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  • Battle for Azeroth Live Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Quote: "I have absolutely no expectations that some casual that got served LFR and easy M+ high ilvl gear will ever agree with me"

    If you're playing WoW, you're likely a casual. Everything in WoW is casual. Playing more than someone else and writing some guides doesn't make you any more hardcore than they are, to be frank.

    Lots of casual players were very involved in the community and contributed a lot more than the average raider - displaying deeper class knowledge and a greater ability to theorycraft than many others.

    People who have been playing WoW for a long time know this.

    This game was built on the backs of casuals. No MMORPG can survive without them, without going completely P2W and raiding the wallets of the 5-10% of people who could realistically fit in a "hardcore/elite" demographic.
  • Visionary Realms Delves into Armor Basics & the Halnir Cave Dungeon - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen N

    They need to update their website more. I feel like I know very little more about this game than I did 6 months ago.
  • Are in-game communities today weaker or stronger?

    Kyleran said:
    Darksworm said:
    Amathe said:
    AlBQuirky said:
    Kyleran said:
    Same question, what topics are you finding this to be a problem with?
    Anything you say these days has a chance to offend someone, somewhere. Humans seem to be carrying HUGE boulders on their shoulders these days, just waiting for people to try to knock them off. It is getting beyond ridiculous. ToS doesn't seem to matter. If someone cries, "I'm offended! BAN THEM!", chances are good that the one reported will get banned.
    I find that people who claim the whole world is offended are often folks being called out for things like bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, etc. They miss the days when they could use hateful, bullying language and no one would speak up on anyone else's behalf. Nowadays, they will speak up. I know I will. 
    No.  There's a difference between bullying and being hateful, and simply being blunt without phrasing everything in a way that makes someone feel good about themselves.

    I shouldn't have to say "You know... you're a good player, but..." before I ask someone to switch their hero in Overwatch when they're being hard countered and shut down - to avoid them calling me toxic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc. etc. etc.

    Right now, it is taking 30 words to communicate what should be said in 5 simply because every single word you have must be accompanied by a 5 word disclaimer to make sure any hint of nuance is obliterated and remove the chance that they will choose an interpretation damning to you if they choose to be offended by what you say.

    It's too much ******* work to communicate with these people, and it's practically a linguistic minefield.

    ID Politics is also really big in gaming communities now.  People will claim to belong to protected groups for the sole purpose of claiming discrimination when they are faced with criticism that they do not like.  'obias and 'isms have been weaponized, and people are labeled with these terms simply to delete their credibility and justify treating them in amazingly awful ways.

    It's okay for them to be "toxic," because that other person is being "racist/sexist/etc."

    EDIT:  Word choice.
    Excellnt use of hyperbole to make your point but there is no need to praise them.

    While it might take a few extra words to ask someone to make a change and explain why in the long run more people are likely to go along with your suggestion, I know I would and probably thank you for the tip.

    Now if you say in 5 words, "Hey dumbass, quit playing sniper" I assure you, things will go downhill at that point.

    "Hey Widow, Can You Switch"

    "Can we switch the Widowmaker?"

    "The Widow is not working..."

    5 Words.

    80% chance of triggering 70% of overwatch players.

    I don't use Voice or Text chat anymore.  I turned it off, and I only play QP anymore, anyways ;-)
  • Gaming Laptop Between $600-800

    That's why I said to put it off a bit.  It isn't worth it to buy anything for $600, when you can simply wait a couple/few months and get something for $8-900 with a 1050 [Ti]/1060 and a much better CPU, Faster RAM, better build quality, better thermal management, better Ethernet/WiFi, and a far superior screen.

    There are tons of decent options in that price range from ASUS (ROG), Dell, HP (Omen), etc.

    You can probably save some money by getting something with an AMD CPU and RX 460.  That won't perform as well as the Intel CPU/Nvidia GPU combo (notably: once you get out of Vulcan and get to DirectX), but it will still be more than adequate (but it is going to run a bit warmer).

    For what she wants to do, she really is looking for a budget gaming PC.  She is in the market for cheap entry-level gaming laptops with budget dGPUs.

    You really shouldn't even be worrying about anything better than a 1050 or 1050Ti for her, IMO.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - 4.2 Savage Review - MMORPG.com

    Signex said:

    I've started 2 months ago on this game, reached max level on few jobs but i don't think i'm ever going to touch the harder stuff. After my encounter with Shinryu normal for the first time it was clear i'm not cut out for the hard stuff like savage. To me it doesn't look like fun at all but frustration.

    The raid content is pretty awful in this game, and there isn't much else worth playing the game for once you get to end-game - unless you spend all of your time leveling every class in the game.