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  • No Buzz?

    rodarin said:
    LMAO LIF has the best engine ever made WTF are you talking about? There isnt an engine anywhere that lets you do what that one does. Your fascination with engines is awesome especially since you dont know WTF youre talking about half the time and cling to the worst engine ever made for MMOS and your  prophet Chris Roberts continuing to try and make it work for his disaster of a project. Disaster only in terms of actually making a playable game not in term of milking players. Which you also ironically love to mention all the time. And cite said engine again here with Amazons failure waiting to release project.

    LiF MMO had the open everything goes full loot system PvP window and that is why most people didnt want anything to do with it. Who wants to spend the hours it takes in that game grinding only to lose stuff during their magic hour or two or whatever it was? Also if you died you lost hours of progression on your character as well. On the private servers in the Your Own version thousands of people were playing it until it got old and stale due to them not developing that portion anymore to focus on the MMO. All anyone has to do is look at every single game there is like ARK and LiF and whatever other 'survival' type games that allow server hosting and looking at the populations on PvP one and PvE ones. And the more harsh the PvP setting the lower the population across every game like that with no exceptions. But the irony is those games need some sort of PvP, but not full on full loot forced PvP.
    Huge amount of BS.  LiF MMO was a very weak engine, I played it before the MMO and on the MMO and the amount of workarounds they used to just have it minimally work is gg, like animals and water, climbing walls by clipping placeables, etc.. .etc.. Ridiculous exploits such as when some people found an easy way that the devs were aware of but didn't fix, to delete an entire massive alliance from the US MMO server lol. Lots of shenanigans.

    We had a big alliance going on LiF MMO until we got hacked by Russians, clipped through everything, stole everything (OUTSIDE the PvP hours that allowed to raid inner claims), and people just started flocking away from the game, there was no point if we couldn't stand a chance against guilds that purposedly exploited the game for advantage.

    Those guilds on the MMO were also famous to lag their claims a HELL LOT with tree farms and such, so the FPS drop would be so intense near their claims it would by itself discourage others from attacking their claim.

    If that wasn't enough when we got attacked we also have to play in slow-motion frame-rates even if it's 10-15 enemies.

    So you don't know wtf you're talking about, their engine was weak, had to do massive giveaways on mechanics so they could get features to work, such as feature-less AI; or the fact the large majority of actions had timers so it cheats the network cost... While things like the combat action couldn't escape the ridiculous pings of well over 1000ms during the open PvP ruleset hours.

    "best engine ever made"... Oh boy... //eyeroll

    What we need is a game like LiF MMO done with a capable engine, and while Ark's engine is wonky, put under one MMO scale it's far better than what LiF achieved.

    And Lumberyard's engine with The New World MMO by Amazon is an even better one because that one achieves good visuals with good optimization over its play mechanic, they need is the MMO server scaling backend that is a future thing for that title.

  • No Buzz?

    rodarin said:
    Its not being a carebear its watching a dying genre continue to strangle itself completely out of existence by trying to force PvP (and open world full loot PvP to boot) on people.

    There has never ever been (and they have certainly tried) a PvP centric let alone a full on PvP gankfest full loot campers delight game even be close to viable let alone popular. How many PvP games have there been? A half a dozen at least, and just as many still in development now. They dont work they wont work and they never will work.

    It shows a special kind of stupid for these people for continually trying to ram it down our throats. I suspect they think because a bunch of sociopaths love these battle royal type games its a green light that a PvP focused MMO still has a chance. That basically shows how completely out of touch they are with reality.

    If your favorite game ever was even close to the point where their gameplay choices were worth debating then they would be just the next example of complete disconnect with reality.

    ANY game, I dont care what it is that has a full fledged open world (not specific zones but every area of the map) where PvP is allowed it has ZERO ZERO ZERO chance of being any sort of profitable title. Unless of course they do what youre guys are doing, stay in perpetual development rip 500 million from 'backers' and spend 50 million on something and call it a game.
    The dying genre is not related to PvP or PvE, it is related to lack of ambitious game developers and a formula that has been over-milked and people are tired of.

    The PvP experience that a game like LiF MMO and Atlas aim for, is actually on demand and the reason why say LiF didn't turn well is because their game was broken due to the awful engine, NOT because the game design and idea was wrong.

    The only thing that is missing, is for a developer to do a decently polished open-world sandbox PvEvP MMO, because that was not been properly done yet.

    Amazon's New World is one with a good shot at it, their engine is good, far more polished game experience that I played that they have to continuously develop and expand. That will be attractive.

    Games like Conqueror's Blade also PvP MMO also snatching quite the interest when they did the main beta event, also while linear experience it is decently polished too.

    So no, there IS demand for PvP focused MMO's, especially with the sandbox/survival aspect that has been for so long contained to small MP servers that due to limited MP scale can't achieve a good guild-play/conquest and economy.
  • Studio Wildcard Announces Its Pirate-Themed MMO, Atlas & It's Available Next Week - MMORPG.com News

    Wikkyd said:
    This is simply NOT true and I keep pointing this out to people. They see the name of the dev team and assume it is a different company, for example your mention of Snail Games. It is a fact that Snail Games BOUGHT Wildcard studios in 2015. It is NOT a different company. It is the same company with different dev teams.

    I think more than anything that is why these companies get away this sort of cash grab crap. People just lap it up and think these dev teams are independent. They're not!

    I know that but that still is irrelevant.

    The fact of who owns the studios is not relevant to the studios that will develop a title, just like EA owns a ton of studios, their studios work on different titles / IPS.

    It's not because DICE and Bioware are owned by EA that Mass Effect will ever be touched by the DICE studio and vice-versa towards Battlefield.

    That is a fundamental thing to understand, the fact the parent company owns the studios that developed X or Y title, they are still their own companies that work on their project(s), just owned by the same parent company.

    In this case we have Snail Games STUDIOs being the ones creating AND publishing Dark and Light and PixArk. We have Wildcard Studios, Instinct Games and other studios that do Ark (retaining publisher as wildcard studios), and now we have Instinct Studios and Grapeshot Games doing Atlas.

    Dark and Light, for example, is clearly its own small dev team and not co-developed by the studios that develop Ark. Snail Games itself is a chinese company has developed games for long, Dark and Light, PixArk, and ARK Park are titles developed by the actual Snail Games studios.

    The fact that the parent company can spin resources to support ongoing projects, does not change the studio and developer team that leads a project.

    You come around like saying that Snail Games is the one developing Ark, when it is Wildcard Studios, the fact they own them doesn't make them the developer, neither that the Snail Games USA studio itself would be developing Ark, or Atlas for this matter.

    If we ever saw anything on the industry with the biggest companies like EA, Ubisoft, etc... Is that the studios they own develop their own titles, they do not mix in multiple studios in a pot co-developing a game, it's the main studio leading a project with others as support.
  • Population Zero Devs Aim to Reimagine What a Survival MMO Truly Is

    Kyleran said:
    Perhaps if MMOs weren't coded down to run toasters and consoles there would be less issue with performance?
    There's reasons why MMO's are known more expensive and taking longer to make, that open persistent MP aspect on large-scale is always forcing cuts, and is why we see such weak physics and simulation and more scripted "make-believe" mechanics to ease up on server resources. There are many tricks to cut down, on BDO for example very noticeable one is the AI it only simulates so much and once farming you notice groups don't move until you've killed enough active AI, it's many things like that MMO's have to use to cope with costs of their world and MP scale.

    Their performance is really, the more graphically detailed one MMO is, such as BDO, the more performance will take a hit, this is where normal MP and SP games don't have about it because you won't get to one place where hundreds will be, there's no magical way to optimize that without having it clearly look and feel subpar (such as the MMO's where player character models are invisible to not overwhelm your client).

    The other bit is traffic, see if too many concurrently end up on the same area, you not only have the render part of all that goes on the screen, but you also are getting networked updates on all of those players entities and their actions, literally overwhelming your client that way too.

    It's just messy, see on a game like Planetside 2, the optimization they did is for a linear and localized mass MP experience, there is not a ton of variables to consider (like on an MMO on a city with many players there's from AI going on, NPCs, usually highly detailed locations by nature, so too many players added to that just will go mess it up.

    It's really what it is, more complex MMOs with more simulation and more detail will forcefully need a contained MP scale when it comes to that localized concurrency. This is what is happening right now with cloud setups having many servers handling a game-world.
  • Population Zero Devs Aim to Reimagine What a Survival MMO Truly Is

    Kyleran said:
    Oh well, some feel if we had to land men on the moon again we couldn't do it anymore.
    LMAO now you've done it! :P 

    Kyleran said:
    Facinating that technology available since the 90s (large scale multiplayer servers / worlds) seems to be impossible for so many devs today to accomplish.
    It's rather simple for who understands the technical side of things. Games of today are far more complex, more simulation, more physics, higher visual quality, etc... While technology had boosted up a lot on some areas, in terms of massive multiplayer technology it still is a core bottleneck.

    And even when the multiplayer technology is not the problem, the player render is, with higher visual quality and simulation and all it easily becomes too expensive on the render budget without aggressive optimization (check the lag festivals when too many players are on the same place on MMO's like BDO).

    So sadly yes, to achieve more complex games presently the multiplayer aspect gets cut down, or the opposite like say Camelot Unchained where you notice the game visuals and such being toned down to achieve MP scale.