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  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    sgel said:
    Babuinix said:
    Lol it feels like Im trying to explain a toddler how to assemble legos and they keep trying to eat it...

    It doesnt matter what kind of progression you focus on. There's many of them depending on how a gamer has fun playing.

    For a player that has fun customizing its avatar being able to change shirt, pants whatever can feel as progresssion. Progressing in the goal of attaining the prefered look for its avatar...

    Every thing that changes your avatar beyond it's default starting gear/skill/lvl/status can be seen as progression...

    Hope that was clear and simple enough lol
    Wow that's a pretty amazing conclusion you came up with.. EVERYTHING can be seen as progression.
    Installing SC and actually running it is progression.
    Managing to complete a single mission without bugging is progression.
    Getting anything above 15FPS is progression.
    In fact SC has more open-ended progression mechanics than any other game.
    No need to actually build mechanics/content around vanity progression like Arenanet or dungeon/raid progress mechanics like Blizzard or other devs.

    Let it go. Unless someone discovers that true magic exists, Pinocchio will never become a real boy. Lets them them have the dream in peace though.
  • Squadron 42: See Mark Hamill in Action in Nifty New In-Game Video - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    sgel said:

    Oh god the writing is going to be campy as hell isn't it? :D

    At least as good as Wing Commander - The movie...
  • More Spoilers from Evocati 3.0

    Babuinix said:

    Q: I'm sorry to ask again. When do you think we'll get PTU? CitizenCon?

    A: That's way too optimistic. We just started the second phase of ETF testing aka cargo and trade. We've yet to really test the missions system. My honest prediction is not in November or December. I know the public is dying to get their hands on 3.0, but realistically don't expect it by Christmas to be brutally honest. There's a probability that CIG will open it up to PTU on New Years' Eve, but that's pure speculation and optimistic at that. I don't like to speculate, so please stop asking me about dates.

    That awkward moment when some random internet dude is better at estimating SC deadlines than the actual SC project leads.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Erillion said:

    In EVE we had projects where several dedicated people were working 18 hours a day to achieve a certain objective. For those that know EVE ... I was ASCN ...  first player outpost ... first Titan. Proud hobbit 'til this day  ;-)  Compared to that a craftable Star Citizen capital ship is small fry.
    Explains a lot about our relationship.

    I was there when we blew it up.

    I had fun!  :p
  • Sandbox Done Right - Albion Online Review - MMORPG.com

    premium status on a sandbox game lol

    EVE? Same thing. And in both games, not really an issue. Playing well works so much better than trying to Pay2Win, which mostly will end in tears in full loot games.