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  • Level Scaling Borefest...

    Again Loke, that's why I said the scaling upwards is fine.  Its scaling every thing to perfectly tailor it to the player that I have an issue with.

    Witcher 3 got it right: scale content up, don't scale content down.
  • Layoffs Confirmed, Sustainable Development Now Stable - Chronicles of Elyria - MMORPG.com

    Sorry.  If it wasn’t layoffs I’d laugh it up.  
    Yeah, I hear that. It's not funny
    Well yes, but like startups, indie game companies are statistically more likely to fail than succeed. Anyone going into one of these endeavors should know that and have a fallback plan, otherwise they're a fool. The employee bears the majority of the responsibility and shouldn't take this kind of job if they're not willing to take that kind of risk. It's OK to feel bad for the loss of a job, but I wouldn't feel too bad in cases like this.

    Save your empathy for people who lose jobs because they're seen as too old, discriminated against because of race/gender/orientation, or due to the fuck up of a careless CEO in a large corporation.
    I am inclined to agree with post here.

    Maybe some of those folks were in a tight spot and needed income far more than allowed them to be selective about the level of security, but it doesn't change the fact that these were very risky endeavors and the employees had to know, in the back of their minds, that there was a good chance the funding could necessitate their being laid off.  Specifically in a project that started out so ignorantly ambitious and got slapped in the face hard by reality almost immediately.

    Again, these layoffs are on Caspian, or he was lying about investor interest.  If he had the option to take investor money and keep the development going full steam ahead, then he consciously chose the layoffs.

    Now, if the entire project folds, it will be a very effective example of why folks need to stop looking at the industry in monochrome and start seeing the shades streaking throughout.  Publishers can abuse their positions to the detriment of the game, but they aren't all the same and they can and do, many times, serve a far greater positive purpose on the project than a negative one.
  • Why do people hate isometric?

    Because here in 'Murica, we don't fool with no fancy schmancy metric system.
  • Get a Good Look at the Assassin's Powers and Effects - Crowfall Videos - MMORPG.com

    time007 said:
    The real question is: Is stealth limited duration or untimed?
    I hear it's untimed and they'll be including a skill called vanish that will allow you to stealth in combat.  So unique!

  • The Way Forward...

    Maybe the Ivory Tower can discuss the ideas on tonight's Twitch Stream with Dleatherus.  It will be interesting to see if they take the chance to look at things realistically or if it's going to be a repeat of the last interview where anything Caspien said was met with "Great point!"

    Sigh... The Ivory Tower literally described this as a "win/win"... and said "we don't know why they let the employees go, maybe they were late a few times".  

    Compared "Naysayers" of CoE to Jeff Bezos getting turned down by Warren Buffet for investment.  And that Caspien shares many of the same traits as Bezos.

    Even I am totally stunned by their ability to ignore reality. 
    These crowdfunded projects, intentionally or not, rely heavily on the sunk cost fallacy.