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  • SWTOR has no future anymore

    dreamer05 said:
    I just re-subbed a week or two ago. This game is so much fun! There is so much to do, and people everywhere. Not sure where all the hate is coming from.
    You have earned the title "Necromancer" for obvious reasons . . . .

    Seriously though, you can say that about any decent MMORPG that you've only been playing for a week or so. Come back in 2 months and tell us what you think. I know the game was better before they tried to make it easier. In fact, it was too easy from the start, so way to not get it Bioware!
    Well considering previously it could only hold me attention briefly, and now I am excited to get home and play it, it is winning more points than any other MMO right now. I've played it through all of its various stages, and I'm having the most fun right now in its current state. Why that is I haven't cared to track down, but just doing the main class quests and flashpoints for grouping is much better than having to do hundreds of rinse and repeat side quests to stay caught up in levels.
  • I'm having a blast....

    When SWTOR first came out, I hated it. I remember there being severe lag and/or graphics performance issues. I can't remember if it was the game at the time, or if my system just couldn't handle it. I hated how single-tracked it was as far as the quest line. But the idea of the Sith and the classes always kept pulling at me, as I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I've always hated questing, but I've found that you can really keep your level on target by just doing your class quest line along with flashpoints. There is so much to do, and the classes are fun to me. Class stories vary in levels of fun, but overall I'm quite happy with everything they've added over the years. There are always people on, and almost all areas are populated.

    I've seen the negative posts about the game and the hate for the devs, but if you like Star Wars, it's pretty fun. That being said it would be great to see a new Star Wars mmo sometime eventually as well.
  • How long will this game keep to exsist?

    It's really populated right now. I'm really enjoying it.