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  • Ridiculous In Game Housing System

    People have been beating the shit out of this game for years, but in spite of that I hope the folks who invested in it are enjoying themselves. 

    Whatever "sins" this game has committed monetization-wise, Richard Garriott is one of the founding fathers of computer RPGs.  Maybe he's lost his touch in the modern scene, but the impact he's had on the genre is undeniable.   I think we should remember that without Lord British RPG computer gaming may have never evolved into what it is today.
  • State of the Studio

    Slapshot, I'll save you the trouble of responding to me, my good man, because in spite of our differences I somewhat appreciate your efforts. 

    I haven't read any of your comments in months.  The moment you admitted that you're not responsible for your own actions, that everything you post on this subject is the fault of CoE developers, I blocked you.  I haven't read a single thing you've posted since then.  Not because I don't think you make good points at times; I think you do.  But because I'm not going to waste my time on somebody who doesn't take responsibility for their own actions.  And that's you, dude.  You openly admitted to blaming them for the things you post.  And that was it for me.  I'll never read another thing you write.  So, you may as well not bother responding to me.  I'll never read it.

    Take care, man.

  • State of the Studio

    And the circle jerk continues!

    I'll check in again later to see who gets that participation award OrangeBoy was referrring to.  I think the most-insipid-comment-from-assclown-with-zero-talent is yet to come.  What other amazing insight will the geniuses who probably couldn't separate dog turds from tanbark offer to the current situation? 

    Stay tuned, folks!
  • State of the Studio

    Interitus said:
    As I said, so you say. Frankly, I don't believe anyone in that group would be stupid enough to share the information with you.. *Shrugs* But who knows. 
    When i was more involved in the community I saw that information shared fairly quickly.  I have no reason to doubt his claim.

    I understand the desire to defend something you invested time/money into. But i have to say some of the responses I've read here don't put the CoE community in a good light.  If COE is a success will people remember some of the behaviour here and maybe put off in playing.  We want to leave good impressions.
    If the CoE community is dependent on the mmorpg.com forum for success, then it's completely fucked.  A sizable portion of the posters here are emotionally invested in its failure.  There's no way to leave a "good' impression with them.  The ones I'm referring to are only interested in its complete and utter failure and nothing else with assuage their fragile egos. 

    When you've spent two years pissing on something, you don't want to look down and see a shrine .. you want to see a toilet.  Welcome to mmorpg.com.
  • State of the Studio

    OrangeBoy said:
    OrangeBoy said:
    The attempt to create something new?  THAT is noteworthy.  There's risk involved.  It's hard.  What you guys are doing?  It's as valuable as a fart in the wind.
    Sounds like the ending of that movie, Ratatouille. You know where the critic is talking about blah blah blah.

    Aiming for new frontiers is fine, but if you believe every person to be noteworthy simply because they promise the impossible, then I guess we know what the true circle jerk is.
    How do you know what is and isn't possible in the realm of technology?  Do you not even experience a slight tinge of irony at just how fucking stupid that assertion is?

    Back in 2014, I took a flight on a commercial airline that lasted a few hours.  I flew in the air ... like a bird, somebody in 18 century might have said.  When I landed I checked facebook on my cell phone.  During that journey, I probably did a dozen different things that people in 1776 would have claimed were impossible.

    Something is impossible ... until it isn't. 

    Sure, maybe CoE fails, but maybe it doesn't.  If everyone gave up when somebody said they were going to fail, you wouldn't be able to post your asinine comments on this forum because the internet wouldn't exist.
    I never said so and so was impossible, I said that the mindset where everyone should be praised solely because said person believes he's a pioneer of something without reasonable analytics is something that justifies the "participation award" mindset.

    Btw, I'm glad you flew a plane for the first time, thank you for sharing your experience. I will make sure I defer back to this post whenever I comment about what's feasible in a MMO
    LOL.  You guys are so sad.  You really are.

    Try flipping a coin if you get bored with slagging on CoE.  The outcome of that flip and your ability to predict it will have just as much value as any one of your posts in this thread.