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  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Review - A Sequel Done Right! - Not So MMO - MMORPG.com

    This game is a show case of how in games, less is more. Do not try to be everything to everyone, chose your angle and do that really well.

    I have not had this much fun running around and killing baddies since Dying Light.
  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset: The Affordable Onramp to VR (and More?) - MMORPG.com

    jitter77 said:

    For example my neighbors laptop would not let windows update complete. I researched and researched tried every fix under the sun and never got it. I ended up just doing in inplace upgrade.
    Yeah, i ran into that actually. Turns out that major upgrades does a compatability check and installed software can make that test fail, then the install process is aborted but does not inform you why. I was blocked by not having updated Trions Glyph software once. I found out when I started an upgrade using an install media instead, after having failed the upgrade via Windows Update a few times. The install media upgrade process actually tells you what software is blocking the upgrade.

    I agree its a stupid usability bug, but it is not worse than problems you can run into using Win 7, so, meh.

    As for problems with driver updates, consider yourself lucky if you have never had problems with that before. I cannot think of a single, not only windows version, but OS that has NOT managed to fail a gfx driver update on me. Just saying.
  • Looting the Crates - Garrett Fuller - MMORPG.com

    Loot crates and lock boxes are just a "no go" right out of the gate for me. If I find a game I am playing or trying out to have either of those mechanics, it just reduced its chance to keep me around to near zero...
  • Polygon talks to backer who has waited months for their 25k refund

    Balmong said:

    A lot of these people who are "speaking out" need to do some introspection, they are in this position based off their decisions. 
    Decisions made on questionable information to say the least.

    Any talk about what this game is is a moving target at any given time. "It will support 1000's of players", "It will have a persistent universe", "It is NOT an MMO", "It will be out 2014", "It will out when it is done", "It will have all the features in the Kickstarter list", "it will be released as a MVP", "LTI is explusive for the first wave of backers", "LTI will AGAIN be available..."

    Getting solid information on this game is... hard. Do not mock people for failing to do it...
  • Premium Currency to be Introduced in Early 2018 - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    IceAge said:

    Plus, as you said , with  "no bullshit subscription model" . 15$ a month and you get it FULL. 
     Well, provided you bought the game + all expansions. if you want the top "no bullshit sub model" EVE is the gold standard. Pay the sub get the FULL game.