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  • Video Games -----> Real Life

    Quizzical said:
    The basic rule is that you shouldn't pointedly ridicule the sincerely held beliefs of any modern, real-life group.  It's not just that you'll drive away customers by gratuitously offending them.
    We sadly live in a time where numerous vocal minorities like to be "offended" by everything they can find a way to feel "offended" about. I'm not for catering to those people.
  • How could you accept permanent death?

    If your character recovers ANY kind of advantages from his "ancestor", from his previous life, then sorry, but it's not permanent death anymore but just another take on the usual MMORPG death.

    Permanent death is, for instance, Minecraft in "Hardcore" mode. No second chance. No recovery. You're dead, well, you start all over again.

    Everything else is just a bullshit excuse for a system that is actually just the same than what actually exists.
  • Your Moneys Worth - Hours to Dollars Ratio

    Kyleran said:
    Eldurian said:
    I have never regretted the purchase of the game after a substantial amount of playtime so much as I have regretted that playtime in games that ultimately are neverending gear treadmills.
    Exactly how I felt in Vanilla WOW when nearing the end of clearing AQ40 (was on Twin Emps) BC released and suddenly level 63 Green gear was better than anything I was current wearing.
    And that's one of the major reasons why I enjoy ESO so much. There's no constant gear treadmill. There's no expansion completely destroying what you've acquired. They only ADD to the game, not REMOVE from it.
  • How players destroy fantastic features: a very interesting interview of Richard Garriott

    AlBQuirky said:
    Raph said:
    ikcin said:
    Raph said:
    UO had hirelings, but not repair ones. :)

    Early on, we planned to have a rust monster that could cause damage to items made of METAL, we planned for attacks that used the FIRE resource to cause items made of WOOD and CLOTH to catch fire, and all the rest. UO's underlying sim meant that we could easily have supported forest fires. But it was decided this was too punitive so we didn't do it.
    This is the biggest problem of the modern MMO games. Is the poker player friendly, or the chess, or the football"? Imagine a player friendly football tournament - nobody shall lose :) This is absurd. I start to think that games like L2, EVE, SWG were the last steps into right direction for the MMOs. Steps made in 2003. It is very simple - the win without loss is possible only in the singleplayer games.
    ... the PK problem UO had, which cost us hundreds of thousands of players...
    An quote which illustrates the importance of adding Trammel for the game to be able to continue.
    I remember Richard and you saying many times (including in the title video) that you were "naive" (sort of) about what the player would really do to the world you created.
    And I think the actual state of MMORPGs is a direct result of that. Early games tried to give as much freedom to the players as possible, and it failed. Badly.
    I would say the players failed badly ;)
    Players failed in a "failed to keep on behaving like normal human beings once anonymous on the Internet with a system that allowed them to make other player's life miserable" way, yes.

    The developers though failed to predict such behavior, or at least underestimated the amount of people who would engage in such behavior, taking over the whole game and completely disrupting any other possible activities... which, in a sandbox MMORPG, sucks big time for the normal player.

    Many people completely lose any kind of empathy once hidden behind a keyboard and a screen. They don't acknowledge that other player characters are also controlled by human beings, or they just don't care. It allows them to be total asshats without any meaningful consequences. They don't roleplay either, their actions don't make any sense in the virtual world. Or we could consider they all roleplay psychopathic murderers... welcome to World of Hannibal Lecter Online.

    And those people ruin PvP MMORPGs since they were first introduced to the public.

    There have been many threads on this forum about the loss of "RP" in MMORPG. Well, this is one of the biggest cause of such loss. People playing a MMORPG like they play doom or quake. They ruin RP.
  • Unbelievable arrogance.

    shassell said:

    Unbelievable arrogance.

    shassell said:
    console kiddie garbage. 

    Unbelievable indeed.