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  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    YashaX said:
    Amathe said:
    YashaX said:
    Why are the heroes so weak? They are decked out in the coolest gear, flaming swords fancy armor, and shooting fireballs, but can barely beat one half naked guy wielding a mining pick  ;)
    This isn't WoW, where one guy wades into 8-10 foes at a time and kills them all. No one here wants that. They want challenging encounters (where it takes 6 guys playing well to kill 1 guy).

    It doesn't matter the artwork on the mob you reference because they are magical beings. They don't have to wear armor to be tough. 
    There is quite a gap between one guy killing ten foes at a time and a team of well geared heroes barely able to scratch a half naked "Black rose mine hand" (looks and sounds completely human to me). 

    I think a better comparison is between something like Dragon Age origins or pillars of eternity and this. Those games have slow, measured combat, but nearly every fight felt like a "realistic" tactical challenge. What I saw here just seemed somewhat incongruous, amazing potential if they can tune it up though. 

    I mean, most mmos bosses fit this bill too though.  I don't see it as any more ridiculous for these miners to be the hulk than I do for a boss to be a "human" who can take a beating from 6+ massively powerful heroes. 

    I don't think you understand what I am trying to say. It is the feeling that the heroes are pathetically weak that is disconcerting. I am pretty sure I could do more damage with a sword than that group was doing, and I sit on my backside typing most of the day! That is a problem (Not me sitting on my backside all day - the sense that the heroes are weak as piss). 

    This has nothing to do with slow combat (I like that depending on how its implemented) or me wanting gameplay "like WoW". I would love to play an mmo that had slower, more strategic, group based combat that was similar to say Dragon Age Origins, but this just seemed weak, quite frankly - somewhat promising but still sorely lacking.

    And the thing that stood out most, like I mentioned, was just how useless the heroes seem. A good swordsman should be able to dispatch several lesser foes singlehandedly- else not a good swordsman. A fucking mage shooting fireballs should have some impact - look at DAO- mages wrecked face altering the whole battlefield with their magics. 

    But what do we have here? A high level group fully decked out in magic weapons struggling against trash mobs (half naked humans with mining picks to boot) coming at them randomly in groups of one - or scary scary - TWO, with pretty much no AI as far as I could tell. Come on, that is some weak fucking shit there. This is 2018 not 1980. What sort of world is this when their greatest heroes are such weak little shits? How can anyone survive? 

    Give me some slow strategic combat any day, bring that shit on I love it, but for the love of gaming make it feel impactful, make the heroes feel like heroes, not useless turds.
  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    DMKano said:
    YashaX said:
    Why are the heroes so weak? They are decked out in the coolest gear, flaming swords fancy armor, and shooting fireballs, but can barely beat one half naked guy wielding a mining pick  ;)

    Because that's how EQ1 was - Pantheon is heavily based on EQ1 model. 

    If you just go back in time to 1999-2002 - EQ1 vanilla, Kunark, Velious era - look at the combat videos from that time period - you will understand why Pantheon is like this.

    Here's footage from P99 - 

    ??? I didn't watch it all, but the bit I saw had giants so tall that you couldn't see past their knees rap dancing on the heads of the heroes - that actually makes a lot more sense than what I saw in the Pantheon video.

  • Let the pre-Alpha cash shop items flow...

    IceAge said:
    time007 said:
    ugh, i thought this was a big name MMO.  but i guess its another cash shop game
    There are absolutely no plans, nor intentions to implement a cash shop into CoE once the game has launched. The only reasons for any kind of a cash shop before launch is because SBS is currently a crowd-funded game. (People supporting the game are made fully aware of the fact that anything they have purchased can be lost once the game launches) They chose crowd-funding because the investors/publishers they spoke with wanted the implementation of Cash Shops and/or Sub Fees; features that SBS feels very strongly about not wanting to implement into their game.

    They seem to be confident in the pay-for-life model that was originally created for the concept of the game and are refusing to be forced into any other structure, just to obtain outside funding... 
    Such naivety , lol
    You can call me naive if you wish, if somehow that makes you feel superior to me.  I guess only time will tell just who is and isn't naive won't it. 

    Either way, I won't resort to childish name-calling. 
    Seems to be a running theme here.
    The irony is just too much, lololololol.
  • Rift - Prepare for Prime - MMORPG.com

    Keldor837 said:

    Never made it past 20 in this game...Too much of a WoW clone for my tastes....No interest in Prime whatsoever.

    It always struck me as a WOW clone with worse art direction. I'd really like to know what people loved about it in it's first year or so.

    Class system is by far one of the best. Playing as a Necromancer, summoning undead and such while questing. Then switching to a chloromancer and healing by DPSing (the only caster hybrid dps/heal i've played that worked and was fun). And the fact that you can also play a light-armor tank that literally blinks around. There's just so many unique classes that have little to no comparison to other games. The graphics were also amazing when it was first released...but hasn't aged well. And the Rift invasions were INSANE when zones were active. You could be a noob in the first zone and all hell was breaking loose as a death invasion is kicking the crap out of players and NPC's alike. And participate in an invasion world boss only a few hours into the game...nothing sparked my excitement that much so soon when starting an MMO.

    At least that's how i felt when first playing the game. Later on was bored due to a lack of end-game content and left the game for other pastures and never went back. So I'm looking forward to a progression server of sorts to experience content in a progressive way that i missed years ago.
    Well said, the game has some amazing features. Too bad the new prime server is not a pvp shard.
  • Whats up with the hatred?

    I know the blood thing was weird, but ignoring that why has the game been so poorly received?