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  • The horde don't want Sylvanas!

    Dragnelus said:
    How Sylvanas became warchief:

    "I have never trusted you... But the spirits told me to so I'm making you warchief." *dies*

    Whispers in ear: Spirits are actually old Gods?

    She made a pact with helya (you know that evil vrykul godess of the underworld) and essentially wants to take Eyir's power for herself, then force her and her Val'kyr into slavery/submission

    Eyir is sworn to Odyn (and I guess you could say the warrior hero) and is helping us fight the legion, and her Val'kyr are the only reason the Valarjar can exist. So what she is doing is very bad:

    No no no. You see she is doing morally correct choice because Eyir is selfish and should give all the power to the Sylvanas for free. After all, Sylvanas is only doing that for hear meatsh...i meant people. This is right thing to do, after all spreading more and more undead unto the world is good because she is sooooo caring. 

    You need to go back to the New Horde reeducation center. 
  • Warframe - Kinda, Sorta a Space Ninja - Shrine of the Eidolon & Heart of the Ordis are Live - MMORP

    Tried to play Warframe. Love looter shooters and similar games. 

    Uninstaled after 1 hour. Visual style is meh for me. Everything looks like spawn of bicycle and octopus. 

    Then watched some late game gameplay - go into room and kill wave after wave of mobs to get regents to craft. It looked so super boring even as i watched it. 

    So game is huge and boring grindfest it seems. 
  • Doesn't it bother you?

    Why do you care what game tell other players? 
  • Hawaii's Sean Quinlan on Loot Boxes - 'It's Best for the Industry to Self-Regulate' - General News

    SEANMCAD said:
    Avarix said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Avarix said:
    Distopia said:
    At no point in human history where something has been asked to be self regulated, has it ever happened.  Can you imagine a meeting where the CEO has to tell his employees to stop it, they are making too much money...lol.
    Making too much money isn't a crime or a problem in itself. Our government (in the US) isn't in the habit of stepping in unless there is hard evidence they need to, not in the area of corporate profits, or free enterprise anyway. 

    When the government says self regulate, what they're really saying is take responsibility for your own life decisions. As well as take responsibility for your own problems (if you have a problem own it, and seek help, if a loved one does help them by convincing them to seek help).

     It's highly improbable that stance will change unless real evidence is presented that this is a widespread problem, reddit threads and the like are not hard evidence. It's mostly sensationalizing TBH. 

    You're saying this (bolded part) as though these practices are not targeting a vulnerable population, children. This isn't a matter of simply gaining some self-control. This is a population that, for a majority, is not yet equipped to handle the predatory marketing being thrown at them.

    marketing and gambling is not the same thing though and that is where people are getting confused.

    The physical act of gambling is likely just fine, but the manipulation in advertising on the other hand is a different ball game.

    Having said all that, I really wish people would STOP using the kids as an excuse to make an argument for something they themselves want to impose on everyone. The whole 'think about the childern' meme is old and lame
    So, we should stop thinking about the children, why? Because you're tired of trying to argue against it? It's a valid argument.
    we should stop thinking about the childern and start being more honest.

    I dont believe for a second anyone making these arguements about 'think about the childern' actually give a damn about that. They want all paid lootboxes gone, peroid, by any means. they dont give a fuck about the kids...lets get real here, MMORPG posters are not a bunch of concern moms,...give me a fucking break
    You see i actually give a shit about children and those with unhealthy spending habits because of addiction inducing practices.


    Because personally this problem is not mine. I dont buy lootboxes and i detest them. They should never be introduced. Because of that they are designed to prey on people and manipulate them to throw money at the company at the unhealthy ratios. Because they muddled the game progression.

    Sure, children is not the ONLY concern but not everyone is such a tough macho as you on the net. Be a little more self absorbed k? 
  • Why don't more sandbox/open world MMOs like Ashes of Creation add PVE servers?

    Gdemami said:
    The way EVE world is structured into small zones and being space ship game, gives it unparalleled advantage in aggression mechanics that aren't really transferable to other settings.

    imo, it is very difficult find a balance between PVP and PVE using 'conventional' methods.
    Sandbox mmo are about ganking and being a dick, not about equall footing pvp.