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  • What was the first game that BLEW YOUR MIND and why?

    Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985).
    The previous ones were good and ahead of their time, but that one was a masterpiece.

    I've played many video games before that, but "blew my mind"... that one did it, a virtual world.
  • What are your three favorite cities in the mmorpgs you have played?

    GW2 cities are the only ones that feel to scale like a real city would be.  The rest feel more like instanced lobbies and hamlets with few npc's and even fewer PC's.
    Nope, not the only ones.
    Cities in Black Desert Online and in Elder Scrolls Online feel like real cities too. Same for Stormwind in World of Warcraft.

    If I had to list just one game for its cities, it would definitely be Black Desert Online. Best cities, and also towns and villages, in a MMORPG.

    Mikeha said:
    Just another boring WoW clone. Nothing to see here. :(
    Another boring troll posting one liners without any argumentation. Nothing to see here. :(
  • Intel Coffee Lake 6-core (Out Now)

    Ozmodan said:
    Torval said:
    Surprised that 20 core Xeon scored so highly. :lol:
    Possibly an old version of the bench. It's 20 cores with HT, sounds strange.

    Vrika said:
    The Ryzen where supposed to be the kings of 3D rendering... well, I feel sorry for that 1800x:

    If you compare your overclocked processor against other processors running at stock speeds, then pick a test where your processor does as well as possible, it's a good way to boost your own ego.
    More like Intel's Ego, maybe? Lemme guess... Ryzen owner? Do I need to point out that the non boosted 8700k also beats all the other processors?

    It's not an overclock btw, it's one parameter in the Z370 bios, "optimize muti core performance". It simply puts all cores at the maximum official turbo speed. And as said, it only gives it an edge on the non optimized 8700k, which still beats the crap out the competition at stock speed.

    My ego is ok, but my customer satisfaction is definitely boosted. This is a top chipset with a top processor. My best upgrade since my 4790k.
    Give me an AMD Ryzen any day of the week!
    If it's only a money problem, and not a performance problem, then I agree. There's none of the current Ryzen line that can compete with the top Intel processors. Sadly. Even thought they have more cores, both physical and logical, they underperform.

    I don't pay for processor upgrades, so I'm definitely biased on that part (price). But performance wise, there's still no doubt at all. Intel is the way to go for top notch.
  • Majority of news articles on this website aren't MMORPG's. Sign of slowdown.

    In before the local village idiot says that everything is a MMORPG ;-)

    I personally welcome articles on anything related to the RPG and/or Online genre.