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  • 5000 posts and almost seven years later

    BadSpock said:
    Holy crap!

    Your new avatar sucks though ;) EDIT: much better now ;)
  • 5000 posts and almost seven years later

    heerobya said:
    It used to show your account age... back in the day.

    I've been posting on MMORPG.com for a long time... can't even remember how long. This is not my first/same account.

    Not even sure when this site went live, but I feel like it was maybe 2003?

    I think I've been here since then. I remember talking about WAR, which I think released in 2008? I remember talking a lot about SWG. I think that was 2003?

    Hard to remember.

    Don't visit or post near as much. Used to have a pretty healthy blog here.

    Oh look, I still "exist!"


    Man, I did some rage posting back in the day... lol

    Sad! (also I'm sorry)
    Your account isn't dead, just recall it. Try it.
  • 5000 posts and almost seven years later

    Kyleran said:
    As a French Starfleet captain, I've only one thing to say here... or rather, show:

    What is that they are holding? Too small for the Stanley Cup and certainly not shaped like a "football."

    Nothing Americans should worry about... that guy just got the "Soccer" world cup twice in his life ;)
  • 5000 posts and almost seven years later

    laserit said:
    Gorwe said:
    Gorwe said:
    Sovrath said:
    Congrats on the experiences gained. 

    I once did E harmony, just to see what it was like, because they had a free 3 months or something like that.  I met some very nice women and must say they do have a nice system setup.  It walks you through meeting and talking to people in a safe way and one of my co-workers ended up getting married to a guy she met there and I think it's been about five or six years now for them. 

    One suggestion is to be as honest as possible.  I put in I liked MMO's and RPGs, SciFi and found people with similar interests.  I've also come across dating sites for gamers but didn't try them out.  Anyways, all the best to you. :smile:
    Never liked E-Harmony. I would also suggest him trying Match or OkCupid. Got more dates from OkCupid but more relationships from Match (including my current girlfriend).

    I tried a gamer dating site once but had no luck. Not enough people on it.

    Used to do it the "old fashioned way" but for some reason that seems harder "nowadays."

    Could be my "middle age" though.

    Job first, then stability, then girls. There's a right and there's a wrong way to go about things. I'll go the right way(presumably).

    Tbh, I'm not looking forward to this, I dislike the feeling of being in love and losing control. I dislike losing control in general. Can't I just find some Cersei / Hillary, let her work in the bank while I do the household stuff? Without any mushy mushy crap?
    When it comes to relationships, I would say practice makes perfect.  So even if you're not really looking for one yet, it's good to get out there and give it a go anyways.  You don't want to run into a great person someday without some experience under your belt, that can be awkward.  If you don't have some close female friends at least work on that.  After all, good relationships should start off as good friendships, IMHO.
    I don't even have friends. I have my family and occasional acquaintances I run into. Suits my wants fine. I was never the one for strict relationships of any kind. Yes, yes, I do have Smuggler scum mentality. Sue me. :)

    Tbh concerning girls, I'm not even worried about that. Shit like that happens almost by coincidence. I'll be somewhere and she'll be at the exact place and … yeah. I'd really like to say that it's more under my control, but it really isn't. Give it your best, but be warned that you can't rush fate. Neither can you escape it, maybe because of running away, you're doing EXACTLY what you're supposed to do.
    The best thing you could do is to just be yourself.
    Hell yeah. I drink to that.

  • 5000 posts and almost seven years later

    Scot said:
    As a French Starfleet captain, I've only one thing to say here... or rather, show:

    As jean-Luc and his family, indeed all of France speaks English by the 25th Century (French becoming an obscure language) and picking up many British habits like tea drinking rather than that dreadful noisette they drink now I guess I will have to forgive you. :)
    You should watch a bit more Star Trek... and WTF is a "noisette" ??? Janeway prefers coffee...

    And in reality, maybe we'll all speak Mandarin soon... anyway :p

    To be serious, as a real life French citizen, I definitely don't mind the universal world wide language being English. It had to be one, and as you can read, I embraced it. That doesn't mean country specific languages should disappear either. I personally speak French, English and German, along with some Spanish and Italian.