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  • Player Imitates South Park by Leveling to 60 Killing Only Boars in Elwynn Forest - World of Warcraft

    I will only give him credit as long as he did it in a marathon setting with the help of his mother bringing him food and toiletries at key moments.
  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    Pay to win, Pay to advance, blah blah blah. If a game isn't Pay to play only, it's generally pay to win or something very similar. The only games that aren't Pay to win are usually PvE focused games which have zero competitive atmosphere. So, the question is, does SoTA have a competitive atmosphere? Does it have PvP? If so, than anything that gives one player an advantage over another via the cash shop, IS PAY TO WIN.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Rhoklaw said:
    Question, if you don't like the game at all, cant stand the developer. Why are you not only reserving discussion threads for said game but also hanging out in discord with them? Seems a little stalkerish or troll. Not trying to be rude but on every thread about CoE you are there non stop, if you don't like the game that much why are you putting in so much time for it? Is there some personal beef you have with the dev team or something?

    Just seems theres got to be more to the story.
    Think of it this way. You have a game developer making a game. Not everything that developer says seems truthful or possibly misleading. For instance, I have no stake in Star Citizen whatsoever. I never bought into the hype. I honestly believe Chris Roberts is hiding a lot from his fans. I'm not claiming him of being a criminal, but I do believe he's hiding something. Specifically, I believe his financials are not being managed properly.

    Anyhow, while I'm not as dedicated to the cause as Slapshot is with CoE, I do understand his purpose. He is trying to steer fans, potential customers and anyone associated with CoE down a clear and narrow path.

    Most if not all of what he states is either opinion or fact. One thing I've learned over the years is to take what a developer says with a grain of salt. Making an MMO, especially as an indie developer is a huge investment and financial risk. That kind of edgy lifestyle CAN and HAS caused developers to be anything but honest in order to save their game, and ultimately their livelihood, from failing.

    However, this does not make it okay to lie to people because you are not able to fulfill your promises. This includes misleading or false advertisement, specifically bait and switch tactics or using vague descriptions or cryptic answers. Doing stuff like that is a sure tell sign that you no longer believe in your product.
    The tactics you mention such as a false advertisement, bait and switch, vague descriptions or cryptic answers are things that -I feel- SBS is not guilty of.  Instead, I perceive it as a new development team experiencing growing pains, making changes to find better solutions and trying to be as transparent with their community as possible during the process. And trust me I am a very skeptical person when it comes to my pocketbook and the internet.

    I am not sure how much you follow the development process of CoE, but if your assessments are based solely on what has been said in these forums then you haven't been getting the full picture. Perhaps now that there are individuals involved that can express a different perspective it might alter your perspective as well, or not. Either way, more information is never a bad thing. :)

    I also want to thank you for your mature approach to a debate, it is refreshing to see. 
    Actually, I'm a huge fan of CoE, even made my account on the forums about a year ago, maybe longer, can't remember. I was a decent supporter because I loved the vision of the game and the concepts Caspian had in mind. I also put more faith in him than most because he put a large chunk of his own financials behind the development. In response to that, I feel that Caspian has made some design choices that do not reflect the same passion he had in this game originally. This mostly stems from the cash shop and what the packages involve.

    If this was a PvE game, I wouldn't see any problem with the cash shop. However, this is most certainly a PvP game in the sense that power = dominance. Allowing people to purchase kingdom ownerships puts people with real money in a clear position of advantage. I for one do NOT enjoy seeing any style of PvP being corrupted with clear advantages such as increased financial, resource or skill / stats. Owning an entire Kingdom because you threw down $10,000 or whatever it is may seem like just a way to support a game you love, but what truly happens when you own your own Kingdom? What does it give you access to that say, some guy who just spends $50-100?

    This slippery slope with PvP and cash shop / founders packages is what can kill a game before it even launches. I also understand it would only take a few suicidal maniacs to coup de grace this false king, or can they? What sort of defenses, what sort of incentives come with owning your own kingdom? Sure these store bought kings must have something to keep them from dying on day one. The reason I know this is because I'm willing to bet, if any of these people die within the first month, probably even the first year, you will get a huge surge of angry posts about the game being a complete disaster. Putting $10,000 players in positions of power in a PvP game is just begging for a bad outcome no matter what happens. Either you give those people too much power, to where everyone else screams P2W or you give them no advantages whatsoever where I find anyone who didn't know this would be an idiot for spending $10,000 only to see it lost in the first month to "fair" gameplay.
  • MMO Early Access Review - Nose to the Grindstone - Life is Feudal Review - MMORPG.com

    Don't forget the 500 Chinese member guild that obviously ISN'T supplying the gold selling website with it's resources. It's definitely someone else, lol.
  • "Unchain" this game from being PVP only

    Why would Mark Jacobs make a game similar to the only PvP game ever worth playing ( DAoC )? That would be like Blizzard designing a new and updated version of WoW and no one wants that.