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  • Get Your Pink Power Bundle & Benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - TERA - MMORPG.com

    Unfortunately, I do not believe in donating through video games for anything as TERA is not a Western-Made video game, and secondly, TERA is an F2P always looking for money.

    Please look up United States Code where Charities are defined, along with definitions (look for what proceeds legally means) and then go after reading case-law (it will surprise you). Then do a little bit of research....

    You will learn that Breast Cancer and other Cancer Charities are notoriously known for having less 4% of their money going towards direct-aid. In fact, Tampa Times ran in Dec. 2014 a list of the worse charities. Two of them were Cancer Fund of America (1% money to aid) and Breast Cancer Relief Foundation (2.2%). You will also learn that these charities love changing their names frequently to fool people.

    Notice how it reads "Breast Cancer Research Foundation"

    A Research Foundation is Legally Defined as a group of individuals who appropriate money in order to send it to research-based groups. In short, the foundation just provides money (with them getting a cut of course) to those said research groups... and they get to choose the research group.

    Most people do not know that in order to start a research-based charity for an extreme medical condition such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Leukemia, etc.... the group requires legal, medical, and governmental clearance. They aren't so easy to form....

    Cancer in the U.S was declared in 2002 to be an "Extreme Medical Issue" placed high on the priority-list of government ventures into research and funding medical teams and trying to work with that. This means my Tax-Dollars already pay groups directly, which means I am already supporting that cause by simply being an american citizen and doing my job. Unlike Charities, Government money goes to where it is allocated be it a lot or little...
  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    My thoughts: 

    I've always felt that MMORPG PvP is for people who earned or bought an advantage over others. Its not designed to be fair. Its designed for people to measure their epenis-size. Sorry, but this has been done since the days of early RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons where you occasionally get super-character players who want to fight the other player characters. People want to dominate and the lure of being able to dominate with gear and wealth is what brings people to the PvP. Fair has nothing to do with it. 

    On top of dealing with gear. One has to deal with Computer Specs, Connection Speeds, and a lot of Objective-Oriented PvP, where you don't have to kill anything or anyone and can still win or lose.... since they can't make it a Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch anymore or we all know who will win .

    We can talk about MOBAs but MOBA characters are like Pokemon, where only the few of the many are good. 

    Go into an Old School FPS game and its amazing the difference in skill. I can be a stellar player and play against a newbie and I am going to win 30 - 0 easily. I can post the screenshot and the community in these games know to never respect any person who persecutes or beats out a newb. 

    I could fight against players my skill level and I can edge out and win 15 - 13. Or I can tell you my favorite fights were those I lost, but I played against the top 10 players in the world and has scores like 7 - 9 and 5 - 8. Even so, my win/loss vs top players was lower, I learned a lot more..

    and if I post the screenshot, people would say "WoW...that is a pretty damned good score considering the player and the map that you are fighting in" and even get praise from a top player too. I remember adopting from a top player the idea of awarding and looking for the "Best Kill" made. It happened when I lost the match 7 - 9 and the player said "you still got best kill.. don't know how you landed that shot!" 

    MMORPGs are filled with people who praise overgeared and underskilled players who spend their time killing people who are ranked below them and trash talk about how good they are. 

    PvP Gamers are a Niche crowd, 
    but that is one attitude that I wouldn't mind becoming extinct. 
    Too many damned screenshots of players oppressing the weak and calling themselves heroes and being praised for it!

  • Do you think World of Warcraft changed everything ?

    Blizzard caused a stir in the world.
    The world had to adapt. 
    Now the only MMOs who dare to call themselves P2P are the decent to good ones. 
    Else, most of the playerbase goes to an F2P or B2P. 

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

    Companies are still about profits.
    Players are still inward to themselves. 
    Difficulty is always going downhill....

    Want to try something radical? 
    Get some friends together and play Dungeons and Dragons
    Beats what MMOs have become today to a bloody pulp. 

    Maybe the industry would evolve and do what needs to be done if they weren't given the green dollar-ridden sticker of approval by the masses. Money Talks and as long as money is made, its the green light that justifies the genre to continue doing the same it has been doing. 

    The world had a chance to change as far as MMOs were concerned. 
    It didn't! 

    It adapted and adjusted after Blizzard's Success. 
    The world could have learned a lesson from Blizzard
    but it didn't. I do not like WoW much, but Blizzard takes care of that game like its own love-child. 

    FF XIV was garbage and then Square-Enix learned the Blizzard Lesson...
    Listen to your playerbase regardless how idiotic they are and focus your energy on making that game good and the people will come. 

    Instead of 
    "Oh no, we won't catch up to Blizzard, so lets just make an F2P and milk the public for what they are worth for three months and then move on to our next abomination" 
  • Steam Ratings, Reviews, and The Bombing – Steam’s Histogram Puts All the Work Back on the User - MMO

    Another idiotic attempt at passing half-truths as fact.

    Valve sends out a letter and in the process attempts to create pragmatic definitions in classic public relations fashion. I enjoyed the importance of addressing negative review bombs. So what happens when positive review bombs occur?

    You know...
    A bunch of fanboys and fangirls play a game for five minutes, and then next thing you know there are thousands of reviews on how GREAT and EPIC a game is, and then when real people with an IQ higher than that of a snail actually play the game, they find out how average or even bad the game may be.

    All the fools who always POSITIVE-REVIEW BOMB every single Final Fantasy game that is released or any Blizzard game that is released. Every series has its fanbase. Remember when Halo Series was extremely popular and fanboys would give the game a 9 - 10 and then when I played it, and compared it to Quake, Doom, and Unreal Tournament, I was like "WTF IS THIS SHIT!?" and then saw that I hated the game, couldn't return it, and I lost my money due to trusting reviews.

    Most of the positive reviews that I see when it comes to steam are Subjective Reviews talking about how GREAT a game is, while most of the negative reviews that I've come to read are Objective reviews which talk of technical problems with a game.

    I even wrote a negative review to a game on Steam because a lot of stuff did not work. I outlined the problem and it was funny because in less than two hours, I had around 100+ reviewers who gave me the POSITIVE REVIEW BOMB. It was hilarious because most of the negative reviews to the game we spoke about STATED THE SAME PROBLEM.

    So yeah...
    Way to go at conjuring up a definition to one pole, Failing to consider the effect of its polar opposite, since yeah after all, no one questions a sheer amount of good reviews. Oh lets not forget the sheer amount of sites which have positive reviews written into them simply because they are paid to give such a review.

    I know many people who will not consider playing a video game unless that specific game carries a review score of at least 8 - 9.

    To me,
    Negative Review Bombs are the perfect choice
    to counter up all of those POSITIVE REVIEW BOMBS that are insanely mindless and idiotic.

    At least steam allows me to click on negative reviews and read them.
  • Cooler Master MasterPulse MH320 – On a Budget? - MMORPG.com

    The only thing Cooler Master has done is release a product in an area they know nothing about.

    If you want to get decent sound for your dollar, you don't go to a tech-company!
    Go to a store intended on Servicing Musicians!
    They have partnerships with REAL SOUND/AUDIO tech development companies...

    ....along with a customer-base/client-base who's sound/audio IQ is actually higher than 0!

    A real fearful thing,
    as they wouldn't dare even releasing garbage without actually ranking them and making their intentions clear as to who their products are targeted for; Tech-Companies release products outside their domain that are expensive and worse than garbage!

    At least when we see real garbage, we know what to look for..
    While tech-companies cast illusion spells on their garbage to confuse us with their looks!

    This headset is a nice and shiny example at what to avoid like the plague.