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    Gorwe said:
    Scot said:
    It is the best modern AAA MMO out there, but I can't speak for the cash shop or how that's effected gameplay. Anyway in his original post the OP only had issues with combat, that hardly makes the whole game "boring".
    Only most of it. Because after walking / travelling, combat is the second most common activity. I mean, the game's ok. But it's easily beaten on all fronts. Story? Why not play SWTOR or TSW or LoTR:O? Or any of multiple single player games? Combat? TERA, Blade n Soul, Guild Wars 2 and the like completely demolish it from Action Combat side. From the Classic Combat side, there is a lot of choice too. WoW, SWTOR, LoTR:O, EQ 2 etc. So what IS the EXACT REASON why a person should play ESO? IP?

    First, the combat is actually pretty interesting; I like combat in GW2 better overall, but the active blocking and stamina system as opposed to ability cool downs is a breath of fresh air, and I  always miss it when I play another mmo.

    I don't particularly like pve in any mmo, but I have to admit that the dungeons and IC in ESO have some of the best pve I have experienced in any mmo.

    The crafting system and choice of equipment/styles of equipment is amazing; there are no mmos apart from ESO that I have played where crafting is both interesting and useful from level 1 right through to end game, and the diversity of styles of armor you can make is staggering.

    Character development and build choices are similarly staggering and open: perhaps the most open in any mmo, but certainly more robust and interesting than other mmos that I have played.

    The actual world itself is well built and has some beautiful areas; the way things like lunar cycles and the tides actually have an impact on gameplay is wonderful, and there are many other little secrets tucked away that probably aren't apparent to people that have not taken the time to immerse themselves in the world, its lore, and community.

    But personally, the crowning jewel in the game and the main reason I play this over other mmos is the RvR. Atm no other game combines solid gameplay, great build diversity, and exhilarating combat with a robust and well designed RvR system. WvW in GW2 might also be good, but for various reasons I was never able to get into it.

    Anyway, I think I've written more than anyone here is likely to read so I'll stop there ;)
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    cjmarsh said:
    YashaX said:
    cjmarsh said:
    YashaX said:


    Its yet another facet of the p2w mentality this dev team has based the project on.

    I had actually forgotten about it because of all the other drama, but I remember rolling my eyes when I first heard about the idea.
    That's a rather inciteful (not insightful) way of putting the game design. But I do think that the idea of class warfare enhances the PVP in the game, seeing as how it seems to have gotten you all hot and bothered with just the idea.

    Giving whales the opportunity to buy a huge advantage doesn't do anything to enhance pvp in a game, it kills it.
    I don't know about "huge" advantage. Are you referring to high ranks? You know that they come with extremely harsh death penalties right?
    In addition, CoE is not a PVP game just because you are able to pvp. It is a Roleplay game.
    That makes a big difference (no sarcasm intended). I think if you view it through that lens its not as bad as it seems on the surface (to me).
  • Woah. / Quick Thoughts

    This doesnt feel instance to me, feels like an actual game world . That was one of my biggest concerns that the zone sizes where gonna feel cramped and unadventureable , im not feeling that as of yet. This is only the first zone after the introduction zone of the class I was destined to be... Dual wielding flame swordsman ? :D

    Nice screen shot, looks impressive!
  • The Number 1 goal; what it might mean.

    Tamanous said:
    YashaX said:
    DMKano said:
    I think its a pie in the sky goal as I doubt that the game will have 1000 player battles all that often especially 3 or 6 months post launch when the population settles down.

    Aiming for goals that wont happen often especially longterm - I dont see much point in that
    My first thought when I read the 1K player battles comment was "how many times are we even going to see pvp on that scale?".  Even in a massive game like ESO there are only enough players to fill up one server regularly; maybe two in prime time. 

    I also hope that they are giving attention to small scale pvp, because while the big fights over keeps can be epic (like in War and ESO), being able to harass the enemy with a small organized group is one of the more enjoyable facets of games like this.
    The game isn't based on heavy vertical scaling. New players can join sieges and be effective along side advanced characters. The game is being designed to support small scale battles, escort and caravan skirmishes, roaming small zerg groups, bounties, high value areas out in world to capture to benefit your realm and massive sieges against player built structures that can range from a small house through a city with castles. Defending your lands is also heavily rewarded and losses heavily penalized in order to avoid keep swapping style RvR.

    All of this is supported by advanced realm communication and varied group size mechanics. Players can create a Warband of 8 players or so that have guild like support mechanics and realm identification. Warbands can easily join into temporary Battlegroups to create armies large enough for massive engagements yet separate after to go do their own thing again. Orders are the guilds in the game. Orders can create and manage warbands but a player can only be in one Order or Warband. 

    The game is built heavily around realm pride. You only advance your character's growth by contributing to your realm's advancement ... not by grinding quests, enemies or mobs. This doesn't even have to include combat. So a solo player, a warband, an Order or a formed Battlegroup can decide to go do anything they want at the scale they are able to manage anywhere in the world and as long as it helps their realm become more powerful each player gains experience, perks and even bonus gear and wealth from their realm's King.

    An example is the scout and crafter class. A scout can head out and scout enemy lands and relay information back to their own realm. They may not even engage in combat (they are basically someone that can transform into an undead, ghost or wisp and haunt the enemy as a stealthy entity) yet gain advancement for their efforts. A crafter may never go near front lines (the can however support sieges) or enter combat yet they too can advance their character as long as their efforts help the realm.

    Why would a realm gather a 500 man army? Because victory over such an important area may gain your realm an entire land mass and massive perks to the realm and it's players. The vanquished also lose equally so and regaining such a loss will take a great deal of time. Because it's tri-realm, the 3rd faction can strategize how to exploit such a dramatic world map change ... or may even have helped defend or attack.
    Sounds amazing, not often that someone describes almost point for point the type of game I would love to play!
  • Is Crowfall a MMOBA?

    Yeah this is one of those mobas like DAOC and ESO.