Well when you say beta will begin in the next couple of months and then a year later still waiting, then people get irritated. These studios are really good at telling people what they would "like" to do and then really terrible at explaining why the reality didn't line up with the sales pitch. Often times they just flat out refuse to accept that they mislead people even if it really was unintentional. A little honestly goes a long way, but so does the bullshit excuses and trying to rewrite history. People are sick of the spin and cleverly worded marketing speak that goes on constantly now.
  • Black Squad Closed Beta Key Giveaway - General News

    I think they changed the name to "Non-binary, racially ambiguous, gender fluid, pan sexual squad"

    That is less offensive and has a much better ring to it anyway I think....
  • Anyone uneasy about Crowfall?

    Too early to tell, which is why I haven't bought into it yet. The graphics to me are totally irrelevant so that is a preference thing. The combat looks kind of meh, but it has shown some improvement. The real question is how interesting can they make these campaigns that supposedly last for weeks or months. Is it going to be like GW2 where people only care the first day of a new match and then basically ignore the next two weeks? We don't know yet. If you already backed the game then you really can't complain too much because they haven't really strayed off the course they set out on when the kickstarter opened. 
  • Operation Frankencow (Crowfall death mechanics)

    Still waiting for the 24/7 servers and actual test campaigns before I even consider buying into this one. They have some interesting ideas, but I'm not sure how well this is all going to fit together. I will give them some credit for doing something different and not letting the project spiral off into a decade long development cycle from hell like every other crowdfunded MMORPG. Good or bad it looks like there is a real chance this could actually be a retail game sometime this year. 

    My biggest concern with this game is that the players are the content. I remember when Warhammer Online came out and people on the losing side of the fight would just give up making the game pointless. Even though these Crowfall campaigns are temporary, I'm wondering how they are going to keep all sides engaged for weeks or months. GW2 WvW had the same exact problem. People have short attention spans when they don't see a clear path to success. I'll be very interested to see how this plays out. Developers have a bad habit of ignoring the reality of how people play these games and designing them in a more idealistic way. The path of least resistance is what people always default to, so it's best to design with that in mind instead of pretending it won't happen.