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  • Upcoming GDPR regulations and impact to gaming

    Torval said:

    Not everyone abuses customer data and this won't stop other from abusing it. The EU has no regulatory authority outside its border unless it has some sort of trade agreement including the GDPR. American and Asian companies don't need to do anything different if they don't have an EU presence. Data isn't being protected at all.
    Ohhh, but you are soo wrong.

    All the major players, also US ones like Google, Microsoft, Facebook have presence in to he EU and they have done A LOT of work to be GDPR compliant.

    The GDPR is a good thing. Companies should protect Personal Identifiable Information. Companies should be open about what they use said information for, and you the consumer should have clear rights. Remember this includes the right to allow companies to use your data. But it also gives you the right to get to know what they have registered on you.

    Now where this could become unpleasant for some companies, especially some F2P games is when they have to admit not only what info they are registering about you, but also what they use it for.

    "We register you purchase behavior to enable us to predict future behavior as to better optimize our earnings from you."

    Mind you that GDPR does not make that type of registration illegal, it just says you have to inform the customer about it, and that you have to protect the information, your have to be able to document the full extent of what is registered if the customer so desires, and you have to be able to delete it if the customer wishes to be deleted from your system entirely.

    This is actually very reasonable. Actually all non EU citizens should be looking sternly at their own politicians and request them to protect them equally.

    Lucky for many non-EU citizens many of the large players have decided to extend the rights of their EU users to all non EU users as well, as that is simply good karma.
  • Into the Abyss Expansion Revealed & Set to Launch in May 2018 - EVE Online - MMORPG.com

    JeroKane said:

    Sorry, but Walking in Stations was requested by the vast majority!

    No. Just no.

    It was killed by the players and CCP because they simply had no game play to go with it.
  • Curiosity ..

    One post. Three pages of "feed the troll".

    Way to go n00bs...
  • Nearly $35M Raised in 2017 Alone. Funding Now Eclipses $175M - Star Citizen - MMORPG.com

     but SC has 175,000,000 $$ does this feel like there milking it a bit ?
    The is no "a bit" about it.

    Thing is that it seems that CR keeps setting the ambitions above what they currently have money for. Give him more, and the ambitions raise.

    So as long as he gets cash he will keep on expanding the scope. An you know what? The founders love that. They see how they are getting more and more.

    Personally though, I think the thing that should worry them is: If CR is that bad at estimating progress, how can you trust that his vision can actually fit within what has been raised? The usual answer is that that is no problem, he will surely raise more money. Yeah. Sure he will. And that money will lead to CR expanding the scope. It is a spiral slowly sending the project to it's doom, with everybody on board smiling.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Perfect timing by CryTech. Waited long enough to maximize sales and then strikes while there is still money to get.

    Have to give them credit: Striking for optimal damage/profit ratio.

    Someone must really have pissed them off...