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  • Let the pre-Alpha cash shop items flow...

    time007 said:
    ugh, i thought this was a big name MMO.  but i guess its another cash shop game
    There are absolutely no plans, nor intentions to implement a cash shop into CoE once the game has launched. The only reasons for any kind of a cash shop before launch is because SBS is currently a crowd-funded game. (People supporting the game are made fully aware of the fact that anything they have purchased can be lost once the game launches) They chose crowd-funding because the investors/publishers they spoke with wanted the implementation of Cash Shops and/or Sub Fees; features that SBS feels very strongly about not wanting to implement into their game.

    They seem to be confident in the pay-for-life model that was originally created for the concept of the game and are refusing to be forced into any other structure, just to obtain outside funding... 
    They didn't have to monetize development through what is possibly the most extreme form of p2w I have ever seen. There are other kickstarter mmos out there that have not tied crowd funding to selling massive in-game power.

    The whole project would look vastly better if they had not decided to go down this p2w route in the first place. 

  • State of the Studio

    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:
    CU was called vaporware for a while as well, people claimed it would never happen, in fact you can find the same pessimism and hubris here on the forums regarding CU if you look, ye here it is, looking like it's coming to life after all.

    Funny how that works.

    Good thing these formites don't really affect the game, if they did, no game would get made.
    Could you please site your source where someone in this thread said that CU was vaporware?
    learn to read.

    I never said someone from this thread, I said on these forums. And here you go, a whole topic about it.
    Funny thing, I just checked that entire thread, not one mention if vaporware.

    I did see reference to the term evaporate, (as in, player interest) perhaps thats what you read?
    There were also no CU backers coming on the thread just to bully, insult, and badmouth the people who were frustrated with how long it was taking to develop the game (which is what happens in every CoE thread I have read). 

    Interestingly the thread in question appears to have been written by a CoE zealot in an effort to lift CoE's image by dissing another game in development.

  • MMORPG.com : General : Monster Hunter World - The First Two Hours!

    Sounds like a contender for mmo of the year 2018 ;)
  • ESO MMORPG of the Year at MassivelyOP

    Phry said:
     i think the BDO character creation is better graphically, though in terms of customisations as you level up? i am not sure ESO is really all that good its a game that falls too easily into the usual cookie cutter FOTM skill set thing, where people will build a character pretty much the same as everyone elses if they are building a character for PVP etc. Its actually very hard to be 'different' or 'original' without seriously gimping your character. 
    BDO definitely has amazing graphics, and has some of the most interesting non-combat game systems I have seen. However, ESO kills it in terms of customization, both in terms of choices for character development and fashion. 

    It is easy to gimp your character, but the changes since One Tamriel have opened up massive potential for a variety of viable builds, especially in pvp. In terms of fashion, the amount of different armors, styles, and costumes is also pretty impressive, not sure if there are any other mmos with a similar variety.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    YashaX said:
    Horusra said:
    Horusra said:
    What makes people think Net Neutrality means more providers and better speeds.  Everyone always paints the rosiest future for Net Neutrality and the worst for the other side.  Maybe Net Neutrality means slow speeds because there is no incentive to make it faster and less providers because there is no cash for providing something better.
    Because net neutrality has literally nothing to do with investment and predictions. Improving the networks requires the same money whether net neutrality is present or not. Investment incentive is also non-existent in the US. These giants are only out to make money, not spend it giving neighborhoods better connection services. 

    Yes because socialist countries are hot beds of innovation.
    Well, you are the expert on "socialist" (sic) countries.
    Go to college and study and you can too.
    Let me guess, Trump University?