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  • Visionary Realms Wants to Know Where You Draw the Line on RMT, F2P & More - Pantheon: Rise of the Fa

    A monthly sub and everything available in the game just like the old days

    The only problem with this model is that it requires a very high population of players to stay viable because you put a low, fixed cap on how much a player can spend on the game. 
  • It's over, Anakin! I bought the high ground!

    I love seeing some people in this thread gleefully brag about buying and selling things in game for real money and against TOS who trash microtransactions in newer games. Pathetic...

    They're not the same thing at all . .  

    When a game has microtransaction in it and they make the game in a way that pushes you towards those microtransactions that is an issue. They do this by P2W mechanics or whatever. 

    I have no problems with microtransactions in general, my main game, Path of Exile, has cosmetic microtransactions. I purchase them when I feel like it. 

    When players sell stuff to other players, it is a different setup, a different feel. Yes, $ is transferred for pixels, but to me it is an even barter system. The microtransaction bullshit in certain games is just bullshit. 

    I don't actually trash microtransactions that much, I get it, I just don't play games that push players towards it. Overall, RexKushman, you need to see the difference between a company putting out microtransactions (some are legit and others are lame) and people just selling stuff to each other. 


    I completely disagree. You are either ok with people spending money to get things in game, be they cosmetic or usable, or you are not. Saying its ok to sell your max level toon on ebay  but that EA having loot boxes is an affront to gaming is an idiotic position. (I'm not saying that that applies to you, just in general)
    Cosmetics and usable is a substantial difference.  Something that affects a player's effectiveness (i.e. better turn rate for starfighters in BF2) is much more destructive to a competitive environment than a shweet skin.
    I agree. Do you think that someone selling their max level kitted out toon on EBAY is just as destructive? I do, and that was my point. There are people in this thread, who I won't call out by name because I don't feel like waiting out a temp ban, that are bragging about selling their toons in other games who trashed BF2 for it's loot boxes. Those are the hypocritical idiots I'm talking about.
  • Tactical

    In White Birch their are whispers and rumors among the people that something evil is happening in Old Tucker Fortress.  They say it's been abandon for more than 40 years but the children that play along the shore of the Valley River have been seeing smoke from the big chimney and others have seen the lights glowing at night.  Could this be the source of the plague that's killing our people ?  

    Stories such as this are common in both modern and old school mmorpgs.  However taking action with the information given is much different today.    

    With old school this would be a memorable experience.  Just by reading this the player would know a major adventure is waiting.  A group would have to be assembled and a few hours would have to be devoted in solving this situation.  The group would understand careful planning would be needed by scouting from above or having a party member with experience on the quest.  

    To get deep inside Old Tucker Fortress, the group would understand a high degree of failure is most likely.  The individual player would expect this and try and try over again or devote much thought in doing it right the first time.  If a player failed they would consider this a challenge they must solve.  Even if it meant daydreaming the next day at work or school and realize "hay, I should ask a Warlock to come along".  

    Gaining experience wouldn't matter....... The challenge of tackling an imposable situation would.  All this at level 26 !  

    This is what separate's an mmorpg from just another game online...... I have to ask, can someone name at least one mmorpg ?         
    Maybe things like this happened years ago before online guides were so popular but they won't be happening in the future. The proliferation of wikis and quest guides means that after the first person figures out the optimal way to do something in game that info is spread at the speed of light to everyone else trying to do it. Blame the devs, blame the players , blame whoever you want but that is the reality in modern games. 

    You're better off looking for adventures like that in single player games. In an mmo there will always be someone in your group that has either done it before or watched a YouTube video about it so all the mystery is gone before you even get started.
  • Petition rapidly growing for EA to lose Star Wars license passes 110k signers.

    Iselin said:
    beebop500 said:
    DMKano said:
    Good luck with the petition and all that.

    It won't do diddly squat.

    You are 100% correct.  People are still buying the game in droves, and I'd love to know how many credit cards have been swiped so folks can "win."  One can only assume that regardless of the backlash, EA and Disney are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Kinda hard to swipe any credit cards when they removed the ability to by crates with RL money at launch. Not that there was anything in them that was P2W in the first place. If you're not very good at fps games there isnt a single card in those crates thats going to help you win.
    Yeah nice logic dude. How about two people of equal ability one swiping and one not?

    Yup, no P2W happening there whatsoever.
    Even if there were 2 completely equal ability players they would have to play the exact same number of matches with the exact same class and build their decks the exact same way to stay equal too eachother. That just isnt reality.  Having played the game everyday since launch and only buying crates with in game credits I truely dont see anything in those crates thats P2W, theres nothing in them that you cant earn in game.  

    Now I understand that people hate EA because... reasons and that gamble boxes are a very controversial thing in gaming these days but people calling the game P2W are being very disingenuous.  I'll continue to play and enjoy the game, I'm sorry that some people can't do the same.
  • The Last Jedi Content Begins Today, More Coming Throughout the Month - Star Wars: Battlefront II - M

    I hadn't been checking the updates and was pretty surprised this morning when I was prompted to choose a side then after my 1st round I got nearly 2k credits. It's a good change IMO. I'm looking forward to the new map and single player missions.

    Controversies aside I've been enjoying this one since launch and play at least a few rounds every day and even with my mediocre FPS skills I've been able to level up my troopers abilities with no issues.