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  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Most Wanted MMO - General Awards

    Those kind of awards are the most stupid thing ever for any award shop. Culture of pre orders and building hype. Die. 
  • Uplay is giving Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag away for free this week - Ends Dec. 23, 2017

    Despite some of the dodgy things Ubisoft does, they do at least still release fairly decent games and seem far more willing to experiment with mechanics than EA. 

    Black Flag is definitely a fun game to play, I just loved sailing round the map and getting into pirate battles! Lots of places to explore, things to collect etc. Only thing that was bad about the game is the combat is too easy. But, if you enjoy the story, collecting different things, hunting various animals and singing along to sea shanties, you'll have a good time!
    Well Ubisoft is mostly depicted as somebody who release the same tired formula of open world games and sometimes buggy as hell. But they overall support the games after relaunch and try to fix gamebreaking stuff. 
  • Destiny 2 - Our Curse of Osiris Review - MMORPG.com

    Guys, it's OK to not like Destiny 2. But it's ALSO OK to like it a lot.

    Personally, i would rate it 6/10.


    For me story was non existent. There is that lock who got trapped in Vex simulation. Go find him. Thats it. He is supposedly all powerfull etc but meh.

    Infinite forest bored me before the expansion story ended. It is not a good thing, if we realize that it takes 3 hours to beat the story.
    It bored me because there are couple of tiles, not really rotating very well. Almost all instances look same even if the road from point to point looked different.

    Sagira got props, but overall ghosts in this game are witty bunch.

    Mercury is abysmal, really, really abysmal. Short, boring visuals, not able to use sparrows (probably to artifically extend the zone). We can use enemy vehicles tho.

    There is ONE lost sector and MAYBE two events? Which heroic one is just boring and easy to screw up even IF nobody is sabotaging it. Also, done heroic event and get 2 tokens and blue. Meme is strong.

    Basically, visual, sound and gameplay carry it above mediocrity. There are fun banter, mostly from Sagira. Both Osiris and Ikora are not really interesting characters as far as i realize. Ikora was interesting in her fear of death but now he full out and full off shit lock. Boring.

    I like the new itemization, but only prometheus lens is worthwhile from min max standpoint. The "explosion on hit" perk need to be removed or nerfed heavily, because, as for now, weapons with that perk reign supreme.
  • Is it worth to jump back in?

    You dont level alone - FF14 systems are designed in the way to revisit previous content, either via leveling new jobs or using duty finder. 

    I started month before Stormblood and vanilla was fully packed with players all over the place. As a dps i waited max 20 min, but that was for Trial. 

    Point is - if you enjoy the story, the art style, the final fantasy feel then there is simply no better mmo to pick up. And Square Enix delivers polished content as is also not in abusive relationship with playerbase. 
  • The Cost Of Producing A Video Game

    But you know that publisher also pump moneys into product right? Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more than any indie could ever dream to afford.