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  • I've had this warning tag since May......

    Glad to know I'm not alone! Unfortunately I'm only mild ;(

    Although I am amazed that some people can go on posting here after saying some quite insulting things to other posters (usually to Slapshot!), while there are some of you who never seem to lose your cool but have been slapped with warnings.

    Darksworm said:
    Gorwe said:
    Scot said:
    Gorwe said:
    Xarko said:
    Of course, an old Vermintide addict like yourself must find ESO combat slow and impactless.
    But CLICK! it feels slo, wait CLICK! THE SCREAMING ONE!, as I was saying...slow(nah, VT is awesome, seriously). :D

    VT is a favourite of mine, what you seem to want is a MMO with combat as good as that. Remember I said I was not tied to trinity, but the action systems in MMOs were second rate. Give us VT combat in a MMO and I would be there. Until then its ESO, PS2 etc.

    Oh yes, yes! I ask ask, nice nice!

    The point is that they married interesting story with a very nice art with one of my favorite IPs(Warhammer Fantasy) with a very satisfying gameplay. This...I know it had bumps and warts when it launched(oh do I know or what), but...it should've been more recognized.

    I hope that VT 2 gets recognition VT 1 should've had. It's easily better than most "triple A" games right now. It deserves to be wildly popular.

    The point is: I like nicely tuned combat systems where you feel the consequence of your actions. Be it turn based(Mordheim, Shadowrun), RTwP(Dragon Age) or Real Time(Vermintide, hell even GW 1 or EQ2 or WoW could apply). ESO feels...off. It's not off. It FEELS off to me. Like you are swatting flies or something. Like there isn't a feedback to your strike. Lack of procs etc only further this point.

    It's not bad, but it's far away from GW 2 or TERA and the like yet it is far away from WoW, EQ 2 and SWTOR too. In a completely shitty place.

    edit: The real question is, which (combat) is better:

    Vermintide or Dark Souls

    The difference between your game style preference and mine Gorwe, or by extension between anyone with your play style preference and mine, is that for me combat is just one feature in the game out of many in an "MMORPG."  It is not the main factor for my playing an "MMORPG" nor does it hold the majority of my interest over any of the other features that an "MMORPG" offers.  Combat, for me, is simply one of the means that must be employed by which to finish a quest.  It is no different than competing any of a variety of puzzles, answering any of a variety of questions, or any other number of challenges that a quest may present in order to achieve completion of said quest.  It is one of the means to an end, not THE means to the end.  If I wanted to play a game focused on combat, I will play an FPS or moba game, which are games that do combat games better than an MMORPG. 

    In short, my main purpose for playing an MMORPG is the progressive "role playing" via a journey through a fantasy virtual world as if I was me in that world.  That has always been the essence of an "MMORPG" as it was conceived at its core inception.  IMHO, it is the misunderstanding by many players in this core game play in MMORPGs that has resulted with the bastardization of the MMORPG by developers for the sake of bottom line profits, into the many unrecognizable forms in which MMORPGs are presented today.  

    I agree, a lot of people treat MMO's like a game that has a finish line, so they race to get to the end, max out their character, and get all the achievements done and move on to the next MMO.  It really is about the journey and the main reason I get caught up in following the quests.  I don't stop and read every book and memorize all the lore as some others do but I can understand why they do it.

    A lot of people here started playing this game when it was new and leveled up when others were leveling up - or they got friends to play with them, when they started.  That is fine, and it allowed you to experience the game differently from those who join years later when you and most other people are already at 50 with a bunch of Champion Points - probably on multiple toons.

    This is the opposite of what people like me feel when we play the game.  It feels distinctly single player to a new/lower level player - apart from the massive amounts of chat spam in that part of the screen.  The game's base content design isn't helping it here, either.

    Unless you start playing a game with friends you will feel like that no matter if the game has recently launched or is older. If you are looking for a more social experience try joining some guilds. One of the great things about ESO is that you can see players of all levels doing all (or most) of the content, so there is no reason to play by yourself once you find some friends (unless you want to of course!).


    Gorwe said:
    Scot said:
    It is the best modern AAA MMO out there, but I can't speak for the cash shop or how that's effected gameplay. Anyway in his original post the OP only had issues with combat, that hardly makes the whole game "boring".
    Only most of it. Because after walking / travelling, combat is the second most common activity. I mean, the game's ok. But it's easily beaten on all fronts. Story? Why not play SWTOR or TSW or LoTR:O? Or any of multiple single player games? Combat? TERA, Blade n Soul, Guild Wars 2 and the like completely demolish it from Action Combat side. From the Classic Combat side, there is a lot of choice too. WoW, SWTOR, LoTR:O, EQ 2 etc. So what IS the EXACT REASON why a person should play ESO? IP?

    First, the combat is actually pretty interesting; I like combat in GW2 better overall, but the active blocking and stamina system as opposed to ability cool downs is a breath of fresh air, and I  always miss it when I play another mmo.

    I don't particularly like pve in any mmo, but I have to admit that the dungeons and IC in ESO have some of the best pve I have experienced in any mmo.

    The crafting system and choice of equipment/styles of equipment is amazing; there are no mmos apart from ESO that I have played where crafting is both interesting and useful from level 1 right through to end game, and the diversity of styles of armor you can make is staggering.

    Character development and build choices are similarly staggering and open: perhaps the most open in any mmo, but certainly more robust and interesting than other mmos that I have played.

    The actual world itself is well built and has some beautiful areas; the way things like lunar cycles and the tides actually have an impact on gameplay is wonderful, and there are many other little secrets tucked away that probably aren't apparent to people that have not taken the time to immerse themselves in the world, its lore, and community.

    But personally, the crowning jewel in the game and the main reason I play this over other mmos is the RvR. Atm no other game combines solid gameplay, great build diversity, and exhilarating combat with a robust and well designed RvR system. WvW in GW2 might also be good, but for various reasons I was never able to get into it.

    Anyway, I think I've written more than anyone here is likely to read so I'll stop there ;)
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance, too good to be true ?

    Shaigh said:

    You can also overeat, which makes you sluggish until you have a chance to digest the meal.

    Lol .. do you have to go to the bathroom too? And if you do, do you have to stock up on toilet paper too?
    Toilet paper is a modern invention
    so do they simulate the smell and you will die of embarrassingly bad smell if you don't bath in a river after going to the bathroom? Or is embarrassment a modern invention too?
    Actually, if you don't wash off characters will notice how dirty you are and it will affect their opinion of you.

    I've collected a full suit of chainmail, and now many peasants refer to me as "Sir Knight," despite me not being one.  The game measures your level of visibility, noise, and conspicuousness based upon your current surroundings and the clothing you're wearing.  Black clothing and a hood will hide you at night, but make you very conspicuous during the day standing in town.

    lol .. so how you have to take virtual bath. I suppose that is fun for someone. That itself is funny :)
    Its not really as boring/tedious as it sounds. Its fairly "gamey", for example the bath is just going to an npc and asking for a bath, like you might get a room to sleep in or food to eat in other games. 

    The cool thing is how your appearance impacts npc interactions. As I kill people I get more and more blood on my clothes, and that can make me more intimidating to certain npcs. Or if I want to stealth better I wear black clothes- its not just the "type" (leather/metal, etc) that is important like in some games.

    I actually went into the game expecting it to be more of a hardcore life simulator from the reviews/previews I had read, but (thankfully) it still abstracts enough of real life tedium away to be a fun game.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    cjmarsh said:
    YashaX said:
    cjmarsh said:
    YashaX said:


    Its yet another facet of the p2w mentality this dev team has based the project on.

    I had actually forgotten about it because of all the other drama, but I remember rolling my eyes when I first heard about the idea.
    That's a rather inciteful (not insightful) way of putting the game design. But I do think that the idea of class warfare enhances the PVP in the game, seeing as how it seems to have gotten you all hot and bothered with just the idea.

    Giving whales the opportunity to buy a huge advantage doesn't do anything to enhance pvp in a game, it kills it.
    I don't know about "huge" advantage. Are you referring to high ranks? You know that they come with extremely harsh death penalties right?
    If you think its a good idea that whales will be able to buy massive advantages then this sounds like it would be the game for you, if it ever releases. I know there are some people that like that sort of thing, and that's fine.