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  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    dadazar said:
    @Rhoklaw That have been a discusion on the CoE forums quite some while ago. And yes, it appeals like a P2W first. But actualy it is no product you buy, but a thank you for giving the support to the game, meaning a king may "start" as such to build the "initial" story of the world. It will be no usual competition-to-the-top-game, but a game to play a story. Be it a story of a king or a story of a peasant. Former one will have far more troubles and responsibilities than the latter. It´s about stories, less about winning!
    So you're telling me someone spent $10,000 to be a temporary king all for the story aspect? mmmkay.
  • When developers say the game is in BETA, but still have a working subscription / cash shop?

    People are having some issues with the game and have asked for reparations for time / money lost due to server instability and game breaking mechanics. This was one of the developers responses to that line of questions on their official Discord.

  • Pre-Alpha Starts Today!

    Sovrath said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    LeFantome said:
    Raxeon said:
    what an absurd price to get into pre alpha

    and they used to pay people to test their game.  How stupid customers can be............
    I don't view this tier as "customers" but rather small time investors. More like game enthusiasts who are tired of the same crap MMOs put out by AAA companies, year after year after year. I guess people who keep buying rehashed content with a different label aren't stupid?
    I just don't understand why this isn't clear.

    Someone gives 1000+ dollars to help develop the game why wouldn't they be given access to pre-Alpha/Alpah?

    because we all used to get pre-alpha access for free before crowdfunding, don't you remember those good ol' times mate? ;)
    What I remember was...

    1 - Developers paid people to test their games
    2 - Developers paid for alpha testers and gave access to public for beta testing ( not paid )
    3 - Developers paid for alpha testers and sold beta access to the public ( developers get paid )
    4 - Developers paid staff for testing and sold pre alpha, alpha and beta access to public in tiered packages ( developers get paid )

    The reason for the change? More independent developers trying to steer clear of AAA suits. Hoping to make a game the way they want. This is EXACTLY what George Lucas went through when making the Star Wars movies. Instead of dealing with AAA game publishers, he dealt with AAA movie companies and producers. When no one would support his movie idea, he was actually relieved albeit financially unable to produce his movie till he found someone willing to support his endeavor.

    Crowdfunded games are on a razor blade. Instead of having to deal with AAA suits, they must deal with angry customers and public reviews. They also don't have access to tons of capital to move development along at a steady pace. Developments are usually much slower, hence SC still sitting in alpha after 5 years. Thankfully, Pantheon is going a much simpler traditional old school high fantasy MMO approach, trying to appeal to a specific target of the player community that are looking for exactly that kind of MMO.

    It's THOSE players who are supporting the game, paying $1000 or more. It is THOSE players who WANT the game to succeed. This has nothing to do with acquiring early access. That is just a perk from the company as a reward and a way to say thank you. It is now THOSE player's responsibility to make use of said access to help said developers to test the game so that it can move forward in development a little faster.

    Pre alpha in Pantheon is NOT, I repeat is NOT early access. These are not Founder's packages. These are small time game enthusiasts who merely want to help support a game that THEY want to succeed.
  • 100k+ signatures to remove SW license from EA! Will you support it?

    Do you like the Star Wars franchise?
    Do you dislike Electronic Arts?
    Do you believe Yoda guards you while you sleep?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, than surely you would have no problem signing the petition at the link below.

    Free Star Wars
  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...

    This is probably the saddest thing I've ever seen. A fundraiser to help gamers afford games?