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  • The horde don't want Sylvanas!

    SBFord said:
    aliven said:
    SBFord said:
    Dragnelus said:
    I always thought Sylvanas was awesome. About time she led the Horde. Time to die, Alliance.
    Why can't we be friends?? If Tirion and Eitrigg could, so can we. Just cause some wicked lady rules doesnt mean you don't got a free will. 
    It is called World of WARcraft, you know. Every warchief has led its people in war. Sylvanas is the latest in a long line of leaders, not the first.

    Most players were drawn into the game for faction conflict. What's the point of two groups (or in some MMOs' cases, 3+) without conflict. Every game out there has it. WIthout the faction conflict, there is no game.  Players wouldn't want to take part in World of Kumbaya unless they're a male human paladin. :D

    And for the record, it doesn't start because of Azerite, it begins because of Greymane's hurt feefees :(

    Yeah, because raiding neutral kingdom, killing civilians, plague bombing entire area to make it unhabitable for ANYONE, killing only heir to the throne is "hurt feefees". 

    But go ahead, show more mental gymnastics. 
    Boy way to not have a sense of humor. *hint hint nudge nudge* The video is a parody to try to lighten up the mood in this thread. LOL!

    This is a game, you know. ;)
    I didnt watch video, focused on what was written. 

    But you are right. Topic is taken way to seriously. 
  • Think I've finally put my finger on why I don't like this game

    Wizardry said:
    I can't stand constant running around action type combat and when i see a somersault,i am  good as gone.

    Often magic doesn't even look to be conjured up,more like GW2 spamming,like a staff that has an automatic repeater on it.
    The Wailing prison is a perfect example as to how the game turned me off.

    SUPER linear,there is a gate in front of me,ghee i wonder if i am suppose to go that way..sigh.Mobs popping up out of the ground,i assume to not have to optimize the zone ,even still it was sort of laggy.Then to reinforce the lack of optimization they made sure that the foes burn up and disappear.When you get outside the graphics look bad..fake,like badly dithered,just a lot of fog and everything has a blueish hue/lighting.
    Anyhow,it plays way too much like a single player game and that is the same problem most devs have in creating a MMO type game.
    Oh yeah red carpet system..no thanks,it really looked to me like they straight up copied a Dungeons and Dragons game.
    Too bad it isnt FF X! eh? 
  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    Erillion said:
    You fail to mention that one will be able to get all these ships - that you claim do cost hundreds and thousands of dollars - in the game for in game money after the game has launched.

    So in reality they DO NOT cost thousands of dollars. I will be able to get them for the price of the basic game. I fully intend to acquire these ships in game once the game has launched. 

    Those people that support the game development by voluntarily obtaining such ships now before the launch - I thank them for their dedication and deep wallets ;-)

    Have fun
    Is it hard to write while you are choking? 
  • Ana Bursts into the Nexus on PTR - Heroes of the Storm Videos - MMORPG.com

    Stizzled said:

    Oh good, another OP healer coming to the game from OW. I guess Lucio wasn't bad enough.

    Lucio is hot garbage.
  • Why are not more people playing this game here ?

    bentrim said:
    Once AGAIN... OWPVP, has a VERY limited market. You would think that devs would FINALLY learn that in an MMORPG, MOST people HATE PVP!!
    False. Most people dislike open world pvp because it is heaven for gankers and griefers. If people didnt like pvp the MOBA genre would die before it began. People just like fair play.