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  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    Why are the heroes so weak? They are decked out in the coolest gear, flaming swords fancy armor, and shooting fireballs, but can barely beat one half naked guy wielding a mining pick  ;)
  • Prime Server Launches - Time to Go Back to the Future - Rift - MMORPG.com

    Athisar said:
    I think people are exaggerating the xp thing. Yes it's slow paced but the cap is 50 and there are no raids open yet. If you do all the quests (including carnage), dailies and close a few rifts you won't run out of quests - I have done this to 14 with no grinding mobs at all. I think people complaining are not going back to check areas for new quests and have missed some, or are too used to some modern MMOs where you gain a level every 5 minutes.
    Good to know, although the posts I have read say their issue started at level 14 on the defiant side.

  • Elder Scrolls Online - The Pressing Issues in ESO - MMORPG.com

    The main issues I have with the game are lag in Cyrodiil, a lack of attention to the pvp campaigns,  pvp rewards, and the ability to swap factions in pvp.

    The AH is of course also quite annoying because I have to travel all over the place to buy gear whenever I want to make a new build (can take me hours). I don't know if that is good or bad though- just inconvenient for me personally.

    I also don't like animation cancelling, and although I do like the weapon swap system, I find it quite unresponsive compared to GW2's version. Testing has led me to conclude that the lack of responsiveness is tied to the animation system rather than lag. For example you can animation cancel some skills into a weapon swap to get a smooth swap and fast skill execution; but I wish it just reliably switched bars when I press the hotkey for it!

    In terms of the pvp campaigns, there basically is only one campaign that has consistently full population and that "works", with the others empty a lot of the time or dominated by one faction.

    These low pop servers are often "gamed" by guilds/players, who will wait for the current emperor to log off then swap to the server and quickly take the whole map. When they get some competition they will then go back to a different server. Other players will just swap toons to the faction that is winning at the time: the ease of faction swapping creates a whole host of issues that are undermining the game.

    Unfortunately the well populated server is often very laggy and also really requires a max CP character and an extremely coordinated role based group (depending on what you want to do).

    The actual map mechanics could also be spiced up imo; I am pretty sure there hasn't been any changes since they added the towns as objectives. If you play a lot you notice there are a few hotspots with good action, but far too many "dead areas" on the map.
  • This feature could change the MMORPGs

    One of the worst ideas I have ever heard, even more so given the "problems" you are trying to solve. 
  • This is what it is like to go out and PVP after a couple days of play

    It looked to me like that guy you killed while he was mining was afk mining (because he didn't react at all). Is that still a thing in Darkfall?- Do you just plop your toon on a resource and it will keep farming it until it runs out (could take several minutes to deplete)?

    I used to do that in DFUW- start chopping a tree then go and do some work or read a book and come back 30 mins later to see if it had finished farming that node.