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  • 5000 posts and almost seven years later

    As a French Starfleet captain, I've only one thing to say here... or rather, show:

  • Looks like 2019 will be a bit of a race

    Donuts for the win (aka I don't care) !
  • A major world of warcraft character turned evil, and fans are freaking out

    SBFord said:
    What I don't understand is why, in a thread that is specifically about story, someone feels the need to come in an poop on it.
    Welcome on the forums of MMORPG.COM, are you new here ?
    Oh wait... ;)
  • A major world of warcraft character turned evil, and fans are freaking out

    Kyleran said:
    ikcin said:
    Kyleran said:
    Having really only played for 18 months or in the first two years (quitting as BC launched) and mostly raiding I don't think I got much of a chance to see the lore evolve.

    Even when I returned for a month when Cata launched I spent most of it feverishly trying to level to Max in mostly dungeons with friends or the DF tool still never noticed the lore. 

    Also flying was in Cata, and I abused it shamelessly, dropping on top of quest objectives and bouncing out, of course not really taking any time with the lore.
    That is how most people play MMOs - rationally, as they do in any game. I read the lore only if it affects my progression, competition or cooperation. But other people seems create some own delusional world in the game world, which even overcomes the illusion of the game. They play MMOs for the solo personal story - actually they do no play MMO, but anyway. And this is my biggest problem with all the WoW clones - most players actually play a singleplayer game.
    As long as millions of players are happy and willing to keep paying for a sub I doubt Blizzard is too concerned about how they chose to play the game.

    (Well, except for that weird cybersex roleplaying,  I suspect they aren't so keen with that)


    Jeez, when I have to read quotes like that, I have to Picard-facepalm... not your post, @Kyleran , of course, the quote.

    Millions of people read books and get immersed in the fictional world, story and lore.
    Millions of people watch movies and get immersed in the fictional world, story and lore.
    and... tadaaa...
    Millions of people play CRPGs and MMORPGs and get immersed in the fictional world, story and lore.

  • Whales and freeloader symbiotic relationship conquering gaming?

    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:

    Please..tell me what games you are playing that have a Sub?
    World of Warcraft.
    Elder Scrolls Online.

    The two MMORPGs I play the most both have a sub. And they seem to be quite successful...

    I see WoW mentioned a lot as the Flag Ship and Living Testament that Sub models work, but, WoW has already been moving off dependency on the Sub based model for years, which, more a testament to the ending of an era of that payment method then proof that it works. Quite the Opposite really.

    Eh.. ESO is not a Sub Game, you are buying a "Premium Membership", it even includes receiving Crows for store purchase, so it's really just an additional option in the Cash Shop,

    and.. hey.. did you notice that there were people calling things like a Premium Membership P2W on the Crowfall Forums? 

    You're clutching at straws right now.

    I don't give a shit about what people are calling optional subscriptions, because I'm one of those old school people who don't mind regularly paying when they play a good game. And yeah, the crowns I get for my ESO subscription allow me to never need to invest a cent in the cash shop, I just pay monthly like I did with all the older MMORPGs. ESO plays just like WOW to me, a subscriber, the cash shop doesn't get a cent past my $15/month.

    If I ever play Crowfall, you can be sure I'll have a subscription too. Because in that game too, it seems to be the best deal, the best balance between the freeloaders and the whales.