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  • Let the pre-Alpha cash shop items flow...

    Ungood said:
    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Selling map sections, or even whole zones is nothing new, games have been doing that since 2003, or maybe sooner, so that also is a safe bet. Not like making a map area and a castle is going to be hard in the grand scheme of making an MMO.
    I'm curious, what game in 2003 sold individual players a map section or zone?
    Well the game I was thinking of, and using as reference was Second Life.

    Entropia Universe has also been selling map sections for more than a decade.

  • How much should the Overarching Story Affect Questing?

    It depends on what you want your game to be.

    Playing through an overarching story done by quests is good for solo and permanent groups, but it also locks you to a certain place in the story of the zone.

    Other types of quests and story are less fun on their own, but they can offer greater freedom to adventure and easier time for grouping up to do just a single quest or a couple of quests together.
  • 2018 Production Roadmap 3.1-3.4 (updated 10th March)

    Now that Evocati is released, the current list for patch 3.1 features should be very close to final. Changes to their original plan are:

    One item delayed to 3.2:
     -Network Bind Culling

    One item finished earlier and moved from 3.2 to 3.1:
     -New Feature: Distress call

    One new vehicle variant added:
     -Aopoa Nox: Kue variant

    Three new improvements to existing systems added:
     -Visor and HUD Display improvements
     -Gallenon Tactical Systems GT-Series ship weapon update
     -Amon & Reese Omnisky ship weapon update

    Overall it looks like CIG has been able to stick to the plan well enough: 1 item delayed, but 1 item finished sooner than planned. However having to delay Network Bind Culling may create them trouble later on because it's base tech and needed for a lot of other later additions.

    CIG adding some new improvements to visor and HUD display and updating ship weapons outside of development roadmap isn't very surprising. Those look like smallish improvements that will always get done outside the original plan as updating one part of the game reveals the need to make changes to other parts too.

    New variant of Aopoa Nox coming outside the schedule was more surprising, especially since the vehicles originally scheduled for 3.1 aren't ready yet. Perhaps some of their vehicle makers had to interrupt their original work to wait for some tech updates?
  • Organic Raid at every level.

    The reality is:

    1. World boss harasses low level players for a couple of hours
    2. A group of high level players arrive and harasses low level players so that they'd fuck off from interfering during the fight
    3. If someone doesn't obey the high levels they'll get both killed by AoE and cursed at by high levels

    That's how it's been in every game with world bosses. World bosses are nice content in their own way, but organic raids that accept low levels without raiding experience don't happen.
  • Activision-Blizzard: More Remastered Versions in 2018 - Diablo 2 or Warcraft 3? - MMORPG.com News

    sayuu said:
    I love how everyone overlooks that Blizzard might not be remastering anything at all because it could be Activision just remastering more CoD titles. . .
    Blizzard has been hiring people to work on their classic games.

    Activision could also be remastering something, but we're talking about Blizzard because we know they've been hiring and therefore must definitely be remastering something.