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  • Korean Artist Kim Jung Gi Creates Amazing Battle for Azeroth Mural - World of Warcraft Videos - MMOR

    I wish I could draw like that .... very impressive.
  • WoW Players Consider Amassing Gold on Rumors of Call of Duty Coming to BattleNet - World of Warcraft

    Albatroes said:
    IceAge said:
    Albatroes said:
    azurrei said:
    SBFord said:
    I've prb

    Ozmodan said:

    Amazingly stupid, go get a job instead of spending too many hours farming gold, you can pay for your game in a very short time.  

    As @SBFord said making gold is a piece of cake in Legion. I've probably spent over 4 mil gold during Legion and I've got over 2.2mil atm and that's when you have in mind that I've practically been inactive during Legion because for me this expansion was a genuine fail.
    Btw I'm not saying that people should use tokens to buy the game. I find the gold more valuable than the few $ I would save, so I prefer using money to buy the game and use my WoW gold for WoW :)

    @SBFord I wish EU token prices were the same as US...
    No kidding @Xingbairong -- I play in the EU too and they're 2x the price of US tokens. Still, I buy my sub with $ rather than tokens because, like you, I love what I can get with gold. :D
    weird, I'm glad tokens exist because I don't find enough interesting things in the game to spend gold on...lol.
    Funny you mention that since it seems there's a theory going around that Blizzard is going to try and implement more high priced mounts/potentially pets to help with the gold sinking but honestly I never cared that much for vanity. I mean I dumped 500k around for the lightforged mech just to through it into my favorites for mount roulette lol. I mean Diablo 2 remaster will be nice to buy with balance but honestly there's not much I want to buy from blizzard as is so I guess I dont care either way in this regard. But SE, there's a lot I'd love to get (even resub to XI on multiple accounts again) if they implemented something similar. It seems to be working out well for blizzard and SE loves to hang on their coat-tails so to speak.
    You are like the second person in the last hour saying something about "Diablo 2 Remastered" . You made me look if I missed some super top News today.

    Sadly, no :)
    Lol I wish there was. We'll likely see WC3 remaster before D2 remaster, especially with this WC esque thing they are trying to add to WoW in BfA.
    I would LOVE to see a Warcraft 3 remaster.  Warcraft 3 is my favorite RTS of all time.
  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    Rhygarth said:
    Grintch said:

    Rhygarth said:

    Even Anarchy online looks better than this and it's 18 years old

    And yet, even now in this day and age of 4k monitors, pixelated games are thriving. Who would have thought? I think it proves that If a game is fun, it seems graphics don't matter to many people.

    What can i tell you people love nostalgia, It dose not make these games any good tho

    If a game was a good game when it was released, it's still good game today.  It's not as though "The Legend of Zelda" for the NES became a bad game over last 30 years any more than the Marx Brothers films became bad movies over the last 70 years, or the Mona Lisa is now a shitty painting.  Chess is a pretty old game but I heard a few people still play it occasionally.  Anarchy Online is not a bad game just because it was released 18 years ago.

    A good game is a good game regardless of when it was made.  I do understand that people's standards and expectations are often relative to what they are accustomed to based on their experiences and computer technology has made huge advancements in capability since the humble beginnings of electronic gaming.  But does this technological evolution mean that games are now "better" than they used to be?  No, it doesn't.  There are plenty of modern shit games out there that look quite pretty and the ones that are good are most often valued for how fun the game is to play, with graphics only being a part of the experience.  But the game can look good, sound good, and still play like shit.

    Whether or not a game is satisfying depends on what you're looking for a in a game, and that partially depends on what you've been exposed to up to this point.  However, when you look at what happened with the NES Classic recently, a reasonable person has to admit that there's more than nostalgia behind this market interest in gameplay first, graphic fidelity second.  Sure, nostalgia is part of it, but what are people getting nostalgic about?  They're not looking back and saying to themselves "Remember those terrible games we played when we were kids?  Sure wish I could play that trash again!".  The games they played were good games, are still good games, even though they're no longer state-of-the-art.

    So, it is possible for a modern game to be a good game even if it doesn't have state-of-the-art graphics, because state-of-the-art graphics are not needed for a game to be fun to play.  It's a shame that some people can't look past the graphics, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game; it's just not made for your tastes.

  • Project Gorgon has launched on Steam for $40 ($30 on sale)

    Tokken said:
    Just not quality enough for the price.   If I wanted EQ graphics / mechanics, I would go back to EQ. lol
    I don't understand the position that this game isn't worth $40 when people regularly pay far more for "AAA" games with a fraction of the depth and play time that this game has.
  • Battle for Azeroth Live Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    So, pretty happy with what was discussed regarding Mission Tables in this Q&A.  The fact that Ion recognizes that having game content gated behind Mission Tables wasn't a good idea is very reassuring to me.  If they remove that aspect from them then they may become truly optional, and if they're optional they become a boon for the people who enjoy them and for the people who don't (like me) we can more or less ignore them; that's what I'm hoping to see in Battle for Azeroth. 

    Mission Tables are fine as long as I can pretend they don't exist without it interfering in what I want to accomplish in other areas of the game.