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  • Visionary Realms Wants to Know Where You Draw the Line on RMT, F2P & More - Pantheon: Rise of the Fa

    Buy to play with an optional sub and cosmetic micro-transactions is the best method as far as I'm concerned as It allows the most room for people to spend how they want without it effecting gameplay.
  • After 'Fixes' to Server Issues, Problems Persist - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    DMKano said:

    Scot said:

    DAOWAce said:

    They can't be bothered to fix their servers but they sure make cash shop stuff their #1 priority to the point they bring down the servers just to fix one item in the cash shop!

    And people support this company..

    I think you are being unfair in the scheme of things BDO does not have a really bad cash shop. Finding a MMO which does not put cash shop before everything else, well I think that passed years ago. But give me a subscription only MMO any day.

    The sheer number of different things in BDO's cash shop that make BDO way better is the thing - heck not even ArcheAge has this many different options to spend money on:

    1. Value pack -$15 a month the 30% market sales break is a lot of money for people that constantly sell stuff like me - also +16 slots on all characters and all storage places is worth $100s of dollars if you expanded it all individually for someone that has 15 characters like me

    2. Artisan memory - need I say more? Anyone who is enhancing boss or yellow gear - gonna be spending a TON on artisan memory as it give 4x recover durability per mem frag. Players spend a fortune on Artisian memory end game - this is the real cash cow of BDO

    3. Pets - tier 4 pets to be exact for - if you are one shot-killing for max farming five t1 pets will be missing a lot of loot - again 100 bucks at least

    4. Boost outfits - for fishing, horse training, diving, anti desert debuff, camo - if you get all of them so you get all the +life boosts - over $100

    5. Appearance slots - a full set gives bonuses to combat XP, durability reduction, etc... $30 per outfit

    6. Inventory expansion - if you are AFK fishing for max profit - you need max inventory slots - which is 194 slots total = you can unlock about 60something in game- the rest you have to buy for $130

    7. Weight limit increase - on our main grinding character - you want this above 1000 - gonna cost you about $50

    8. Storage slot expansion - once you have mad CP and you have your slave labor empire - you will need a ton of storage in each city - get ready to spend $100s to have enough space for all resource materials

    9. Recently added - oh you want max energy regen - every 2 weeks need to buy a kama book for +2 energy regen

    10. Want to earn S rank knowledge while AFK - buy cash shop bookshelves and earn 1 S rank per hour without any grinding. The bookshelves wear out after about 30 uses - so you will need to keep buying them

    11. Training horses? Get ready to drop a fortune on skill resets

    12. Campsite - storage, repair, shop and villa buffs at your grind spot - no need to run to town - only $50

    etc.... and the list goes on and on

    BDO is designed to have almost every system in game be crippled just enough to where it's a pain - and that pain can be relieved by spending in the cash shop ;)

    Bottom line - talk to veteran players in BDO - ask them what their monthly spending is on BDO - you will find that many of them are in the $150-300 per month
    What is there to do in the game that is fun enough to justify all of these expenses?
  • Another lawsuit but this time it is personal

    Is this a parody video? It has to be...  

    I stopped caring about the whole SC drama a long time ago but this is just next level ridiculousness.
  • Tactical

    In White Birch their are whispers and rumors among the people that something evil is happening in Old Tucker Fortress.  They say it's been abandon for more than 40 years but the children that play along the shore of the Valley River have been seeing smoke from the big chimney and others have seen the lights glowing at night.  Could this be the source of the plague that's killing our people ?  

    Stories such as this are common in both modern and old school mmorpgs.  However taking action with the information given is much different today.    

    With old school this would be a memorable experience.  Just by reading this the player would know a major adventure is waiting.  A group would have to be assembled and a few hours would have to be devoted in solving this situation.  The group would understand careful planning would be needed by scouting from above or having a party member with experience on the quest.  

    To get deep inside Old Tucker Fortress, the group would understand a high degree of failure is most likely.  The individual player would expect this and try and try over again or devote much thought in doing it right the first time.  If a player failed they would consider this a challenge they must solve.  Even if it meant daydreaming the next day at work or school and realize "hay, I should ask a Warlock to come along".  

    Gaining experience wouldn't matter....... The challenge of tackling an imposable situation would.  All this at level 26 !  

    This is what separate's an mmorpg from just another game online...... I have to ask, can someone name at least one mmorpg ?         
    Maybe things like this happened years ago before online guides were so popular but they won't be happening in the future. The proliferation of wikis and quest guides means that after the first person figures out the optimal way to do something in game that info is spread at the speed of light to everyone else trying to do it. Blame the devs, blame the players , blame whoever you want but that is the reality in modern games. 

    You're better off looking for adventures like that in single player games. In an mmo there will always be someone in your group that has either done it before or watched a YouTube video about it so all the mystery is gone before you even get started.
  • Ready to Set Sail on March 20th - Sea of Thieves - MMORPG.com

    Wow, 60$ for this. When it was first announced I had a great deal of interest but having been in the testing since early on I am amazed at the lack of progress, and now they want to launch it with a 60$ price tag. There is almost zero content, all you do is grab a treasure map, find the treasure and bring it back to port. You can get into PVP fights if someone finds you but thats it, theres nothing else to the game. Well you can have a beer with your crew once your back on shore but c'mon ...

    The potential this game had when announced was massive but they have narrowed the gameplay down to basically 1 activity. It's a real shame.

    Blackwake has better graphics and art style, better gameplay and customization and is 1/3 the price ...http://store.steampowered.com/app/420290/Blackwake/