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    So I think I've struck gold (at least lowbie PvP wise) with Markmanship on my rogue; emphasizing crit chance and I went 16 and 1 with 2nd damage at level 13. :D
  • Prime Server Launches - Time to Go Back to the Future - Rift - MMORPG.com

    Torval said:
    I tried to run another dungeon last night and it didn't go well again. I've either been getting groups that are woefully unfunctional or the tuning is way out of whack still. I think if we had been a practiced group there would have been no problems, but the tank was still getting 2k cleaves. I'm thinking of waiting until after 40 to run dungeons. I'd be willing to try heals for a premade or guild group but not randoms. Mage dungeon DPS specs are a little messy up through the mid thirties.

    My issue with a dps build is I have a good one only it relies on Dominator and Raging Storm which has a push back. This made the tank nervous because they were afraid I was going to knock mobs back off the ledge so they fell down and aggro'd the entire bottom floor. So I have to figure out how to replace my push and not lose numbers. Without that I struggled to make 250 on the parse. Harb was better but still not good enough. It's really not a great dungeon spec until later.

    My mage is level 26 now. I've just left Stonefield and headed into Scarlet Gorge. I took a short side tour into Iron Pine Peaks (IPP). That also has level 27 content available.

    I could probably easily eat up all the quests I have available, but I've been stacking and saving them for now. I do tons of carnage quests and go back and hit dailies. There are a couple dailies in Stonefield that only take a few minutes.
    I haven't been measuring my DPS like that.  I wonder how my Warlock spec is doing DPS wise.  It seems fairly adequate soloing, what with a Contaminate buffing my DoTs by 30% and my pet's deathly calling buffing my nukes.  However, it struggles with large amounts of weaker mobs as the DoTs don't get their full effectiveness before the mob dies.
  • Prime Server Launches - Time to Go Back to the Future - Rift - MMORPG.com

    So im having a lot of fun.  The game world is so full of people I feel like it's a proper mmo again.  I even got the $30 pack for my wife to try the game out for the first time. 

    She had a question for me I could not really answer.  I was hoping someone here could.  Now that she has a sub and prime access.  Is there anything content wise she has to purchase if she wants to try the regular live server?  I know you have to purchase the extra class and souls.  I'm talking about Storm legion and expansions?  Thanks in Advance.
    Dunno the answer to that one Mel, sorry. :(

    Just got my 90% speed favor mount.  Mechanical horse riding!
  • Beheading Lets You Take a Skull Trophy from Your Fallen Enemy (Eww...) - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    Sephiroso said:
    Torval said:

    Torval said:

    I think it's tasteless too as I do for UO or D2. At least in LotRO you're the epitome of evil and they're barter currency, not trophies.

    I don't mind violence in video games, but there is a line for me where glorifying brutal actions like this goes too far. Is the point to be as violent and horrible as possible, or is it to have a game of competition on the battlefield. This is actually the senseless violence that video games, movies, tv, and media accept that I think contributes to desensitizing people, draining our ability to empathize.

    I'm sorry man I just don't get the outrage. Its simply a looted item off a player character. Big whoop. I'd say a game feature like GTA where you get health back via a hooker then can murder her and get your money back goes way father over the line than this.
    I'm not outraged. Why are you framing this as a rage issue? It's just an opinion and I've even said it's not that big of a deal. It's more about the environment we're cultivating in online gaming, especially at the competitive end.

    It's possible that how we treat each other virtually influences how treat each other in reality. If it were just a looted item then why not just have it be a looted item, like cash? 

    I've already addressed the issue of "the greater evil". Some other game exhibiting vulgar behavior doesn't make it less so here. I specifically referenced GTA as a game I think often crosses the line. I don't play it, although I admire how Rockstar has operated as a game service and how consistently that game is in the top revenue earners across platforms.

    It's not vulgar simply because it's graphically violent, but what it represents socially and psychologically specifically in the context of a competitive "esport" type of game. It's a concern not because I think people will run out and decapitate others. It's a concern because of the environment that engenders.
    Except how we treat each other virtually does not influence how we treat each other in reality. I think you forget but games are mainly an escape from reality. We play them to do the things we cannot or would not do irl. Just because i'm a maniacal killer collecting the skulls of my enemies in a game doesn't mean i'm a raging psycopath irl who collects the skulls of my victims.

    A game is a way to escape. You might as well say the books a person reads influences them irl. It doesn't, its a form of entertainment. Just because someone reads Mein Kamf doesn't mean they're gonna be the next Hitler or even want to be.
    I don't think Torval is trying to convince everyone to avoid the game because of the mechanic.  He's simply stating he doesn't like the message it sends.  He's not starting a campaign or anything.

    I get where he's coming from.  It wouldn't stop me personally from playing the game if it were great, but it isn't really a draw for me, either.  At least, not in this form (but I admittedly don't know that much about it).  In Vermintide 2, where I'm cutting through literal waves of rats and chaos spawn?  It's a big draw because it helps realize the grim situation we're in and gives me the feeling of being a powerful hand-to-hand combatant.
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    Rhygarth said:
    Rhygarth said:
    Grintch said:

    Rhygarth said:

    Even Anarchy online looks better than this and it's 18 years old

    And yet, even now in this day and age of 4k monitors, pixelated games are thriving. Who would have thought? I think it proves that If a game is fun, it seems graphics don't matter to many people.

    What can i tell you people love nostalgia, It dose not make these games any good tho

    Tired old argument about nostalgia aside, the only con you listed for the game was graphics.  Graphics alone don't make a game good.  It makes a CGI movie.
    Ok Ok gfx aside the game looks clunky and omg the combat is way to boring, if you enjoy it then fair play, I did try this game some time back and i was bored of the combat after 5 mins, now you can tell me that there is this massive world to explore and stuff to find....Yarn
    Thanks for expounding.  The game is using a tried and true tab target system, which isn't really headline grabbing, I agree.  However, the appeal of this game truly comes from how unique some of the gameplay systems (such as the animal curses) are.

    Again, having been made by a couple, it's the definition of a passion project.  It's an incredible achievement for a team of two, and it's the kind of innovative spirit that the western MMORPG genre is sorely lacking.  That alone makes it worth it, not because of some philosophical idea of changing the genre, but because it's an experience I can't get somewhere else.