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  • Mission Tables are in development for "Battle for Azeroth". Thoughts?

    Nepheth said:
    They were great in Legion. It was just a passive income which I can control with my phone. There is nothing wrong with them. There was only one class order quest which forced me to use it and it took nothing from my time. Other than that you don't have to use it. And if you wanna use it, you can just open your phone and in less than 1 minute you're done.
    I agree.  I think only people who can't afford a smartphone would complain about the mission table.  Everyone else basically never touched it except for one quest, alone.  They just used their phone to queue up and finish the missions when they were out and about, at work, watching TV, etc.

    It's nothing more than a currency generator.

    The problem, however, is that it inflates the economy for anyone who isn't camping the Legion Companion app, and doesn't want to constantly mess with it...  Prices are set assuming people are farming gold there, since it's so easy to do so.

    But some people just hate having to interact with it.

    I think mat and potion prices (among other things) at the beginning of the expansion had a lot to do with WoD garrison farming.
  • Are in-game communities today weaker or stronger?

    Amathe said:
    Darksworm said:
    No.  There's a difference between bullying and being hateful, and simply being blunt without phrasing everything in a way that makes someone feel good about themselves.
    I agree, there is. I'm not advocating for a world like the one in Demolition Man.  If you need to crack down on someone for bad play in your group, that may be appropriate.

    But make no mistake. There are people running around using racial and sexual epithets who, when called on it, want to pretend like it's not them - it's everyone else being overly "sensitive." And that's crap. They aren't fooling anyone. 

    There are also people being labeled racist and sexist by people who choose the most bastardized interpretation, or "intent," of their words (or actions) because they dislike criticism and want to lash out.

    The extremes you're referring are not an issue.  That language is pretty clear in intent, and any reasonable human being will agree that it's wrong.  There is no point debating it.  We agree here...

    To use an extreme (but easy to digest) example:  If you call me an "N Word," then that's clearly racist.  If you call me "Colored," then it may simply be a bad choice of word meant with no ill-intent, but I can choose to interpret it as racist if I am "that type of person" (I'm not).
  • Gaming Laptop Between $600-800

    Quizzical said:
    That fits the thread title pretty well, and checks the boxes on what you'd want in a "gaming" laptop at that price.  A GTX 1050 Ti isn't going to give you great gaming performance, but you aren't going to get great gaming performance on that budget.  Games will run at suitable settings.  You might well be able to max LoL; WoW will be fine at suitably reduced settings.

    A GTX 1050 (not Ti) runs WoW at almost max settings, with FPS to spare, on a laptop.  I know people who play on those machines, and they actually cap their Foreground FPS to 60 to reduce heat and noise on their laptops.  This is not an issue.

    FFXIV will run on High Settings on a GTX 1050 (not Ti), and that game is considerably more demanding than WoW.

    ESO will run at High Settings on a GTX 1050 (not Ti), and you're getting like 80-100 FPS outside of cities (open world, instances, etc.).

    GW2 runs at High Settings on a GTX 1050 (not Ti).

    BDO runs Medium-High Settings on a GTX 1050 (not Ti).

    A GTX 1050 Ti will max half of those games easily, unless your CPU is underpowered.

    I tested a lot of games on a Laptop specced with that GPU, and it was totally viable at 1080p for most MMORPG games.  That being said, it was paired with an i7-7700HQ CPU, not an i5.  It wasn't a $6-800 machine.  It was a $1,2-300 machine.

    The key to using a GPU like a 1050 or 1050 Ti, even a 1060, IMO, is to respect what they're designed for.  They're designed for games being run at 1080p.  No, you won't get great performance running at 2k and they aren't even usable at 4k.  But at 1080p, they run very well.

    Also, use GeForce Experience and let it optimize your games.  Then, go into settings and turn the shadows down a bit.

    For casual or budget gamers, 1050/1050 Ti is totally fine.  Most people understand that if they pay a cheaper price for a machine, they will get lower performance.  If they are buying to play specifically certain games, then they can go to YouTube and simply see how that CPU/GPU combination performs.  People have uploaded videos of almost every combination, and I did a lot of this before buying a gaming laptop.

    You probably should shoot for replacing a gaming laptop at least every 2 years, due to the fact that you cannot upgrade the CPU or GPU in it, so by the time it really becomes an issue, you'll likely be replacing it, anyways.

    A bigger issue is not the 1050 or 1050Ti.

    It's the fact that you're not going to get nearly as good a CPU in a $6-800 machine as you would in a $1,200-1,400 machine.  That weaker CPU is likely to bottleneck you a lot more than the 1050[Ti].

    The OP wants something to play LoL and WoW.  Discussions about "what kind of performance"  you will get out of something lilke a 1050 are completely out of place in this thread.  The 1050 almost maxes out WoW, and plays LoL on Ultra-Everything without breaking a sweat.  The 1050 Ti is probably 15% more powerful than the 1050, so it isn't even something that should be discussed.

    The biggest issue with a laptop that cheap isn't the GPU, but likely the CPU and definitely the hardware quality.

    You aren't going to get those nice Matte 1080p 300+ nit IPS screens with ridiculous viewing angles you get on ASUS' Budget (but more expensive) gaming laptops on a machine this cheap.  You're going to get a fugly TN panel.  The KB/Touch Pad, Speakers, Port Selection is likely to be worse.  You may not get a really good WiFi/Ethernet Card in it.  You may not get extra slots for RAM, NVMe SSD, etc. in it.  You also  want something that's usable for productivity (not gaming) > 6 hours off the charger.

    All of this is a big deal, since you can't just upgrade this stuff in a laptop.  You really have to spec a gaming laptop for something you'll feel "very comfortable" playing on for 2 years.  On a PC, you can skimp and upgrade over those 2 years.  This is impossible on a laptop.
  • About Action Combat

    AlBQuirky said:
    Reading more of this thread, it seems that "Tab Targeting" and "Action Combat" are kind of misused, in my opinion. The difference for me is not about how one acquires a target, but rather how the fight plays out.
    Totally agree.

    I think people are simply lumping all games that have an FPS-like retinal and don't allow you to lock targets with the mouse as "Action Combat.'

    In reality, many of those game are nothing more than rudimentary MMO combat with "mouseover" targeting.


    Lots of tab target games I consider action combat, because I am constantly pressing keys/buttons, thus creating continuous action on my part.

    Is just semantics.

    The issue doesn't lean on the definition of "action (n.)" :-P

    While you're technically correct, semantically, the details of the implementation is what matters.

    Action Combat is more similar to a fighting game.  If you were to make Tekken into an MMORPG.  That's what Action-Combat MMOs feel like to me.  The FPS-type reticle is simply there to provide a stable hit box for your actions.  Otherwise, they feel like a fighting game, but in greater scale.

    I have a hard time coming up with comparisons for Tab Targeting, because it's basically what MMORPGs were like since they went 3D on the PC platform decades ago.
  • About Action Combat

    Real Action combat requires higher mechanical skill than Tab Targeting.

    Tab Targetting tends to rely on mechanical rotations (FFXIV) or Skill Prioritization (WoW, EQ[2]).  Action Combat tends to rely more on skill chaining, timing, and position (to a greater extent).

    It does take more skill, when it's actually action combat.

    The issue is that the majority of MMORPGs that claim to have Action combat do not have action combat.

    All they have is pseudo FPS combat with fancy animations.

    I don't think putting a reticle in a game makes it action combat.  The only thing you've done, is made it so that the game engine does the tab targeting for the player.  WoW players have been doing this for years, with mouseover macros.