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  • 7.3.5 Arrives Tomorrow with ZoneScaling, Silithus Quests & More But No Allied Races - World of Warcr

    If AoE specs are unusually powerful within the level scaling content, we can expect to see a lot more AoE leveling builds.  Path of least resistance.

    I'm interested in this patch, though I'm not a fan of level scaling.  Scaling upwards, great, but downwards seems more detrimental than beneficial.
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    laserit said:
    laserit said:
    DAS1337 said:
    Typical for most people, I mean blind followers of the game, to bash this article.  Completely missing the point that they made.  Not because there wasn't a point, but because, how dare someone make perfectly valid points that reflect negatively on your religion that is Star Citizen.

    I remember logging in, well over a year ago.  Barely anything to actually do in the game.  After a few days, I uninstalled due to frame rate issues.  Fast forward to now.  I've kept up with the game.  I've seen the additions that they have made, and what do I hear?  Still frame rate issues. 

    That is the point.  Despite the content added and promise shown for the future, the game is still not fun.  You can't enjoy, even what little that is there, because the netcode, or whatever it is that ails them is so poor, that people can't even play at 30fps. 

    For PC gamers, 60fps is a minimum for a lot of people.  I LOVE the idea of Star Citizen.  But I won't spend a dime and I won't play the game until I know that I can actually play it without having a seizure.  I'm not sure how new most people here are to alphas and betas, but I have quite a bit of experience with them.  And very, very rarely does a game have these performance issues for this long. 

    I think it's perfectly reasonable, at this point, after this much time, to be a bit disappointed with their performance issues.  And as the author stated.  We're not talking about handling thousands of clients.  We're talking about 50 or less.  This game will NEVER make it as long as it can't fix that problem. 

    If it does?  I'll be jumping in with the rest of you.
    What are your computer specs?

    What is the guys computer specs that wrote the article? I could very well be blind but I couldn't find them.

    I have a very high end system and my frame rates look and feel quite good. I don't know how or if you can actually see them in game and I won't run a secondary program to find out.

    I mentioned earlier that I'm heavy into flightsims and when they're loaded with candy they can bring any system to its knees.
    That's honestly another red flag for the game, though.  As much as some fans would have you believe it, you won't get a mass upgrading of consumer systems just to play this game.

    No optimization would be a death knell of it's own for a game this ambitious.
    True, but there are also a hell of a lot of people with high end systems who are dying to have a game that actually makes their systems break a sweat.

    My systems are built around flight sims. My gaming rig gets the hand me downs ;)

    I get ya, but they have to either optimize it well enough to cater to at least mid-range rigs, or provide enough video options to allow the player to customize their experience to a level their rigs can handle.

    It's too early, really, to tell either way (I'm more worried about them getting all the planned features/mechanics in-game at this point, frankly), but it's still something to be watched.  Great games can be ruined by poor optimization.  WoW wouldn't have enjoyed the success it did if gamers new to PC gaming had to drop over a grand just on the rig to run it.
  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Best Overall MMO -

    Torval said:
    A borderline title to what? If there is a border then define it. You can't make an objective argument about it. Your definition isn't fact based, it's your opinion. Others don't share your opinion, some do, but that doesn't make you right. That is all any of you bring to the argument, your opinions. You have yet to post anything fact based. Why is getting a fact based argument so hard in this climate.
    Then go ahead and let us know why Original Sin 2 wasn't included on this list.  Objectively or subjectively.
  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Best Overall MMO -

    Iselin said:
    Torval said:

    Grimtuth said:

    Grimtuth said:

    I voted for Warframe, despite wanting to vote for ESO or GW2. I think Digital Extremes has had an amazing year with Warframe, and the open world direction they're going with the game is bound to make it an even better 2018.

    Really Bill? As managing editor of you vote for a non-mmorpg that is on a list for best MMORPG of 2017.

    Sheesh... I think your vote typifies the sad state of the genre at present.

    I, sadly, cannot vote for any simply because I don't play any of them anymore.

    This is for best MMO. Warframe is an MMO. :) 

    My apologies for the insertion of rpg in my previous post. I am very curious as to how a 4 person co-op game is a mmo. By this standard, wouldn't call of duty, overwatch, and virtually any fps and arpg be mmo's?

    Warframe is universe of planets where thousands of players gather, chat, play together (in instances) and in larger zones, and when they log off the worlds, characters, and everything persist. Literally the only thing it's missing is a unified world where more players can interact at once and Eidolon took a step in that direction. And it's the direction they plan on going for the future. If anything, Warframe is more MMO now than ever before.

    What I think stops CoD and Overwatch from being "MMO" in my eyes is that they don't have a real persistent state of being as a world. But yet, they do persist in the form of character progression and always being on. You have to face it, the term MMO is broader than we can ever prescribe. MMORPG, I am fine with being a bit more confined in its definition. But MMO can mean so very very much more.

    I may still do a best MMORPG player's choice, where some more candidates are included, and others excluded.
    Not sure why the MMO is needed to describe mere multiplayer gaming.

    It's confusing, it's arbitrary, and it's inconsistent.  All terrible traits for something that's supposed to describe something else.

    Just call the list the best multiplayer RPGs, then do the list with the MMOs that are, well, actually MMOs.

    Either that, or I look forward to your explaining how Divinity: Original Sin 2 didn't make this list.
    I do feel bad for some of you who are so easily confounded by these things. Is it difficult finding the right games to play?

    Although I noticed for someone who is confused you seem to clearly be able to differentiate between various ways that MMO works for each of these games (like how WoW and EVE aren't the same kind of MMO at all).

    So is it really that confusing? It doesn't seem so to me, especially with how clearly you explained it with the traits, and so succinctly too.
    Please, do give me the objective definition being applied in this list that doesn't create more issues than it solves as a genre descriptor.

    Don't worry; I'll wait.
    I seem to recall a thread not all the long ago that made an attempt to define the genre descriptor. I noticed a conspicuous refusal by the genre benders to play along. So good luck with getting a straight answer.

    As best as I can make out, this site changes what they include in their MMO classifications on an almost daily basis and if there ever was an editorial with a comprehensive list of what their criteria is, I missed it.

    I think keeping it vague is deliberate.
    Well, if you attempt to pick out specific features that these games have in common, you find it doesn't differentiate them from other games you're trying to exclude.  So yea, specifics render the idea ludicrous; staying vague is probably best for the idea.
  • ESO MMORPG of the Year at MassivelyOP

    Iselin said:
    k61977 said:

    JudgeUK said:

    - The UI for pc keyboard/mouse players has been influenced by controller limitations, to it's significant detriment.
    I don't use addons for that, I just remapped the functions to be comfortable with a keyboard/mouse combo. For instance, dodge roll is no longer double tap but middle mouse button for me.

    I do not use addons either.  I just use a programmable mouse with 15 buttons.  Can pretty much play the game with almost one hand.  Also don't think it was limited by controller, it was always planned to be a bare min UI as the whole series has.
    That's correct. ESO is just part of the new breed of action MMOs that avoid ability bloat and hot-bar clutter. In that respect it's designed not unlike GW2 which obviously never had console designs.

    Dismissing what is essentially a decision to get you focused more on the action than on cool downs and 40 abilities, gets ignorantly dismissed as console controller limitation.

    There are a lot of games these days that force you to select a few things from a larger menu of available abilities that you know and could use. It also serves to adds a layer of character building not unlike what the really old D&D inspired RPGs used to do.

    Even Divinity Original Sin 2, a PC-only turn based CRPG, uses a similar system where you know many more spells or abilities than what your "memory" attribute allows you to slot at once. Making decisions about what to slot is part of the fun.
    To be fair, it's incredibly easy, with grenades and scrolls and pots as well as the Mnemonic trait and pumping memory, to get a completely full hotbar in OS2.  All of my character's have the majority of their hotbars full.

    Having recently jumped into Legion, I can confidently say that having more skills does not mean combat is less exciting, as WoW still uses well more than 6 active skills at a time per build and it shows in PvP.  It adds a layer of complexity having long cooldown shields, stuns, mobility skills, etc. in addition to the 5 skill main rotation.

    ESO built itself around weapon-swapping two smaller bars.  It works for some, but I felt restricted.