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  • Crowfall - The Lessons of Shadowbane, Murder of Crows with J. Todd Coleman - MMORPG.com

    hype dropping on crowfall?

    and yes drop some shadowbane words on UO words on the website and get some attention

  • Will Crowfall have the same faith as wildstar?

    i have the feeling this game will die very quickly

    moba gameplay
    +7000 dollars ingame pixels
    limited diversity gameplay

    as i see it.. not much new shit in this game... 5/6 classes with each 6/7 skills? very simplistic combat.. no presitent world. seems to me they spended more time on the cashshop then adding stuff to their game.

    so can anyone tell me why i should play this game? or what are your idea's about this one?

  • So you think you have experienced pvp and claim to be pvp'er but never actually tried darkfall?

    This topic / thread is open for debat for anyone who thinks they experienced it all ( pvp wise ) and having a hard time to enjoy a pvp game.

    Before reading my post you need to be absolute 200% certain, you wanne leave behind all others, because if you played darkfall every other pvp mmo is bacisly VERY boring ( so be aware )

    - forget about visuals and get used to the dark theme open world in darkfall.. after playing couple of days, you will notice the underground feeling of this mmorpg.
    - free aim, yes there are some aoe spells.. but everything in this game you need to aim manually
    - friendly fire, even people in your own clan take dmg
    - server side projectiles calculations
    - 500v500 battles.. pretty easy handled by server 
    - city building( static locations tho.. but this might change with housing only)
    - open world, not 1 instance in this game
    - shipbuilding
    - housing in open world 
    - naval warfare
    - player made clans/politics/alliance you name it everything is controlled by the players
    - player controlled economics..( no central hub/ no auction house), you do have your own local vendor if you own  a house
    - full loot ofcourse

    This is not a commercial/marketing post. This is  a reach out to people who are fcking tired of all the same genertic pvp mmo's out here. 

    Darkfall aint a game for everyone thats 100% certain, but then again neither are all other games on the market.

    What kinda mindset players do play this game you ask? since its very nichy? good question!!

    - players who like a game that is focussed on pvp ( obvious ofcourse )
    - players who are willing to improve themselves regarding skills( if you play csgo for example.. you will get better after more practise, this counts for darkfall aswell)
    - players who rage? yes but also that do not give up easily
    - players who enjoy playing in group/clan ( multy options availible, since some poeple enjoy playing it solo )
    - a feeling of accomplishment.. yes this is correct place
    - some play this game as a crafter/trader/pirate; tbh its a viable option.. but i dont have experience with it myself

    Little personal information about myself:

    I am a very heavy pvp player, i can enjoy pve games too in mmorpg but after max level in a normal mmo.. im done with it.(story follower basicly)

    Games like csgo,battlerite sometimes planetside 2  i also play..( still doing bdo because of the story and visuals, this game is not for me regarding pvp FYI)

    Tried alot of pvp mmorpg during the downtime of server of darkfall. Games like eso/gw2/blade and soul.. even swapped to other countries to play there..it simply didnt work out..

    Now regarding the internet rep that darkfall has over the internet.. ahh yes ofcourse the statement GANKFEST is very common, because of the ffa pvp.. well all i can say its a pvp game afterall..there are many friendly players that actually raize you when they kill you, but there are also people who will finish you off for the loot..( these are simple facts you need to accept) but every mmo has this.

    The game is currently on sales and its pretty cheap.....

    I am willing to answer any questions you may have..

    Darkfall was already a "complete game"  in 2012. Currently BPG is giving it very much love to make the game more enjoyable and removing it flaws.

    My name is David Copperfield, if you toss me a coin ill do a magic trick!?

    Cu in agon!!

    p.s. if i forgot something...(it might be possible) feel free to add comments.

    edit: i forgot something.. if you made the decision to try out.. feel free to msg me either here or on the forums roa.