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  • In-Game Footage Shows Treasure Hunting & Roadside Ambushes - Wild West Online Videos - MMORPG.com

    Really want this to be good as well, always thought wild west would be good MMO materiel.
    Any online game without PvP could be done better as a single player game IMO, and its the wild west, this game needs to be PvP first.
  • Griefers costing me rl money ?

    Falendor said:

    That one of the cool things about CoE. It creates alot of ways for normally negative player activity to be expressed in a way that enriches the game.

    So says every unreleased game with Open PvP.  That's the beauty of not actually having people play your game.  You can say anything you want and a certain segment of the community will believe you.  I mean seriously... investigation system? Deductive reasoning?  Hunting down a serial killer?   Come on... these guys will be lucky if they release a half functioning game.

    The proof will be in the pudding whatever year they end up launching...  

    Maybe you are right... but to date there is absolutely NOTHING this company has produced that suggests this will happen.

    SBS says they are going to do it. (and the fanboy chorus agrees)
    You say it cant be done or they don't have the resources.
    I think of myself as an optimist and still only give it BlackJack odds.
    I totally agree what we have is just talk and ideas.

    But I like the ideas, and even if the project ends up vaporware, I like the talk along the way. I honestly have fun theory crafting games and watching people work on things they love.

    Your opinion on CoE is well and repeatedly stated. Perhaps it would be more productive of you to give your analysis of the mechanics theorized by SBS and so we can discuss what we do know about CoE. 
    Now you might be tempted to get on your high horse and say something about trying to protect/inform people about throwing their money at scam devs, but their is already a storm of news articles every day about Early access/Kickstarter games being unreliable, a gamble, or scam. This is a discussion we are all having, and one i would like to have sometime, but in a separate dedicated venue. I would want to discuss this problem as a whole rather than singling out any one particular company/product. 
  • Griefers costing me rl money ?

    So is anyone else thinking griever can just hide his pk character and play the game on his second account?  Or since it's so cheap it's worth the cost of the penalty to ruins someone's day?
    Theirs a lot of interesting mechanics in CoE, viewed in isolation from each other most of them seem odd and/or bad, but together, in the big picture, make a lot of sense. I think what most are missing is that the family mechanic incentives people to work together, at least on a day to day bases.
    If your alt is an antisocial greafer, he wont benefit from his family and society, and thus more likely to be captured and have his lifespan reduced for his crimes. Your going to have to buy sparks of life for your alt and your main, and your alt is going to burn through them quicker.
    Now if instead of a wild man in the woods murdering people, you try to blend into society and gank people with poison or in other ways that it is difficult to ID you... Your playing a serial killer, other players will have to use the investigation system and deductive reasoning to find out what your doing. In effect, you are creating content for other players, not degrading the game the game by being a troll.
    That one of the cool things about CoE. It creates alot of ways for normally negative player activity to be expressed in a way that enriches the game.