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  • Maguss Set to Hit Open Beta Tomorrow - a Mobile Location-Based Game of Magic - MMORPG.com News

    Ozmodan said:
    Renoaku said:

    Avanah said:

    Another stupid game to cause accidents or worse to unwary people. What are Devs thinking?

    Well the developers are not to blame, I mean I saw a car flip over in front of me because one driver was playing pokemon go and hit a red light...

    Can't blame the developers who make a fun game and someone decides to be stupid like obviously you only play when you are standing still crossing the road you pay attention go across then play.
    I have to disagree because everyone knows people are going to be stupid, you just can't fix that. Because of that the developers are just as responsible as the people being stupid.  Absolving the developers of any culpability is just wrong.

    So lighter and match manufacturers are responsible for arson, power companies are responsible for electrocution, knife manufacturers are responsible for cuts and stabbings (accidental or otherwise), vehicle manufacturers are responsible for accidents, alcohol manufacturers are responsible for all the stupid shit people do when drunk, water companies are responsible for bathtub and swimming pool drownings... do you see just how stupid your reasoning is yet? If not, I can keep going. 

    I'm tired of this bullshit idea that people aren't responsible for their own actions, their own words, their own irresponsibility, their own lack of common sense, and their own ignorance and stupidity. If you purchase and use a product outside of the guidelines established by the manufacturer, the law, and common goddamn sense, any misfortune which occurs as a result of it is on YOU. Period. 

    The concept of depriving people of something because a very small subset of idiots might misuse it is completely abhorrent. 
  • This website has significant power and with great power comes great responsibility. (MMO Related).

    Editorials are generally opinionated and speculative. Also, I'd like to point something out in the example you gave. It reads as such:

    I think that is where Dragon Knight gets screwed the most, they have an amazing skill tree dedicated to tanking in a game that I feel like really doesn’t NEED a tank to succeed. "

    Yet for some reason, you're acting as if it says:

    "That is where Dragon Knight gets screwed the most, they have an amazing skill tree dedicated to tanking in a game that really doesn’t NEED a tank to succeed. "

    Now, if it were written as you seem to believe it is, you'd have a fair point because it comes off as a statement of fact. However, the words I've italicized in the sentence as it was actually written clearly delineate it as a statement of opinion, and in an article very plainly labeled as an opinion piece at that. 

    Or in other words, you're seeing something which simply isn't there, at least in that particular instance. 

  • Monster Hunter World - 'If It Looks Like the Kind of Game with Loot Boxes, They Aren't There' - MMO

    It does have loot boxes. They roar, stomp around, breathe fire, and have to be killed before you can open them!
  • Call of Duty Swatting leads to death of a innocent man in Kansas

    klash2def said:
    Horusra said:
    klash2def said:
    SBFord said:

    I hope that the investigation leads to a conviction of the guy in LA and a thorough investigation of how the hell he was shot in the first place. There seems to be a disconnect between the mother's story and the police version.
    This always happens when the police kill someone. To justify the dead body. They said he was reaching for his waist..I find it hard to believe a confused man who did not own a weapon would be reaching for his waist in that situation. The truth is closer to the man being confused because the police were at his front door. Any of us would be confused. The policeman who shot him (even though he was tricked) didnt ask any questions, he shot the man because he was latino and the story fit the perp in his mind. This happens far too often for me to believe otherwise. That's a whole other bag to unpack.

    I do not believe one second the police version. The mother is telling the truth. Imagine the police show up at your door, would your first reaction be to grab a imaginary gun and open the door reaching for your waist? really? That's the story they came with. smh..
    Police. Are. Trigger. Happy. 

    But still..None of this happens without that idiotic kid

    Too bad body worn cameras have proved you false in most cases.  People should instead follow directions and not do stupid stuff.
    wtf are you talking about? Did you think before writing that, or did something trigger you?

    Do you not see how many people are killed without cause and yes on body camera? You actually think a body camera stops police from killing people? You probably also think the people getting killed are isolated cases even though its thousands a year. 

    Im not even going to unpack what you said, just google it. There are so many cases where police kill innocents especially Black Men and get away with it that its laughable. Its easy to get away with murder when the DA wont even take the case to trial. 

    "Follow Directions" ? "Not do stupid stuff"? HUH? What did this guy do that was stupid and wasnt following directions.. furthermore what did he do that deemed a police officer to open fire on him at his house? I'll wait for this because I know you are gonna try to deflect.

    There are so MANY cases where the police say put your hands up, the man puts his hands up, police still shoot, they always say some bullshit like "i was scared." or "I smelled weed" as if somehow it justifies not following the ROE and shooting an unarmed man. You do realize that even if you don't follow directions, an officer cannot shoot you if you pose no threat. The most they can do is taser. They cannot shoot you with a caliber weapon.

    I already know what your comment is about and what you are eluding to but Im going to leave that for you to deal with on your own. 

    Wrong is wrong period, stop justifying the bullshit and blaming the victims.

    Edit: I really hate when people try to make themselves look smart by saying dumb shit. 
    100% full of absolute shit. Stop race-baiting and spewing ignorant, vile crap. You fit your own last sentence to a 'T'. 

    I honestly hope the next time you need a cop, you can't find one. 
  • Squadron 42: Pre-Alpha WIP Gameplay - Vertical Slice - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    Pre-alpha? I thought it was supposed to be released "soon".

    Well, you have to remember that Chris Roberts resides on a higher plane than the rest of us mere mortals, so to him, 2023 is basically tomorrow. It's not his fault we lack his godlike perception of spacetime. In fact, this lack of awareness is also the reason why everyone thinks the Wing Commander movie was an absolute piece of trash. We simply don't have the ability to perceive it as the absolute masterpiece it truly is. The same holds true with this prerecorded demo, which is far from the obvious mishmash of heavily edited clips it appears to be.

    Have faith in the divine will and vision of Roberts! DEUS VULT!