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  • Heart of Azeroth Gear Spells Previewed for Shaman & Hunter - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Another pointless, all-be-it less annoying, expansion grind that will be removed like it never existed once the next expansion came out. People seem to think grinds over all are bad but forget that most old grinds persisted into other content. FFXI is a prime example of this having each expansion adding to the game for at least a decade and not having the expansion take over the game. But it would see that into today's market, its taboo to have people do older content in order to progress to newer content as it was originally designed. People even QQ'ing over allied races not being fair to newer players that start in BfA simply because they have to go through old Legion content to cap rep, which of course blizzard will either lax or remove the restriction all together in the future like they always do when they try to hardline something (remember they kept saying no to flight in WoD for a year and half?)
  • Rift - Prepare for Prime - MMORPG.com

    Trion's Face: $_$
  • Prime Progression Server to Launch on March 7th - Rift - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:

    I still think this is such an amazing idea. Kudos to Trion for seeing the need and filling it.

    More like they see easy money and are taking it since they wont have a chance next year with wow vanilla servers

    Gorwe said:
    Torval said:
    Scot said:
    It is the best modern AAA MMO out there, but I can't speak for the cash shop or how that's effected gameplay. Anyway in his original post the OP only had issues with combat, that hardly makes the whole game "boring".
    How they're monetization has evolved is my one big gripe and it's mostly with the cash shop. I don't mind buying a DLC every quarter or paying for one with cash instead of tokens. I don't mind the cash shop, but it's that they put nearly everything in there and it's mostly all cosmetic stuff you'd earn in another game. It's almost to Neverwinter levels of cash shop hell.

    Here's an ESO tweet that showed up on my feed today selling the Commander Personality (now in the cash shop). 

    That is the last thing I was interested in seeing this morning from ZoS and ESO. Yet another thing and piece of the game I'm buying in the cash shop, broken out from the box fee. It robs the value of the box fee for me. I'm just sick of getting deluged with "acceptable non-P2W" pieces of the game being sold ala carte.

    ZoS isn't the only offender. I'm reviewing Closers right now and there is a really cool side scrolling fighter game beneath a suffocating layer of monetization.
    7 Euro? Lol that's nothing for an entire armor set. I saw Revan's(or Kylo's) Lightsaber being sold for FOURTY EURO in SWTOR. I can almost buy an entire game for that money. Infact, double that amount and I can purchase a "real" lightsaber. lol fml. But that's open market for you.
    Lol FFXIV (a p2p game) sells emotes for that price 7$ or something and they are also for only one character. Same goes for most outfits and some mounts being one character exclusive. Even some outfits are gender restricted, so if you gender swap you'll have to buy that outfit again for the gender. It wouldn't surprise me if they started selling racial stuff eventually. I mean, we're in an era where we have to praise companies for not having loot boxes while still having a frickton of other micro-transactions.
  • Sources Claim Disney Has Reached Out to Ubisoft & Activision About Star Wars Games - Star Wars: Batt

    Blizzard with the Star Wars license....Darth Vader in HotS.....Luke Skywalker vs the Lich King....Activision's head explodes from too many dollar signs....