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  • GM events contents , the miss of mordern MMO RPG .

    GM events tend to be horrible.
    However its their job to come up with something players enjoy.
    Do not blame players are mostly customers, not Shareholders. 

    The worse GM-EVENT I ever read was in Revelation Online
    It was "Write an Essay about the Clan Wars in the form of a News Story" which of course was used for Public Relations...

    It was literally "Please, do our homework for us. You won't be paid and the items we will give you will expire after 30 days." 

    That was enough 
    Along with their accidental exposure to their own deception and smoke screens
    To Uninstall that game and its launcher, and walk away from it. 

    GM Events are a RISK

    A Decent One = Keeps players happy. 
    No Events = Why am I playing this game again? Do they even care about us? 
  • Guild Wars 2 - The Six Big Wins for Path of Fire -

    And now this post will cover the losing aspects of GW2 + Path of Fire

    1) The Expansion is for Endgamers.

    Its nice that one gets a Level 80 boost, but truth be told... the expectation is to have a specialization going into it and preparing for it. This also means knowing your class. Using a Max-Level boost and running to the Expansion means getting your ass kicked.

    This is also means that there are many players who do not know their class and are being carried by others.

    2) HoT-Dependent

    In order to progress through the expansion, you need every bit of strength possible. This means you need to have the HoT Specializations. While new Specializations are great, not all the new ones beat the old ones according to the forums.

    3) Story

    Its nice to have a link to Elona/Crystal Desert and feel so nice about linking Guild Wars 1, but that is the problem. The initial main story of the game had so many holes in the Guild Wars Lore and connecting both games together that it felt that my crime was playing Guild Wars 1. If I didn't play Guild Wars 1, I could have accepted Guild Wars 2's story without dealing with the main Lore. In fact, that has been such a turn-off for players throughout this game's life cycle. The Expansion Stories + Current Living World stories are the saving grace.

    ...and its funny how much one has to actually pay to unlock stories if a new player was absent. Imagine, a game where the penalty for not playing is to pay for content. 200 Gems for each Episode.

    Even worse is the fact that Anet had to resort to finally triggering Guild Wars 1 Nostalgia in order to survive, when Nostalgia THIS GOOD should have been triggered since GW2's ORIGINAL BASE GAME.

    4) Inconsistent Graphics

    The graphics get prettier as one goes through the expansions, along with the Artwork that goes with it. Unfortunately, its very far from Uniform. As new maps came out, the graphics became better. Like you can literally enter an area and say "This is 2012" and then walk to the next area and say "Oh this is 2017" and then when you enter any of the original instances, some look amazing and others look like garbage.

    I dare say that this is a game where as far as base graphics go, has not aged well. Textures in the Expansion look good in a 4K Monitor, but when I go to Lion's Arch, It doesn't look so well that I am stuck playing the game at 1920 x 1080 resolution to keep everything as consistent as possible.

    5) Marketing

    HoT came out during a time where GW2 needed an Endgame badly, and it was advertised for Level 80 characters. Anet even went to claim that it was to breathe new life to those long-term players who made Guild Wars 2 their home.

    PoF was advertised as a new expansion "for everyone who loved Guild Wars 1" and it so it lead to many players purchasing the expansion, just to find out that it is also an endgame expansion. This created problems (continued later).

    6) Mounts

    Mounts are awesome to have, but when a player has to collect different mounts intentionally in order to traverse different parts, it forces the players to go after each relevant mount and forces each player to use each relevant mount when need be. In fact, the forum has a thread dealing with an argument around the cost of the mounts. Some claiming that some cost 20G and in order to get the Griffon mount, some are saying 250G.

    In short,
    Mounts are FUCKING AWESOME, but FUCKING GARBAGE at the same time!

    7) Inventory Space (marketing continued)

    This isn't an expansion where a player can just walk into. Like HoT, a thread exists in the forum about the Inventory Space required to actually do well in this environment and the costs associated in Gold/Gems to get said Inventory Space. Its actually quite staggering. Basically a player has to pay $17 or get 1200 GEMS (remember, minimum is 800 on a sale) to get 3 Bag Slot Expansions. Then its extremely expensive for a new player to get the bags needed to start. The forum suggests 24 - 32 slot bags (if you can afford them). The costs for a single bag over 20 Slots starts to get Ridiculous... where a 32 slot bag is around 250 - 300+ Gold due to cost of mats, Clearly an Endgame Bag for players with money to burn.

    8) Server Woes...

    New players enter a server only seeing a population marker, and not knowing the attitude of the server. Upon entry, a lot of the Low Level Areas have players who are leveling Alts or new players. However, the mid-level areas in the game are pretty much barren and empty; New players are pretty much alone for 20 levels in the game until it picks up again at around Level 50 - 60. Anet knows that many people will abandon maps for examples and that is why Max-Level Boosts exist.

    9) Cash-Shop pushing:

    If a player has 10 hours a day to grind faithfully, one can get what is needed in a few months of playing. However, Arenanet is known for employing certain maneuvers to push people towards spending their money on the cash shop. A lot of the reason why Guild Wars 2 players grind so much is because they do not want to spend real money for Gems. So they grind whatever and even make legendaries on new characters to sell them.

    10) B2P to F2P

    Anet promised players that this game would originally be B2P with unlimited access without any of the P2P/F2P game shenanigans. Then a year later NEXON bought shares from NCSOFT and sent an agent to work with Anet's Guild Wars 2. The Guild Wars 2 Manifesto was thrown out the window completely, and the grind was added to the game (Laurels, Tokens, a lot of currencies, etc). During that period a lot of players including myself left. Eventually NEXON was driven out from NCSOFT a few years later. However, the damage was done. A lot of players had left and the one thing that was done was that the game was forced to be made into an F2P.

    Guild Wars 2 transformed from the game we expected in September, 2012, to what it is today. Like most games, it was a mixed bag.

    11) Little Profession Lore.

    This always bothered me.
    You pick a class and the class just exists in the world.
    The game doesn't do a good job to define where these professions came from.

    All they did was allow all races/gender to be any profession (a good thing), but if everyone can do the same thing, why is culture only defined by the stereotype of "You look different, so your maps look different, and therefore your culture is different... all because you talk differently"

    and this is every single race.

    They try to give each race a difference voice with a different problem and a set of enemies, but when each race can do just about everything (in their cities) as each makes me truly ask "What truly does make you different?"

    For example, I can travel to Japan, China, South Korea, etc and they have Art Forms, Traditions, and Styles that are native to those nations. I walk from Divinity's Reach to where the Charr are, and the only difference is in how the maps look, how the city and their people look, since everyone can do the same + their racial skill!

    Then the fact that each Class can do all the roles (DPS, TANK, SUPPORT, HEAL) always made me feel that was a human thing. Humans are the people in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and RPGs who are Extremely Adaptive in the whole "If there is a way, we will do it"

    Guild Wars 2! All Hail Equality!
    By everyone being the same, we are all different!
    Yay! No more barriers!
    Oh wait....
  • Steam Ratings, Reviews, and The Bombing – Steam’s Histogram Puts All the Work Back on the User - MMO

    Another idiotic attempt at passing half-truths as fact.

    Valve sends out a letter and in the process attempts to create pragmatic definitions in classic public relations fashion. I enjoyed the importance of addressing negative review bombs. So what happens when positive review bombs occur?

    You know...
    A bunch of fanboys and fangirls play a game for five minutes, and then next thing you know there are thousands of reviews on how GREAT and EPIC a game is, and then when real people with an IQ higher than that of a snail actually play the game, they find out how average or even bad the game may be.

    All the fools who always POSITIVE-REVIEW BOMB every single Final Fantasy game that is released or any Blizzard game that is released. Every series has its fanbase. Remember when Halo Series was extremely popular and fanboys would give the game a 9 - 10 and then when I played it, and compared it to Quake, Doom, and Unreal Tournament, I was like "WTF IS THIS SHIT!?" and then saw that I hated the game, couldn't return it, and I lost my money due to trusting reviews.

    Most of the positive reviews that I see when it comes to steam are Subjective Reviews talking about how GREAT a game is, while most of the negative reviews that I've come to read are Objective reviews which talk of technical problems with a game.

    I even wrote a negative review to a game on Steam because a lot of stuff did not work. I outlined the problem and it was funny because in less than two hours, I had around 100+ reviewers who gave me the POSITIVE REVIEW BOMB. It was hilarious because most of the negative reviews to the game we spoke about STATED THE SAME PROBLEM.

    So yeah...
    Way to go at conjuring up a definition to one pole, Failing to consider the effect of its polar opposite, since yeah after all, no one questions a sheer amount of good reviews. Oh lets not forget the sheer amount of sites which have positive reviews written into them simply because they are paid to give such a review.

    I know many people who will not consider playing a video game unless that specific game carries a review score of at least 8 - 9.

    To me,
    Negative Review Bombs are the perfect choice
    to counter up all of those POSITIVE REVIEW BOMBS that are insanely mindless and idiotic.

    At least steam allows me to click on negative reviews and read them.
  • Cooler Master MasterPulse MH320 – On a Budget? -

    The only thing Cooler Master has done is release a product in an area they know nothing about.

    If you want to get decent sound for your dollar, you don't go to a tech-company!
    Go to a store intended on Servicing Musicians!
    They have partnerships with REAL SOUND/AUDIO tech development companies...

    ....along with a customer-base/client-base who's sound/audio IQ is actually higher than 0!

    A real fearful thing,
    as they wouldn't dare even releasing garbage without actually ranking them and making their intentions clear as to who their products are targeted for; Tech-Companies release products outside their domain that are expensive and worse than garbage!

    At least when we see real garbage, we know what to look for..
    While tech-companies cast illusion spells on their garbage to confuse us with their looks!

    This headset is a nice and shiny example at what to avoid like the plague.
  • What is your favorite fallback game?

    Thank you for all the responses so far. 
    I've read them all! 
    Keep them coming!

    My fallback video game has been Civilization V for a long time. 

    What I love most about the game is that it has that Fresh-Game/New-Game feel each start we load a new map. The Exploration is amazing in both... playing the game, as well as curiosity causing players to learn about the leaders and civilizations they play as.