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  • [Video] Lahn awakening trailer [official]

    BDO has amazing artwork, cool-ass weapons and amazing combat animatoin, but these alone do not a good game make.  I'm sure it's fun to play this character with the awakening weapon, for a few days, but then I'd ultimately realize it's just grinding tons of idiot PVE mobs for no reason as always.

    Only hope I hold for this game is the group content they are promising this year turns out substantial and there becomes some actual point to playing this MMO online.
  • Four Cards to be Nerfed Heavily in Next Month's Update - Hearthstone News

    I don't get the patches nerf. Charge was the whole point of playing him. Without charge, you still run the risk of drawing him and when you do, he's a lousy 1/1 that doesn't do anything. Even if you don't, he's still just a free lousy 1/1 that doesn't do anything.

    Maybe in the pirate warrior meta he was an issue, but nobody is even playing pirate warrior anymore.

    The other nerfs make sense as the cards will still be usuable. Patches won't even really be playable. The explanation is pretty funny too. "give players time to respond to patches". He's a 1/1. You don't need time to respond to that.
  • Over 10 MILLION Folks Watched the OW League's First Week of Games - Overwatch - MMORPG.com

    Love what they did with the team colors, and various improvements in the camera. Makes it much easier to watch and understand what's happening. Still some work to do but it's a very difficult game to cast.

    It's fun having a team in my local city to root for. I really hope it takes off so they eventually have home games (some cities are definitely doing this in the coming years, hope the same proves true for Philly).
  • most-of-the-real-mmo-players-are-gone-from-this-site

    There's a metric shit-ton of people that are interested in "real MMORPGs" (including myself), but there are none to play atm, and there hasn't really been a really decent one for ages.  There's only so long the "real MMORPG players" can complain about how there is nothing to play.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II - Reddit Claims ALL Characters Can be Unlocked in 24-Hours* - MMORPG.com N

    I was looking at getting the game but after looking at the price .. and the fact that had I bought the Deluxe pack I would get advanced features, like do more damage and such ... how is this not Pay to win?
    I think I have just saved myself some money as I will not buy into a game that favours those who can throw more money at it, and then look at buying more DCL packs a few months later ... PASS

    Agreed. As soon as I saw that you unlock epic stuff if you buy the "deluxe" version, I was done. That's a micro-transaction before you even install the game!

    I am still very interested in the game because it's Star Wars and looks beautiful, but until I see a guarantee that there will be no MTs in the game, at least for like a year, I'm passing. Keep in mind they can still sell "expansions" with new maps, and will make plenty of money doing that. They don't need to ruin the game by making it all about who spent more money.

    We have MMOs for that kind of stuff, don't need it in Battlefield.

    One thing I am happy about is the community (at least reddit) collectively said "F U" to this kind of garbage, finally.