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  • EA should lose the Star Wars license

  • Microtransactions is working

    beebop500 said:
    I have the money to spend on them, so maybe that's easy for me to say, but still. 

    I have the money to spend on them too, but I don't.

    This issue (SWBF2 microtransactions) is not limited to gaming. The larger issue is what kind of society we want to live in and how we (as consumers, citizens, etc.) allow ourselves to be treated. So I see how we spend our money as how we vote on these larger issues.

    We all know that money is power, that corporations lobby governments, sponsor media, etc. etc., so this single purchase is connected to a complex web. If you don't want to think about that when you make a purchase, that's fine and I don't care. Obviously, it's each person's choice and people wind up getting the government and the society they deserve in the end. 

    I'm not preaching to convert anyone, but I do want to explain how I think about spending or not to make clear that it's not just about the money for everyone.
  • Elder Scrolls Online - The Conundrum of Balance - MMORPG.com

    One thing I like about ESO combat is being able to block and dodge. When I switch to another game where I can't block, I feel frustrated by the combat. Another thing I like (when it works) is being able to use or break line of sight. I can no longer play a game where arrows fly around corners, etc. 

    But I pretty much gave up on pvp with the advent of the almighty proc sets (it was Viper at the time). It was just so cheese. All you have to do is have one of those (works for stam classes to "balance" other issues?) and you have an I-win button in a lot of cases. I'm thinking about Selene's for example. 

    Even if proc sets are nerfed, I still feel like pvp is just garbage fotm. I just lost the will to chase the ever-changing meta.
  • How many games do you maintain?

    Po_gg said:

    I admit, I found your list strange, OP. When I log in to any of my games (whether mains or not), I do it for playing, and to have some chat with the friends in there. This laid-out plan, or programme of:
    "ESO - Feed horses, collect mail, open some chests, and if really ambitious crafting dailies
    GW2 - Get daily login gift, do the daily quests, maybe do one story quest"
    sounds more like a chore to me, and not as something fun. But to each their own, as they say. I never really cared about doing dailies...
    (except festival activities, if those are on daily cooldown and as such, count as dailies :smiley: )
    Wow, I didn't realize I was a slave. @Jean-Luc_Picard

    @Po_gg For me it's a diverting break.

    My RL work gives me a lot of freedom. I basically do what I want all day, but it requires creative energy, making my own plans and schedules, etc. So I find it kind of comforting to have a little checklist of things to do when I just want to take a break. I live in huge crowded city, so it's not like I can just go take a walk on the beach, unfortunately. And I don't watch TV.

    So I just log in to games that I have enjoyed and like and may want to go back to. I find it relaxing to take care of those little things that all together take me less than an hour to do before I go back my work and personal projects.

    It's funny and interesting how people can see the same things so differently, though.

  • You ever asked yourself "what's the point?"?

    Yes. We older gamers will probably not have that hot and heavy obsession with a game that we had when we were younger or when we first discovered that one game that started it all. And that's ok. 

    I just don't expect too much. I play any game I want when I feel like it only. I also mix it up more with reading. There are some great books out there to catch up on. Hundreds, even thousands, of years worth. And music. So much good music still to discover. Not to mention other hobbies you could take up. 

    I'm happy with my ESO, Civ, the oldies I still have to play in my Steam library, and I enjoy checking out the new games. Not worried about the f2p stuff any more. It's  not a new thing anymore, so I can pretty much tell which games are going to be cash grab garbage before they even come out, so I don't waste my time or money. 

    I'm happy where my gaming is now.

    Edit: Not to mention all the table top games out there to discover or rediscover.