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  • The Most Wanted MMO of 2018 is.........PANTHEON: RISE OF THE FALLEN! - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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    Only until people watch others play it.  Anyone who thinks this is old school has lost their marbles.  There is nothing user friendly about Pantheon.   You are going to spend lots of time forming a group to play, no 30 minute play, you are going to have to dedicate significant time for play.  That will doom the game for many.
    Actually I think half hour or less dungeon runs where you press a button in town to queue up are a big part of what is wrong with MMORPGs and want to dedicate a significant amount of time to play.

    I hope they have dungeons in Pantheon that takes hours or even days to fully explore.
    Sorry, but that is exactly what is wrong with the game.  LOTS of pickup groups.  Good luck with them.  I don't mind grouping, but constant need to group makes for bad gameplay.  The game will be a ghost town within 6 months of release.
    Isn't there a whole slew of people who want to have more grouping? I'm pretty sure there is.
    This.  I only question the execution.  Im interested, but not hopeful about the way things are going thus far.
    What do you mean? What specifically are referring to with the execution and why is it questionable and how does that detract from your outlook? I'm probably missing something obviously implied, sorry.

    Little to no innovation is the big deal for me.  So far it looks like (visually and gameply wise) EQ
  • Crowfall - ACE Q&A for January: Eyes on Design - Crowfall Videos - MMORPG.com

    farwarden said:
    I was so hyped with this game, but now it seems the idea is far from what they have originally declared... And in 2019 when it will come out it won't be even same as it is today :)
    No, it really hasn't.  In fact it's only built upon the the foundation of what was declared to be the goal during crowdfunding.  Literally nothing has changed except (as previously mentioned) the race/class split which is way better.
  • Legends of Aria - Anyone hyped?

    I've played both this game and Albion Online, and didn't really find much similarity between the two. Albion was completely tile map based and tiered. Gear is tiered, mounts are tiered.

    Legend of Aria is open world similar to UO, without loading zones and no tiles. It didn't feel tiered either, as mobs aren't tiered like Albion (Zone 1 has level 1 mobs, Zone 2 has level 1 and 2 mobs, etc.) Albion has an instance player housing zone, Legend of Aria has open world housing. Albion dungeons are corridorish instanced maps, Aria is not, other players are in the same dungeon you are in.

    Albion is auction house, Aria is player vendors at non-instanced house. Items in Aria are actual items, such as you can drop the item on the ground and there it is. Aria felt much more sand-boxish, also where leveling skills is usage based percentage gain chance, not kill x number of mobs based as in Albion. 

    The tier system part is true, but honestly it's just the same thing organized.  Aria still has definite noob and definite high tier zones, just different labels.

    Aria definitely has zones, albeit fewer.

    Albion has expeditions which are more akin to newer games, but also has open world dungeons with FFA PvP.

    Albion has player-run merchants for crafting and the auction houses are per city, not global.

    When you die in albion in the red and black zones you drop your gear.

    Skills per gear is true though.

    Sounds like you played about 10 minutes of Albion, try again.

    I will say that Aria is more sandboxy but it also has ZERO of the guild PvP systems like territory control, etc that Albion does. 

    So, ultimately Aria is only slightly more sandboxy and has less features/content/systems.
  • Legends of Aria - Anyone hyped?

    Is anyone getting excited for this yet?  Anyone played it in its most recent form?  I guess that beta and Steam early access are coming within the next few months.  I hope Steam access raises peoples' awareness of this game.
    Backed it when it was Shards Online. It never really clicked for me so I pretty much abandoned it early last year. Checked it out once right after they re-branded it as Legends of Aria. Was not impressed.

    Albion Online is a better game, even though they both suffer from some of the same issues.

    Got myself hooked on Wild Terra and I'm having fun. Not sure if it will last though. But NO magic!!! So tired of mages in MMOs.
    Agreed.  Nothing about Legends of Aria piques my interest over what Albion already offers.  In fact Albion is far more polished and has much more well-functioning systems.  

    Aria promises to deliver on some of what you get with Albion in the realm of skill-based progression but honestly nothing else about it sounds new or different or interesting from a gameplay perspective.  

    In fact their whole schtick is player-run servers of an already niche title.  

    My guess?  DoA.
  • "Unchain" this game from being PVP only

    That would be moronic considering they sold the game as a PvP title.

    If they were going to try and make this PvE as well you could look forward to 5 more years of development before a beta is released.