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  • Boundless, this Sandbox MMO is the best early access one I've played

    Mikeha said:
    Its coming to PS4 and PC. Any word on crossplay? 

    That would be huge if it does. 
    Yes it is stated as what they are going for. And should be pretty okay it's PvE-driven no balance concern.
  • Boundless, this Sandbox MMO is the best early access one I've played

    Talking about Boundless, one MMO that deserves more attention that is progressing nicely and is reaching a point where it's capable to provide one of those unique experiences. Don't get mistaken just by looking at the visuals "Oh look Minecraft", not quite.


    I'll put this review as my words as well: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198142468145/recommended/324510/

    Its unique portals feature is impressive, you can be looking at a portal streaming live from another planet, and another planet is actually another server, from EU/NA East & West and Australia and it simply works seamlessly what is rather impressive in my opinion. The whole thing is fully player-driven, the cities created, the economy, everything, providing the type of MMO I really like to play, by and for its community, it's based on levels and skill improvement that defines what you can/can't do or how good you are at it with the skill caps (Imagine LIF MMO style on that aspect, but more relaxed), and so on.

    This team of developers deserves more support, 2 years ago they had to literally start over by changing the whole thing into a new engine to fix severe problems, today there have been more frequent feature updates that have expanded the game past building, with one economy, trading, PvE combat, with heavy crafting progression while still in Pre-Alpha.

    Not sure about you guys, but on a genre where we are constantly being hit with more of the same, this is oxygen for me, and it is been the best I have encountered yet on the MMO/Sandbox sphere. 
  • Project Gorgon has launched on Steam for $40 ($30 on sale)

    Torval said:
    Since this is business I've been taking that money somewhere else away from bankrolling a free game for hunter killer achievers. I'm a collector explorer and the system has evolved such that the stuff I like to MMO for is all behind the cash shop.

    I don't feel like I need free players in my games and I'm willing to pay for games where they're not a part of the equation. I'm not interested in paying for games like you describe so they can be free. I think free players need payers like me whereas I don't need free players at all to enjoy my games and MMOs. 

    The question is why would I want to put money into an mmo like you describe when I can put my money into a game like this.
    There's both quality and lack of quality in F2P, that is not the determining factor for me.

    As for your last bit, I would say you would belong to more of a niche when doing that, that's really no the standard approach people take when choosing to buy or not one MMO like this, there are exceptions but one has to hope that this turns into one of those exceptions and just achieves success and popularity, as for one Indie developer trying to sustain one MMO they surely need that.
  • Project Gorgon has launched on Steam for $40 ($30 on sale)

    Without a healthy outlook for a demand that's not being met, investors will continue to shy away from the genre.

    Crowdfunding certainly proves that you can whip niches into a frenzy with pretty videos and nice words, but until we see a release state game enjoying success, it's poor evidence to publishers of a demand for a specifically unique take on the genre.
    The genre proves itself very profitable though, but the thing is that online games with microtransactions are cheaper to develop and maintain, yet way profitable, if we look at something like PUBG while developing a new MMO is a gamble on its own to see how it will play out on returns vs cost.

    That does bottleneck the whole thing, because when it comes to variety you have to come up with something different, then risks, then investors run away from it, and it seems to be stuck on this most of the time. But when we talk evidence and we see projects like SC I guess that shows how far the wish for it is there, and we already see some larger scale investments happening on it, same with Dual Universe.
  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    bartoni33 said:
    Well the drama sucked me in so I HAD to watch OP's video.

    Only two (2) solutions here:

    1: MaxBacon has never watched British television or has never heard someones "bad" accent from GB.

    2: He is totally white-knighting here.

    Dude obviously does not have a "speech impediment" :D

    Does he have a hard to understand regional accent? Yep. Does he sometimes have problems getting his thoughts out properly? Yep. Does it get worse when he starts grasping for answers of questions he either can't answer honestly or just does not know? Quite obviously.

    Honestly Max this is beyond the pale for you. Someday you have to just face it that CIG is not ran by the best or brightest in the industry.  Doesn't mean that a game will never come out. Just that the Brothers Roberts are kinda incompetent.

    You don't have to have any speech impediment to have a type of speech that results on you butchering phrases and so on beyond simply an accent. On the case of Erin my opinion is that he speaks before he gathers his thoughts and easily loses it especially when asked more complex questions, to me is not lack of knowledge because that shows to also happen when he clearly knows the answer (as stating something he had just said again) yet fails to deliver it anyway, ends up babbling; so in my opinion that gets worse through the footage I've seen of him on both scenarios, not only the one you mention.

    The last bit of your post is useless hyperbole, is not relevant to this, neither would I stand it is and they stand without error. To the point, I stand my opinion, you stand yours, and we can all move on, if not, then this thread will get to 100 pages of this.