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  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    Tiamat64 said:
    Again, if you want me to do things the way I work, you'd have to actually pay me for it.

    But that's fine.  You can keep supporting Star Citizen.  At this point I'm more confident than ever that the truth will come out soon enough anyways.  And that's what really matters.
    Ahhh there's always such a greater truth now isn't there? I guess you'll be in shock when you find out that SC is a normal game under development.

    Different priorities as to what actually matters here, for the backers is a game, for the "naysayers" seems to be to crucify CR screaming "accountability!".
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    Chris Roberts has shown them to be wrong, with his claim that if funding was to stop, they would have still enough money.
    That does not mean they would be willing to make a stand against their community about something, killing their funding stream, even if they could sustain the development by themselves to finish and release SQ42, then SC.

    I find unlikely if it could lead to such consequence, such pressure would not result on them giving in or respond to it in some way. Like they would sacrifice/harm their funding stream just like that, no way mister.
  • ATV - Austin Studio Monthly Update

    To break from the fulltime naysay SC in every possible way a bit:

    ATVs are coming back to the normal format, not much in terms of update because of the break and all. More of a behind the scenes and a discussion on the quarterly schedule for this year that was superficially described recently.

    The next update for Star Citizen (3.1) is scheduled for late March, the highlight is a major polish, optimization and bug-fixing patch to improve on what's already there. 

    focus on optimizing the server and client... 3.1 is about enhancing performance and polishing the gameplay systems and UI, including ships, system traversal, a large balance pass of our economy, and improving AI for spaceflight and combat."
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    pantaro said:
    i would like to thank you for single handily proving,as you would call us haters and what we so called haters say about you so called star citizen fans totally correct!
    You provided such a compelling argument I am lost of words.
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    Kefo said:
    Having modules doesn’t mean it’s a alpha.
    It's no longer modules, what is present in AC and SM is merged into the PU where it all plays together. The PU is now way more persistent than what it was before and it has multiple game loops, including some economy. 

    Of course hyperbole and hateful sensationalism is the way things go here, but to call it one insult to Alphas, it takes quite the stretch. :cookie:?

    pantaro said:
    please tell me your joking.....your joking right???
    Go play it and see by yourself.