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  • 2018 Production Roadmap 3.3-3.6 (updated September 2nd)

    From latest ATV, it has been stated that OCS will not be ready by October 10th.

    Due to imposing deadline, and the fact the addition of new content requires such tech, Hurston and there rest of the game-world location content will not be present in Alpha 3.3.

    Instead of pushing it back to Alpha 3.4, they'll do a follow-up patch to 3.3 branded 3.3.5, giving it the extra time it needs to be finished and polished up.

    (OCS will go into Evocati testing anyway, it just won't be ready by Citizencon)
  • The MMORPG.com Writers’ Favorite MMOs

    thunderC said:

    Never got to play SWG , I didn't own a PC at the time capable of running it. I love reading stories about people's experience in the game, It sounds like it was a really amazing game.

    It was a great game, but it was broken af, of course after it's gone we all miss it because it left one hollow that hasn't been filled in the genre, but things weren't so pretty with its maintenance.
  • Lost Ark Will Launch on November 7th in South Korea - MMORPG.com

    DAOWAce said:
    It is 3? Well that makes me hopeful.

    UE4 is still basically a beta and still Vert- scaling by default, so those of us on 21:9 (or wider) displays basically can't play any UE4 game unless the developers change the scaling method during development (very rare).

    UE3 can be changed just fine via an .ini edit (in 4 it screws up a lot of things).. though from an Asian game I expect the config files to be encrypted or even registry based, as that seems standard for their attempts to get 'anti-cheat' into the game (however futile).

    Still, hope this hits NA soon. All too common to see Asian games delay for years upon years before coming over to the west and looking/feeling dated on release.
    Actually, UE 3 is known for being a nightmare for MMO's, specifically the horrible performance that is why so many are concerned those issues will also haunt this title.

    Using it also got the game dated in several fronts that they had to work out, but there are still noticeable bits such as conversations there's no mouth or facial animations it's all things that started with that dated engine but weren't upgraded yet to current standards.
  • 2018 Production Roadmap 3.3-3.6 (updated September 2nd)

    Roadmap updated, since last week the 3.3 patch gets a boost of tasks completed standing at 72% complete with close to 4 weeks to go.

    • Mission Giver Clovus Darneely is feature complete.
    • Improved AI Flight Behavior is feature complete.
    • Network Bind Culling is feature complete.
    • Environmental Blending Shader is feature complete.
    • GameObjectExtension Conversion (OCS sub-task) is feature complete.

    The group system improvements feature took a dive with a bunch of new tasks added to its completion.

    For Alpha 3.4 a big 57% progress in one of Arccorp's Moons.
  • I Think I Made a Mistake 2 of 2

    What you heard about servers is currently wrong, SC in terms of allowing private servers currently that is just a possibility for after the release.

    For release SC is one MMO it's one persistent online PvPvE game-world where (with likely different EU/US/AU worlds), it can't be played offline, as one typical MMO is.

    Population is also not going to be segregated through many isolated servers as you are understanding it, the game-world runs in the cloud hence it has many servers to cope with the population, but the data is persistent and not isolated, this is the same thing as you see in MMO's like Elder Scrolls Online or even Guild Wars 2.

    Un-official private servers were indeed nixed from the scope of the game by release, and stand as nothing but a possibility as what they might want to develop post-launch.

    And in technical terms it just won't realistically happen, the developers putting the effort to transform and maintain one MMO backend running in the cloud (where multiple physical servers work together to brings features online such as FOIP), into a single software for players to host themselves... I would bet private servers will not happen.