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  • Crowfall - Milestone 5.7 Means the World to Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    Frykka said:
    I have yet to figure out how anyone thought that a game which kickstarted in Q1 of 2015 would be done in 2016... I bought my first package mid 2015 during Hungerdome and never saw any timeline for release before 2018 even as we prepared for the big reveal in 2017. I just don't see where any timeline was laid out by the devs that early. Any game is going to take 3-4 years or more... if you expect any less than that you would seem just plain gullible.
    That 2016 comes from Crowfall Kickstarter.

    Do you think that Crowfall devs are
     a) just plain gullible, or
     b) liars?
  • Turn-based combat in MMORPGs ?

    MadFrenchie said:

    That would be a pretty unfulfilling way to do group content with PUGs.  In real-time combat, I can see prompts for things such as ESO and GW2s interactable (that a word?) powers because you aren't locked into picking your next skill at the same time as the other player.  You don't need the player to tell you they're using it before they do so, because you can react in real-time once you see it has been activated by another player.  No such luck in turn-based.
    In turn-based combat the game may display all choices your teammates have already made for next turn, so that you can adjust your own choices based on that display of their choices.

    I remember when I used to play Wizard 101, we used that to create some really powerful coordinated attacks where rest of the group casts buffs for damage dealers huge attack. The enemies couldn't react because the buffs + attack were all done in a single turn.
  • 2018 Production Roadmap 3.-3.5 (updated July 20th)

    RSI updated their roadmap on Saturday:

    New mission giver: Recca Battaglia
     -They've got total of 2 mission givers incoming, another one is Clovus Darneely

    All of Hurston's moons are already on polishing stage: Ariel, Magda, Ita and Aberdeen. Hurston planet is 55% done.

    Gameplay changes:
     -Added Item Kiosk Shopping Improvements.
     -Ping & Scanning has been split into two. In patch 3.3 we'll get ping & scanning for ships only, and in patch 3.4 we'll get it for FPS gameplay. Also we're already scheduled to get improvements to Ping & Scanning in 3.6

    These are changes compared to that update 3 weeks ago that RSI said was done in error. Its info for upcoming patch 3.3 turned out to be correct, very little changes in three weeks.

    Patch 3.4:
     -Female PCs and ArcCorp are on schedule for 3.4

    Future Patches:
     -Manual repair and Salvage v1 are scheduled for 3.5. Salvage v1 is ability to collect material from ship hulls
     -Guilds are scheduled for 3.6
     -Ship to ship refuel is scheduled for 3.6
     -Land Claiming is and Server Meshing were dropped out of schedule
  • Nvidia announces Turing architecture

    Ridelynn said:
    Quizzical said:
    Ridelynn said:

    This is what this particular announcement and timing is all about.

    AMD stock just advanced greatly versus Intel recently. nVidia doesn’t want to be ignored.
    AMD's recent stock rise has nothing to do with Nvidia and everything to do with Intel's foundry division falling on its face.  
    Nvidia competing at Wall Street has nothing to do with the tech side of things, let alone the fact that Intel/AMD stock price right now is almost entirely about CPUs and nVidia is only a bit player in an extremely niche market in that arena.

    It's entirely about perception, public opinion, and nVidia wanting to square their GPU tech off against traditional CPU marketplaces - like raytracing.

    As far as nVidia not doing a paper launch of GeForce - it's very much true that doing so isn't necessary from a competitive standpoint. AMD still isn't threatening Pascal right now, let alone whatever comes out next. But if nVidia needs a stock bump - you can bet that the first thing that will come out will be a press release for a paper launch, and nV's stock will go up 7-10% on just the news alone.... so there is very much at least one reason that nV ~could~ choose to do a paper launch.

    I mean, otherwise, why else would they have just paper launched this Turing Quadro? They haven't even done anything significant with Volta yet.
    Paper launching Quadro RTX makes more sense because with this launch they're taking current sales more from their competitors. Paper launching next gen GeForce wouldn't make sense because they'd be taking current sales from themselves.

    With that said, I think NVidia will tell us about new GeForce cards soon.
  • Looks like 2019 will be a bit of a race

    I think 2019 will be like a race where everyone trips on something, and later on they compete in who gives the most positive interview on how their stumble counts as great work towards actually finishing next year.