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  • Pay-to-Build and Manage vs Pay-to-Win

    If you have to try this hard to explain how something isn't one thing, it probably is.
  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    For a new guy that has not purchased the game you are very passionate in it's defense.  Nothing wrong with that, just like there's nothing wrong if you CantPlayHockey.  ;)

    My suggestion is that you focus less on calling other posters assholes though.  Just stay on discussing the game and all will be well.
    I haven' actually defended the game itself tho. I simply stand by the fact that its a major douche move to continuously hound upon a game and attack those that want to support it.

    Truth is, if not for you endless need to attack this game and its supporters and thus keeping this topic alive,  It would have been dead before I joined the forums.

    So kudos, its all your fault. Believe this or not, you can keep your opinion to yourself, the world won't end. Try sometime.
    All this energy won't transfer into the game actually being worth a damn.  Should try putting it towards something better
  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:

    Does anyone like a pessimist even if they are right?
    I understand that you want to be positive. And you may not like the pessimism. However, if this is true, and I believe it is, then SBS it is possibly practicing shady business.
    But see, it's not True, until it happens, right now, it's nothing more then a pessimistic outlook, recited endlessly. Even if you agree with their prediction, it makes it no less pessimistic. And if someone is so sure something is going to fail, why not just walk away from it, why hang around and harp upon it endlessly?

    As for any truth, given that half their ramblings and objections revolve around tin foil hat mudslinging about ivory towers, and what have you, its like they are playing their own delusional fantasy game around this games development.

    Now, If you really look at it, it's more a cry for attention, they want to be head, they want this company to listen due to some self imposed feelings of importance and perhaps they were given a head nod for suggesting an idea that I would wager has already been around for a few decades, and suddenly feel they should have the power to shape the game as a whole, and perhaps got blown off when they pushed too hard, hence their "way forward" post they think is going to change the whole game.

    Now, If that is who you want to follow, be my guest, but.. for me. I like games, I enjoy playing games, and I look forward to new and fun games play. To me, CoE is not new in the sense of Online Games, it's more a return to old school MUDs, which I loved playing back in the day.

    But, this is just one of many games out there to me, so, I am not going to piss away my life tending an ear to the ramblings of pessimist, if that is what makes you happy and you want to cling that they are prophetic truth speakers, be my guest, but don't expect me to give that decision, or the words you cling to, any respect.

    If they end up being right.. Oh well. Guess Ill just have to play something else.. much like what  I am doing right now.. playing something else. So my life won't change, as such, I have no reason to humor such negativity.
    Negativity?!?  I don't know about you but I LOVE a good dumpster fire.
  • Having time to play

    Amathe said:

    Three types of players: 
    1) The fast, have some fun and log out players (solo playgrounds games).  Pantheon will not be for them. 
    2) Hardcore, on all the time players.  People with a lot of time on their hands. 
    3) Large time block players.  People that have a life outside gaming, that would love to devote good healthy time when they can.  

    If you like and support Pantheon as much as you say you do, consider reading its FAQ (which is very detailed) and then stop spreading misinformation. The game very much intends to permit players to log on enjoyably for a few hours at a time:

    4.3 Will Pantheon require me to play for hours and hours or all night and all day to advance my character?

    No. While the world of Terminus will consist of vast landscapes and epic dungeons, there is no reason to require players to play long, contiguous gaming sessions. Players will be able to play a couple of hours, logout, and return later to continue their journey. There will also be mechanics and features to both help people get together and group and also to make lasting friendships. To further facilitate this there will also be ways for players to keep their group together even if some members of the group can play longer than others or at different times.

    Well good, your good at research. 

    But how about the other one million that are wondering if they will have time to play ?

    They should stop being ignorant twits and read.
  • COE funding continues to grow

    So does it's feature list.  You know what's not growing?  Any sort of realization of them.